Leather Maintenance Try these tips for extending the life of your leather-upholstered furniture. Caring for Leather Furniture Cleaning and conditioning leather using the Peace of Mind leather products helps keep surfaces clean, soft and supple. It is recommended to clean and condition leather four times a year, more often in dry and/or sunny rooms, homes with pets and high-use rooms. Bonded leather and bi-cast leather do not need to be maintained using cleaning and protection products. Avoid allowing caustic substances to come in contact with leather furniture. Some examples of caustic substances would be chlorine from swimming pools, salts, ammonia, bleach, hair products, and animal flea and tick treatments. Leather surfaces can stretch over time, resulting in a relaxed appearance on seat cushions and the backs of seating surfaces. Sit on the cushions, not the backs and arms of sofas, chairs, etc. Sitting on backs and arms can cause structural damage. Ottomans, recliner footrests, and the end of an opened sleep sofa are not designed to hold body weight; if sat on, these pieces can break. If a (fifth) center support leg is included with a sofa, screw it into place (the middle) to maintain the structural integrity of the frame. Often, the center support leg is suspended ½" above the floor, making contact with the floor as weight is applied to the sofa. Maintain screw-in legs by tightening when needed. Do not over-tighten! Move leather furniture by lifting it. Dragging or pushing furniture can damage furniture and floors. To reduce the movement of upholstery and sectional pieces on hardwood floors, place furniture cups with rubber bottoms under the legs. Cushion Care and Expectations New seat cushions can feel 'firmer'. To accelerate the softening process, carefully walk barefoot on the cushions on a hardwood floor. In time, as they are used, cushions will soften, and can become compressed. Regular flipping and rotating the seat cushions will help maintain their appearance, plus maximize performance and comfort. Like rotating tires on a car, rotating the placement of seat cushions will extend the life of the cushions. Redistribute the fill in back cushions to help maintain the shape and improve comfort. Understanding and Maintaining the Appearance of Leather As leather is a natural product, differences in color, texture and unique characteristics are to be expected. Scarring, insect bites and wrinkles can be visible on all leather furniture. Cleaning and conditioning leather using the Peace of Mind leather products helps keep surfaces clean, soft and supple. The Peace of Mind conditioner, when used in tandem with the cleaner, re-moisturizes surfaces and helps keep them looking their best. It is recommended to clean and condition leather four times a year, more often in dry and/or sunny rooms, homes with pets, and high-use rooms. Leather is not stain-proof. Quickly blotting spills from leather surfaces helps prevent stains from setting. Care should be taken to avoid caustic substances from coming in contact with leather furniture. Caustic substances can cause fading, cracking, peeling and discoloration. Some examples of caustic substances would be chlorine from swimming pools, salts, ammonia, bleach, hair products, and animal flea and tick treatments. Body and hair oil from people and pets can discolor and stain leather. Hand cream, hair styling products can be absorbed by leather surfaces, resulting in a stain. Regular cleaning and conditioning with the Peace of Mind products can reduce damage from surface spills, body and hair oil, and cosmetic creams and lotions. Odors: That "Leather Smell" New leather furniture often has a unique odor. A variety of oils and waxes are used in processing leather that adds to the "leather smell". The odor is not harmful, and will dissipate in a short amount of time. Air out the room by opening doors and windows if possible to reduce the smell of the new furniture. Using dryer sheets, or coffee grinds in an open container, near the furniture can help neutralize any odors. Pets and Leather Furniture: Maintenance is Key! Regular cleaning and conditioning with the Peace of Mind leather care products is especially important in homes with pets.  Please keep in mind that damage caused by pets is not covered by either the manufacturer or the Uniter's warranties. Without care, animal skin and hair oil can roughen and discolor leather surfaces. Regular use of the Peace of Mind leather products will help maintain the appearance of leather. If pets are allowed to lie on leather surfaces, quickly wiping the cushions with a damp (not wet!) cloth can help remove caustic oils. Unfortunately, some cats will claw leather furniture, just as they claw fabric furniture. Cats can be attracted by the smell of the oils used in leather furniture production. Cats can puncture leather with claws as they jump off, leaving small holes in the surface.
