Mattresses $999 and Under

A high-quality mattress is definitely a worthwhile investment, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive one. Jordan’s Furniture has a Mattresses Under $999 collection that is full of great mattresses that will provide years of comfort, but with price tags that won’t give you nightmares. This collection offers a large variety of mattress sizes and types, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you. Shop our Mattresses Under $999 now – don’t sleep on these incredible deals.

Whether you are looking to replace your current mattress with a similar type or looking for something new and different, there are a lot of mattress type options to explore. An innerspring mattress is a great choice for that traditional mattress feel. The spring coils inside the mattress provide outstanding support and durability.

You may not have thought you could get a memory foam mattress for under $999, but indeed you can! Shop our terrific Jordan’s Mattress Factory memory foam offerings, which form to your unique contours providing cloud-like comfort. Another great benefit of a memory foam mattress is that it does not transfer motion like other mattresses do. So, if your partner is a restless sleeper, you won’t be woken up by their movement.

For something a bit more high tech, shop our cooling mattresses. These are specially designed with layers that help keep you several degrees cooler at night than a traditional mattress. Another great advance in mattress technology is the mattress in a box, which is all about convenience. No need to be home for a scheduled delivery or attempt to lug a mattress home from the store yourself, as these mattresses can be shipped in a box right to your doorstep and rolled out and expanded once you open it. And what’s the best part of these high-tech mattresses that deliver such great comfort and convenience? They’re still under $999!

No matter what size mattress you are looking for, we’ve got a great selection for you. Most of the mattresses that you can shop for in the Mattresses Under $999 collection are available in all sizes, from twin, queen, king, and all the way up to California king. You may not have thought you could get the larger mattress prices at such a low price, but Jordan’s Furniture is able to make it happen!

A better night’s sleep has never been more affordable. Shop our Mattresses Under $999 now and uncover these incredible values. Your perfect mattress awaits.