TV Stands

Whether you're hosting friends for the big game, having a family movie night, or just want to unwind, having the right entertainment furniture is an important part of the experience. What’s the point of having that high-end big screen TV if you don’t have a nice TV stand or media center to showcase it? Shop our incredible selection of media consoles and create the ultimate home entertainment space.

The main advantage of an media center or entertainment center over a TV stand is the amount of shelving and storage space that it provides. Our entertainment centers feature extensive cabinetry and shelves that surround your TV and provides space for all your accessories. So, you’ll have a place to store your speakers, cable box, media player, video game console, movie collection, and more. Some models include cabinets with closing doors along the bottom of the piece, which are the perfect place to keep electronics with wires that you may want to keep out of sight. And the shelves along the sides and the top of the entertainment center are a great spot for keeping items accessible.

If you are looking for something that will take up less space in your room, then a TV stand may be the way to go. Unlike an entertainment center, which has a built-in space for your TV, the TV will simply sit on top of the TV console. So, you won’t have the shelves above and to the side of your TV, but you will still find ample storage cabinets and shelves within the TV stand. We even offer entertainment furniture that is designed to fit in the corner of a room, rather than flat against the wall. For something truly unique, shop our TV stands with a built-in electric fireplace.

Whichever type of entertainment furniture you choose, we have a great variety of finish colors and styles that will be sure to fit your décor. Our TV stands and media centers are expertly crafted in wood with tones ranging from white to black, with various browns and natural wood colors in between. There are modern looking options if you are looking for a contemporary aesthetic or rustic looks if that suits you better.

One important step to take before purchasing a new TV stand or entertainment center is to measure your TV. With a TV console, you just need to consider the width of the TV, but for an entertainment center the height of the TV is just as important, so that you can be sure it will fit within the designated space built into your furniture. You’ll want at least a few inches of buffer space so that the TV is not too snug or extending all the way to the very edge of your TV console.

You deserve great furniture in your home, and your TV deserves a great home as well. Shop our entertainment furniture now and let the show begin!