Proper care and maintenance of your leather furniture is the key to loving it for years to come. • Cleaning and conditioning your leather pieces at least 4 time a year will keep the leather clean and supple. • If your pets are allowed on the furniture it is best to clean and condition monthly. For added protection, wipe the leather down with a damp cloth after the pets sit on it. The oils from their fur can break down the top coat making the leather more susceptible to stains and color transfer. • Also use the cleaner and conditioner monthly if your leather is exposed to dry heat as this will keep the leather from drying out and cracking. • Lastly, never sit on your leather furniture while wearing a damp swimsuit. The chemicals from the pool will discolor the leather almost instantly. Leather furniture can be an everyday luxury when cared for properly. Being mindful of these tips as well as knowing which leather is right for you will increase the life of your leather furniture.
Buying a leather furniture set is an investment so it is important to learn what kind of leather fits your lifestyle best before purchasing. Will it be in a high-traffic area like the family room or the man cave? Or will it be in the formal living room that is only used during the holidays? There are four factors to keep in mind when shopping for leather furniture. Origin || Which layer of the hide is your furniture derived from top grain or split grain? Top Grain comes from the top layer of the hide and is most desirable for its appearance and elasticity. Split Grain is the lower layers of the hide and has a tougher feel with less elasticity. Alterations || All leather is graded purely based on characteristics; there is no industry standard for grading. Full Grain leathers are not altered and are meant to show the full life that the animal lived. Desirable characteristics include insect bites, healed scars, and wrinkles and can be found anywhere on the piece. Undesirable characteristics are placed on the furniture back and sides. Only 10% of leathers are classified as full grain and are graded at a higher price point. Corrected Grain leathers have numerous undesirable and desirable characteristics and will be buffed and/or embossed to diminish the appearance of the natural characteristics and create a more even hide. Dyeing || Aniline Dyed hides are tumbled in a vat resulting in a somewhat transparent appearance like stain that is applied to wood. This process is used on the majority of full grain leathers. Pigment Dyed hides are sprayed with a dye that is similar to latex paint, but with more elasticity to accommodate the flexibility of the hide. This process can be prone to peeling and flaking and is better for low traffic areas. Semi-Aniline Dyed hides are vat-dyed first, then sprayed with pigment dye resulting in an opaque appearance, but with proper maintenance will not peel or flake. Top Coat || The leather’s ability to resist stains and scratches will depend on the type of finish the tannery applies to the hide. Lacquer top coats are typically used on corrected grain hides that have been semi-aniline dyed. It is the highest performing top coat offering the most resilience and is available in either a low luster or high sheen. Hard Wax is known for its “broken in” look as the leather will crinkle over time. Most often used on full grain, aniline dyed hides, this top coat offers good stain resistance when properly maintained, but is prone to scratching in high traffic areas. Wax/Oil Pull-up is only used on full grain, aniline dyed hides. Immediately after dying, hides are immersed in a vat of wax, oil, or both. The substances emulsify resulting in that buttery soft feeling. The hide is then stretched creating a lightening effect known as “pull-up.” This method receives no top coat and will scratch easily and stain when exposed to oil-based substances such as pet and human hair. Low traffic areas are best suited for wax/oil pull-up pieces.
Learn the right way to care for leather furniture with these tips from the leather specialists at Jordan's Furniture in MA, NH and RI.
Leather Maintenance Learn how to care for and extend the life of your leather furniture.
