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Learn about and compare the many different types of sleep solutions we offer.



Combines the active support of pocket, or cloth-encased coils, with the comfort and durability of premium foams. Jordan's Sleep Labs are unique in that we offer both memory foam hybrid mattresses, and latex hybrid mattresses.

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Excellent for body weight distribution and comfort, the latex and memory foam mattresses available at Jordan’s Sleep Lab will have you resting deeply. In addition, all foam surfaces are able to be folded in most cases, and especially with regard to delivery, are great for homes with tighter paths to the bedroom.

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Flippable innerspring bedding is unique in today’s mattress industry. At Jordan’s we feel the consumer should be given the choice, and our Sleep Lab carries options for customers who prefer them.

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We’ve researched the latest sleep studies, and hunted down cutting-edge technologies. The resulting collection is an offering of fine innerspring mattresses that will help you sleep right every night.

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Natural Materials

Jordan’s Sleep Lab offers mattresses that feature natural materials. These mattresses give consumers options that are better for their bodies, and the environment. Materials range from natural fibers to foams with no petro chemicals. Many of our sleep products are considered green, and are designed to minimize the impact on our environment. We refer to these items as Simply Green, which may mean using less petro chemicals, making use of recycled materials, or using natural components in the finished product.

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Power Bases

By changing the position of a power base that works with your mattress, you can relieve stress and strain on your back. Whether you need assistance with a health condition or ailment, or simply want to turn that flat bed into one that puts the “power” in your hands, the power base is a solid investment. Power bases are recommended for people with respiratory, circulation, or heart problems as well as those suffering from hiatal hernias or acid reflux symptoms.

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Acid Reflux Foundation

This stationary foundation is higher at one end so it elevates your head and throat, enabling gravity to help keep the acidic contents of your stomach from affecting your esophagus.

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