Autumn has officially arrived. While we still have those pops of warm days here and there, most of us have swapped out our airy, barely-there summer wardrobe for a cozier look filled with silky cashmere and chunky cable knits. Just as your wardrobe shifts for the season, your home should also take on a more layered look that evokes a sense of coziness for the crisp days ahead… Introduce Earthy Hues || Burnt orange, mossy green, golden yellow… foliage-inspired tones that emulate the season will create a warming aura in your home. A new piece of artwork is a great way to incorporate these colors without negatively impacting your existing palette. Layer on Texture || Chunky cable knit blankets are having a moment right now and for good reason – it’s like wrapping yourself in a giant cozy sweater! Swap out those linen toss pillows on your sofa or bed for richer textures like velvet and chenille for a luxe look that won’t break the bank. Soften hard surfaces like dining chairs or entryway benches by draping a plush, sheepskin throw over them or place it on the floor beside your bed! Autumn Accents || Get creative with your autumnal décor this year. Adorn your home with “undone” floral arrangements in dark, moody hues that look as if they were freshly foraged from the wild. Give a subtle, classy nod to Halloween by creating a vignette of mini sugar pumpkins. These creamy white pumpkins are perfect for painting too so if you’re feeling crafty paint some black for a witchy touch!
Its official spring is finally here and while it may not feel like it quite yet, there are plenty of things you can do around your home from your kitchen to your bedroom to put you in the mindset of this refreshing season… Curate Your Clutter || It’s time look at all those little dust collectors that are lining your surfaces and ask yourself: do I love it? – does it add value to my space? – is it functional? – If the answer is no to any of these questions then let it go. De-cluttering your home will create an instant refresh and feeling of renewal. Pops of Color || Switch out those dark and stormy hues for revitalizing and vibrant tones that will awaken your senses. Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery, is nature’s neutral and easy to incorporate into many home décor styles. Incorporating pops of color into your décor is as simple as adding toss pillows or throws to your sofa or changing your bedding. Switch It Up || We all have a tendency to become very complacent with the configurations of our rooms. Spring is a great time to shake things up a bit and experiment with different ones! Not only will it give the illusion of something new, it will also enable you to clean areas that are often neglected. New Life || Breathe new life into your home by decorating with plants. Terrariums are a stylish way of incorporating plants into your home décor and a great option for small spaces! For functionality, a windowsill herb garden is the way to go. Not only will it look pretty and smell spectacular, it will also be your one-stop seasoning shop!
Distinctive Accents || Make your home uniquely yours with accent tables, clocks, mirrors & more In almost every story, the main character needs a sidekick – someone to interact with and play off of. The same is true of rooms in your home. Your living room furniture needs a supporting mirror, clock, accent table or objects to give it life. Most of all, these supporting accents should include details that speak to you. As many an interior designer has stated, these pieces make up the "jewelry" of a room, much like the finishing touches to your fashion wardrobe. These are easy to switch out when seasons change or for special holidays, or if you just want something new. In addition, accents don't have to hide in the background. An oversized vintage-style clock or decorative mirror, for example, can be a main focus for an entire wall. Ultimately, an eclectic diversity of accents will make your rooms more interesting, invite conversations, and create fascinating twists to your story. Accents…can be a main focus for an entire wall. Collections || Souvenirs from your travels will make any home more distinctive, and remind you of memorable destinations you've visited over the years. Quirky masks or hats on the wall, trinket boxes, sculptures, busts, glass vases, and books on a coffee table mingle with ease among other objects in your room. Displaying artwork is a great way to showcase your unique personality, whether you choose family photos, colorful abstract paintings, vintage travel posters grouped and expertly framed, or anything else that reveals your passions.   Colors & Patterns || Toss pillows are the easiest way to add instant pizzazz to your furniture. Try other shapes in addition to square – round, rectangular or organic shapes add depth to your upholstered furniture, as well as comfort. Play with different scales, too. Mix large leaf prints with, say, a mini cross-hatched pattern. Lamps are another way to add color and pattern, especially if you choose a shade that isn't solid white, or one with a colorful sculpted base.   Contrasts || If your main furniture is wood, add metallic accent tables for shine. In addition to their multifunctional uses, your room will have greater depth if you mix matte and shiny surfaces, which you can also achieve with paint or wallpaper. Even better, if your furniture is mostly square or rectangular, mix in other shapes like round, octagonal, triangular or organic shapes for added interest. If your walls are white, artwork in black frames look chic, especially when configured in multiples.