Take Good Care Extend the life of your merchandise with these furniture care techniques. THE LIFE OF YOUR PURCHASE can be extended with proper maintenance and care. The pages below contain facts you need to know about various furniture materials, as well as some great tips for extending the life of your new purchase. If you purchased a Protection Plan, be sure to refer to the warranty card for care and cleaning guidelines. Visit the "Furniture Warranty Programs" page for additional information. Upholstery Fabric and Cushions Care and Maintenance Cushion Care and Expectations Color Change and Fading Fabric Performance: Pilling/Shading/Stretching Odors Slipcover Care Leather and Cushions Care and Maintenance Cushion Care and Expectations Understanding and Maintaining Leather Furniture Odors Pets and Leather Furniture Wood Furniture Care and Maintenance Understanding the Appearance of Wood Furniture Finish/ Color Change Odors Expansion/ Contraction Leveling and Tightening Components Table Leaves Area Rugs and Rug Padding Care and Maintenance Rug Padding On the Surface: Shedding/ Pilling/ Sprouts and Pulls Dye Variations Odors
Helpful Hints Here are some tips to help extend the life of your investment. Upholstery Furniture Annually, have your furniture cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaner Weekly, vacuum your upholstery Do not vacuum Feather or Down cushions Leather Furniture Leather will crack or peel if you don't clean and condition it at least four times a year. Avoid caustic substances Bonded or Bi-Cast should never be conditioned Wood Furniture Clean or polish the wood at least four times a year Weekly, dust the wood with soft, lint-free cloth Periodically, tighten the screws and bolts Area Rug Or Pad Keep your rugs clean Invest in a quality Rug Pad Rotate area rugs annually Mattresses Unless directed otherwise, rotate your mattress every two weeks for the first three months, and every 3 months thereafter. For Dual sided mattresses, rotate every two weeks and also be sure to flip it every other time. For more detailed information, click below to download the PDF Maintain Your Investment
The days are getting longer which means spring is finally here! Though it’s a bit early to start opening all the windows, it is a perfect time of year to go through your home and give it a good clean. Don’t think of this as a daunting task the end result is sure to leave you feeling refreshed… just like the start of a new season! Flip || This is something that most of us are probably guilty of never doing, but it is an important and quick way to give your furniture a refresh. Go through your home and flip the cushions on all your furniture (even the ones that aren’t often used). Upholstery can fade over time especially in rooms that receive a lot of sunlight. Flipping the cushions regularly will ensure the color will fade evenly while also redistributing the filling. Your mattress also should be either flipped or rotated depending on the type of mattress. For two-sided traditional inner spring mattresses only: flip AND rotate to minimize body impressions. For one-sided traditional inner spring & latex foam mattresses: rotate periodically but do NOT flip. Rotating will equalize wear. Polish || With a clean, white cotton cloth dust all surfaces before polishing to ensure no stray pieces scratch the surface when you start polishing. Be mindful that different finishes and materials require different types of polish. For instance, if you have glass or acrylic tables you want to use warm, soapy water free of any chemicals whereas wood and hardware require something a little more abrasive. Vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, and turpentine are all great cleansers that will leave a nice sheen without posing a health hazard in your home.   Condition || Just like your own skin, your leather furniture must be cleaned and conditioned as well. Due to leather’s porous nature, it is extremely prone to environmental toxins such as human and pet oils, which can lead to permanent discoloration and eventual cracking. Invest in a quality cleanser and conditioner for your leather furniture and avoid any products containing silicon as it has been known to desiccate the leather.
If the west coast had a personality type, it would undoubtedly be that of a free-spirited nomad thoughtfully cozy without trying too hard. Get that laid back boho-style of the west coast on any coast by incorporating a few of these design elements into your home. Color || This design style focuses on a warm color palette much like the environment it was derived from. Rich jewel tones are balanced out with muted earthy hues to create a look that visually feels like the warm embrace of a hug. Don’t be afraid to layer your colors, but be mindful of their undertones. A cool color will clash in a room of warm colors taking your look from laidback to careless. Furniture || Think texture… like a buttery-soft leather sofa in whiskey brown that is just begging to be broken in. Boho-style embraces imperfections and like a fine wine, leather furniture just gets better with age. Pair leather pieces with well-worn woods, like a reclaimed coffee table to add a little structure into the mix. Finish off the look with a rattan accent chair for an unexpected touch of whimsy. Plants || Bring the desert inside by incorporating a few cactus plants into your design! Not only are they incredibly easy to manage (only needing to be watered once a month); they also come in so many shapes and sizes that you can mix and match them! For a more Cali-cool look, try a ponytail palm. Contrary to its name, it is actually a member of the succulent family, which means it can go long periods without water making it perfect for first time plant owners. Textiles || Just like color, layer your textiles. From throws to pillows to area rugs, these elements are meant to be layered to achieve that cozy, carefree vibe. Layer a Persian area rug with a cowhide. Mix your knit pillows with embellished pillows. The one common thread of all boho homes is their ability to encourage lounging. Layering your textiles is the easiest way to evoke that come-in-and-stay-awhile vibe.
