Connecting children and youth in foster care with families ready to adopt.

Jordan’s Furniture partners with the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) to fund and organize a special, private, adoption event with the hope of finding permanent, loving homes for older children and sibling groups living in foster care.

“Jordan's has been a part of the adoption and foster care community for over 16 years now," says Jordan's President and CEO, Eliot Tatelman, referring to the company’s dozens of adoption initiatives. “Once we saw how many kids, especially older kids, who were looking for families, we started to do whatever we could to help out.”

Every other summer, the Adoption Summer Mixer is held at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. Invitations are sent to social workers of older children, who are currently in foster care and legally ready for adoption. Invitations are also sent to families who have been home-studied and MAPP trained, and are ready to adopt.

The mixer activities include morning workshops, a catered lunch, and a fun, afternoon carnival. For one day, children and youth in foster care, social workers and families gather with a one goal in mind– to connect children and families.

"We were excited to see the magic happen at our Adoption Summer Mixer," concludes Tatelman. "These connections can change the life of both the children and the families. It is what it is all about and is much more rewarding than just selling furniture!"