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Learn how to care for your furniture with these tips from the professionals at Jordan's Furniture in MA, NH and RI.
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Upholstery Cleaning What you can do to help maintain and clean your upholstered furniture. WHEN IT COMES TO UPHOLSTERY, Jordan’s Furniture always recommends having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. After you read through the information below, you should note that Jordan's Furniture also offers the Peace of Mind Protection Program that will keep your furniture looking like new, longer. If you have already purchased a product with the Protection Plan and have a question, please click here. Stain Removal Information Accidents happen. Whatever your stain or soil scenario, the most important first step is identifying the type of fabric used on that piece of furniture. Many furniture manufacturers place cleaning codes on upholstery, based on the type of fabric (cotton, wool, silk, etc.)—usually by hangtag or on the manufacturer's label itself. Jordan's Furniture recommends always using a professional cleaning service, as certain products, even water, could alter the product. If you choose to attempt to clean on your own, we strongly suggest testing it first in an inconspicuous area. Here are the most common furniture upholstery cleaning codes: Code "S"—A Solvent - based cleaner Code "W"—Water – based product could be moderately applied. Code "WS"—Either Water – based or a Solvent – based product may be used to clean its respective fabric type. Code "X","D", or "DC"—Dry cleaning by a professional cleaner is usually recommended, as neither water – based, nor solvent – based products should be used on fabrics coded with this letter. Also, if you purchased the Peace of Mind Protection Program, click here for additional information. Care and Cleaning Products Jordan's Furniture always recommends having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. However, we do offer several tried and tested care products that will help keep your furniture clean. Please Note: If you are going to use a cleaning product on your furniture, we recommend you follow the directions on the cleaning product closely. We also suggest you spot-test first, applying the cleanser to an inconspicuous part of the furniture and observing its effects before using it on a clearly visible surface. We offer the following upholstery-cleaning package: Combination Care & Cleaning Kit—This kit is a collection of furniture care products. It is ideal for a household or office space that hosts a variety of furniture types. The kit contains an 8-ounce fabric and microfiber cleaner, an 8-ounce leather softener, a 4-ounce leather cream, a 4-ounce wood polish, three cloths, and two application sponges.
It's the heart of the home; the place where casual dining meets entertainment and everything in between. For some of you, the family room is the most used room in the house which is something you want to keep in mind when you are shopping for furniture to fill the space. Area Rug || We always say it’s best to design from the bottom up. Starting with the area rug will help you develop a color palette for the room while providing a cozy treat for your feet. Seating || L-shaped and U-shaped configurations promote conversation and provide a clear view of the television. Oversized sectionals will create the L-shape and sometimes includes reclining seats and/or a chaise lounge all in one piece! Another option is to mix and match a sofa (maybe a sleeper if you don’t have a guest room) with a chaise lounge, accent chairs, or a recliner to create a little dimension in the room. Due to the amount of traffic this room will see, aim for high performance fabrics like Sunbrella or Microfiber as they are both stain and fade resistant. Or if leather is more your style, seek out the pieces with a lacquer finish as they will be the most durable leather when maintained properly. Storage || Beauty can meet function with your media storage. Wall units create a focal point while hiding all of those unsightly wires and consoles. Personalize it by adding your favorite books, picture frames, or nostalgic knick-knacks. Tables || The family room table as evolved over the years, with the oversized ottoman topped with a tray being the latest trend. The ottoman is great because when not being used as a place to rest your drink, it can serve as a place to rest your feet. Some even have hidden storage!
Do you ever wish you could move a table, chair or sofa yourself, without relying on your partner, neighbor or friend to help you move it? Sometimes you just want a change and feel like trying a different furniture configuration without a hassle, or you want an easy way to vacuum underneath an item. This is where casters can help. From discreet mini casters on a shiny bar cart to large, industrial cast-iron wheels on a distressed wood table, you can make rearranging furniture easy and stylish. Make it Multifunctional || Suppose you need a new cocktail table for your living room but frequently use the room's sleep sofa for visiting guests. A table with casters is the ideal solution. You just wheel it out of the way when you set up your sleep sofa. Or, if you like to entertain guests in the living room, but during the holidays, the dining room holds more people, a bar cart on casters will be the perfect multitasker. Work in a Rustic Element || If you like the vintage industrial look of rustic pieces but don't want to incorporate a total factory into your home, an accent piece on casters is a great solution. Place a multi-drawer console with casters in a home office, for example, and it will add character to your space, and work smarter by giving you more flexibility. An office chair on casters will be an asset, too, and a rich, leather upholstered one can add a warm rustic element to the room. Roll it This Way || First patented for use on furniture in the 1800s, casters were originally made of metal. Today, you'll find casters made of myriad materials, including metal, plastic, glass and rubber. In addition, there are different caster types. In general, rigid casters (like the back ones on a shopping cart) will allow you to move the item forward and backward, and swivel casters (like on many office chairs) let you move the item 360 degrees. Some items feature locking casters, which are especially important on heavier furniture for safety.
Add a Little Assurance Our Peace of Mind protection plan helps ensure the prolonged 'newness' of your furniture. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. Luckily, Jordan's Furniture now offers The Peace of Mind Protection Program. Combining an ecologically responsible line of cleaning and maintenance products with the professional support of our warranty service staff, we have teamed up with a major warranty provider to bring you, not only peace of mind, but also a practical solution for everyday ACCIDENTS that may occur. The Peace of Mind protection plan provides: Five-year limited product warranty against ACCIDENTAL damages to fabric, leather, wood, area rug and outdoor merchandise during normal residential use. Expert assistance and live support. Fast and efficient claim processing. How the Program Works If you had delivery AFTER January 1, 2014, click here. If you had delivery BEFORE January 1, 2014, click here.
Add a Little Assurance Our Peace of Mind protection plan helps ensure the prolonged 'newness' of your furniture. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. Luckily, Jordan's Furniture now offers The Peace of Mind Protection Program. Combining an ecologically responsible line of cleaning and maintenance products with the professional support of our warranty service staff, we have teamed up with a major warranty provider to bring you, not only peace of mind, but also a practical solution for everyday ACCIDENTS that may occur. The Peace of Mind protection plan provides: Five-year limited product warranty against ACCIDENTAL damages to fabric, leather, wood, area rug and outdoor merchandise during normal residential use. Expert assistance and live support. Fast and efficient claim processing. How the Program Works If you had delivery AFTER January 1, 2014, click here. If you had delivery BEFORE January 1, 2014, click here.
Whether you define your style as traditional, contemporary, minimalist or "something else," it's that "something else" part that really makes your home yours. There are many ways you can augment or change a room's perspective, and two ways are by incorporating glam or rustic elements into your space. Often inspired by antiques, glam or rustic furniture pieces, when combined with the right accessories, give a room more eclectic character. It's really how you mix all the elements of a room that defines your personal style. Glam || Whether it's a mirrored nightstand, shiny metal table or whimsical accessory, these are the pieces that always look on the bright side. Metallic finishes, gilded accents, ornamental fabric trims and glossy paint surfaces can add a touch of chic opulence, especially if you contrast them with traditional pieces and rustic surfaces. And, when you include sensual curves, animal prints and intricate textures, you'll elevate the glam factor to superstar status. Rustic || On the other side of glam are rustic furniture pieces that exude an industrial, down-to-earth vibe with matte distressed finishes, knotty wood grains and straight-lined geometrics. They have an authentic lived-in look, and they're often in darker colors. Think of natural brick or stone walls, exposed ceiling beams, nailhead trim, and corrugated metal. One of the easiest ways to achieve rustic style is with a leather sofa, chair or sectional, which will just get better with age! Extras || To make your space truly eclectic, add personal items like photos, artwork, antiques collections and one-of-a-kind pieces that you've gathered from your travels. The way you mix, arrange and display these elements will reveal your true style personality – your blueprint for living your best curated life.
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Whether you’re in need of additional storage or you fell in love with a piece of furniture you don’t think you have room for, the end of the bed is your sweet spot! This often forgotten space can serve for fun or function… Functional || If you are in need of more storage whether it’s for linens or clothes try out a storage ottoman or bench. Top it off with a tray decorated with a vase of flowers, a stack of oversized books, or some pillar candles and no one will ever know that space serves two purposes. Or if your book collection has outgrown the bookcase in your living room add another in your bedroom. Create privacy with a tall bookcase or keep it open & airy with one that works like a footboard. Do you lack space on either side of the bed for a nightstand? Put it at the foot of the bed instead!   Decorative || Create the perfect little reading nook by adding a comfy bench, cozy chaise lounge or a pair of armchairs to the end of your bed! Whether you go luxe with buttery soft leather or plush velvet or fun with a bold color or print this look is sure to infuse your bedroom with personality. Are you a botanical lover? Line the end of your bed with oversized potted plants and you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical vacation every night. You can achieve a similar look with smaller plants too – just add a table!   Unique || Love the idea of breakfast in bed, but not the mess it can make? Design a private breakfast nook by adding a small café table & chairs to the end of your bed. Make it cozy by draping textured throws over each chair. If you lack the space for a home office, utilize this space in your bedroom for a writing desk. Give it a plush look by opting for a tufted armchair rather than an office chair!
As technology advances, more and more companies are promoting a healthy work/life balance by offering their employees the flexibility to work from home. This can be both a blessing and a distraction so it is important to create an ideal space that will delight and inspire you! Find your space. || Maybe you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your home office and that’s ok. A nook or even just an empty wall where you can position a desk is enough to keep you organized and focused. L-shaped desks are a great way to create a space within a space that looks clean and deliberate. Make it your own. || If you are able to dedicate an entire room, find a design aesthetic that speaks to you. Are you an Art Deco diva or are you the Rustic Chic queen? Whichever décor suits you best, be sure to include personal touches such as pictures of loved ones, nostalgic knick-knacks, or maybe even a few of your favorite books so it feels like your own private space. Your work will only be as good as your environment – make it beautiful. Keep it organized. || Whether it’s a nook or an entire room, no one enjoys looking at clutter and working around it proves to be counterproductive. Having storage space is key, so if you’re working with a nook it is important to choose a desk that can accommodate all of your supplies. As mentioned above, an L-shaped desk is great for creating space, but it is also great at keeping you organized because of the amount of drawer space. Throw in a few draw organizers and you are in business. If you’re designing an entire room you could take a more minimalist approach to your desk and add a credenza or a shelving unit to organize your supplies. Take a seat. || Office chairs tend to be a little unsightly and if you’re working with a nook then you want your chair to blend in with your furniture as much as possible. Thankfully, beautiful leather chairs that have the same functionality as office chairs do exist! Do you sway more towards fashion over function? Try pairing your desk with a fun accent chair! Just remember comfort is important if you will be sitting for any length of time. Now that you have a fabulous work space it’s time to get to work!
Jordan's Experience Welcome to Jordan's Furniture - not just a store, an experience! Our furniture stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island have New England's largest selection of quality, name brand furniture and mattresses under one roof - and a whole lot more! We make it easy. Here at jordans.com, you'll find an amazing selection of sofas and sectionals in thousands of fabrics and leathers. With the largest selection of dining room and bedroom sets, kid's furniture, office furniture, recliners and mattresses, Jordan's Furniture is your one stop for home furniture.  We make it relaxing. Looking for a great night's sleep? Visit our SleepLabs. Our trained Sleep Technicians will help you the right mattress and foundation to help you get a better night's sleep. Our SleepLabs carry the best names in mattresses in inner spring, organic, and memory foam. Choose from Simmons, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic or from our own Jordan's Mattress Factory collection. We make it affordable. Visit our Furniture Factory Outlet in each location for incredible savings on first quality, name-brand furniture and mattresses. Every item is factory direct to you at wholesale prices…no floor models, no scratches or dents, just name-brand merchandise at factory savings. We make it fun. Bring the entire family to any one of our locations and experience the excitement of shopping at Jordan's Furniture. In Reading, Massachusetts enjoy a tasty hamburger with all the fixin's at Fuddruckers, a super-creamy ice cream at Richardson's, and even catch the latest flick at our 500 seat IMAX Theater! Then test your agility and balance at BeanStalk, our Adventure Ropes Course! In our Natick, Massachusetts store, get wowed by our wide-screen IMAX Theater. At Jordan's Furniture in Avon, Massachusetts, you'll be moved (literally) by MOM, our Motion Odyssey Movie ride, and charmed by the Enchanted Village during the holidays! In our Jordan's Furniture Nashua, New Hampshire store enjoy a fresh deep fried doughnut made to order! Visit our newest store in New Haven, Connecticut, home of It, the World’s Largest Indoor Adventure Ropes Course. Hungry? Visit Blaze Pizza where you can customize your own pizza with any toppings, in just 180 seconds all at one price or indulge in some ice cream at ScoopIt. Whether you're in our stores or online at jordans.com, you're sure to get the biggest selection and best value in New England, all with our Underprice Guarantee and a big smile on your face!
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The children have moved out; now what? You’re not quite ready to let go of the house you raised your children in, but now you have extra rooms that need a refresh. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but there are many things you can do to fill the space. It’s time to reflect on all the things you said you’d do “once the kids are gone” and make it happen! Here are a few ideas to get you started on this new adventure… The Man Cave || Equipped with a projection screen to view the big game, plush leather recliners that have built-in cup holders, pub tables complete with barstools, a mini fridge so you don’t have to go far to replenish, and a shuffleboard table to keep the fun going through half-time! The Home Office || Design an inspiring space that reflects your personality and style and that will keep you motivated! For him: A rich mahogany desk with an oversized leather chair and a file chest topped with decanters of the finest libations of choice. For her: A whitewash desk with a tufted chair and a bookcase reimagined with a few photographs, candles, and of course books! For the Yogi || Transform this room into an oasis of relaxation with a minimalist approach. Soft lighting created by decorative sconces and hurricanes filled with pillar candles will make you feel as though you are at the spa. Create a focal point with a large landscape painting that best suits your personality and will help bring you to that meditative state. Complete the look with a superbly soft shag rug and oversized pillows to create a hygge [Scandinavian word for a mood of coziness & comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness & contentment] vibe that soothes your soul. For the Fashionista || Create the ultimate closet complete with shelving that displays your shoes, a three-way mirror to make sure you’re looking great at every angle, a jewelry chest for all those costume jewels and a hidden safe for the real ones, and lastly a plush chaise lounge (because with a closet this amazing you’ll want to sit for a minute and revel in it).
Creating a theater experience inside your home has never been easier now that televisions are getting larger, clearer, and smarter. Give your brain an escape from reality and indulge in your favorite television show or latest blockbuster without leaving the comfort of your own home. You have the television, now you need the furniture to complete the room. Seating || For the ultimate cozy experience, a plush oversized sectional is the way to go. Consider one in durable upholstery like Sunbrella so if someone spills you won’t have to think twice about it. Sectionals also give you the ability to achieve a couple different seating configurations. Leather recliners will give you the most authentic look and feel of a theater and come in a few different variations such as loveseats and sectionals. Zero clearance recliners will maximize the amount of seating you’ll be able to fit in the room. Add some cozy blankets and let the film roll. Storage Unit || The size of your television will depend on the storage unit you purchase. Wall units can house most televisions up to 70 inches, sound system, and other consoles. They also give you the ability to add a few personal touches such as picture frames or fan memorabilia. Or if that’s not your style, consider a smaller console that will still keep your accessories organized, but on a minimalist level. Some even have built-in fireplaces for added ambiance and coziness! Snack Bar || For a touch of whimsy and added authenticity, create your own concession stand so good snacks and drinks are only a foot away! If space is tight you can achieve a similar feel with a fully stocked bar cart too!