Flip the this summer. Instead of hosting the typical daytime barbeque, go for the golden hour – that magical time of day when the sun dips into the horizon and illuminates the sky in a warm, colorful glow. Enhance the ambiance with these essentials… Set the Stage || While your outdoor dining set can comfortably fit your family, it probably isn’t large enough to host an entire dinner party. Instead of setting up extra seating and separating everyone, make your own picnic-style banquet table! Forgo chairs and amp up the cozy by laying down a few outdoor area rugs topped with oversized toss pillows to serve as “chairs.” Next, take 3-4 wooden planks (depending on their width) and nail them together to create a sturdy table. Place the DIY table on top of cinderblocks to achieve the perfect height for your pillow chairs and top with a nice linen tablecloth! Scatter a few vases of flowers and some votive candles and your table is set. Perfectly Placed || Save the paper goods for your next daytime party. Elevate this dining experience by utilizing melamine dinnerware. Not only is this a green approach to entertaining, but many melamine utensils, serving ware, and place settings come in fun prints and colors that scream summer! You’ll have them for years to come too since they’re nearly unbreakable. Tech it Outside || If you don’t already have an outdoor speaker system, invest in a portable Bluetooth speaker so you can dine to the soft sound of your favorite musical artists. Allow your guests to help you curate the perfect playlist by having them pick a song or two when they RSVP to the dinner! Let it Glow || Surround your table with large citronella candles in hurricane vases to keep those pesky bugs away. Add even more intimacy and magic to the setting by stringing twinkly lights. If trees are scarce or non-existent in your backyard, make a string light fence instead! Surround your table with wooden stakes and adhere the lights to the stakes to section off your little picnic area. Chilly night? Finish off the look with a portable fire pit. Don’t forget the s’mores!
Just as an invitation sets the vibe for an event, your entryway sets the vibe for your home. Make it a fun and functional space whether it’s a small nook carved out of a larger room or an entire room on its own… Form || Decide what you want/need from the space. Surely you can blend fun with functionality, but if space is limited then you may want to focus on functionality and sprinkle in decorative accents to personalize it. Entryways have a tendency to turn into a catchall. Having the right furniture or fixtures in place will prevent it from looking cluttered. Function || Are you that person that kicks off their shoes and tosses their coat on the nearest surface? Invest in a credenza and some decorative hooks so you can hide those shoes and hang those coats in style! Not enough room for a credenza? Utilize your wall space from the ground up by making a small storage ladder. While your shoes will be visible, this looks more purposeful than just leaving them on the floor. Plus you can add a decorative accent like a small vase of flowers! For a warmer look opt for a bench you can tuck your shoes below while still maintaining an inviting look. Fun || Personalize it! Hang a mirror so you can check yourself before walking out the door. Add a fresh pop of color with plants or pillows. Play around with the lighting by swapping out your fixtures or adding a floor lamp. Given the generally small scale of entryways, you can easily switch up the décor every season so you always feel like you’re walking into a freshly designed space!
According to many sleep experts, 62% of American bedrooms have at least one sleeper who runs hot. It's a common issue that is due to many factors, including the type of mattress you have, room temperature, bedding and sleepwear fabrics, your partner's sleeping habits, and how close to bedtime you exercise or eat. Whether you experience any or all of these factors, the latest mattress innovations can help you reach the "Goldilocks state" – that "just right" sleep temperature. If you're having trouble achieving "just right," it may be time to invest in a mattress that's specially designed to cool your body down, not just when you get into bed, but throughout the night, so you wake up feeling totally rested and refreshed. Ideally, cool, dark and quiet are the three magic room factors that promote a better night's sleep. And, naturally, a "just right" mattress. Optimal Body Temperature || Just as your car reacts unfavorably when it overheats, the same is true of your body. This, in turn, can adversely affect your sleep, causing you to toss and turn. Experts have determined the best bedroom temperature for most adults is between 60 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and, in general, the cooler end of the range is ideal. Sleeping in a cooler room generally helps you fall asleep faster, promotes faster metabolism, and helps regulate hormone systems – especially significant for women at or reaching menopause. Cooling Mattresses || If your mattress is contributing to your overheating tendencies, consider switching to a mattress with cooling technology. The latest models, through a special combination of breathable, ventilating materials, can help you sleep up to eight degrees cooler than a regular mattress. In essence, these cooling mattresses help regulate your body temperature throughout the night, so you don't wake up hot halfway through your sleep cycle.   Sleep Accessories || In addition to your mattress, other factors affect your sleep temperature and overall sleep quality, starting with your pillow. Going beyond firm or plush, you may want to consider a cooling pillow that's cool to the touch and retains less heat than a regular pillow. You may also want to try other temperature-regulating accessories, such as pillow protectors that control moisture while you sleep. You should also wear 100% natural fibers like cotton for sleeping, since synthetics and blends are less breathable and can overheat the body.
Sleep is the most important behavioral activity we do every night it’s essential for restoring our bodies and our brain, but most of us don’t give it a second thought. We live in a fast-paced world where sleep takes a backseat to everything else in our lives because we don’t understand the importance of it or we think “oh I’ll just catch up on sleep on the weekend.” PSA: Catching up on sleep is a myth. It cannot be done which is why it is imperative for us to listen to our bodies and learn to take this nightly indulgence seriously. A good way to start is by making sure you are sleeping on the ideal sleep surface for your needs. If you are waking up tired, with aches, or you’re tossing & turning all night you may want to rethink the type of mattress you’re sleeping on. Inner Spring || From plush to firm inner spring mattresses are a common mattress choice among people due to their varying levels of comfort. Some feature pillow tops on top of coils that will change in density depending on the level of comfort you need. Firm mattresses will have firmer layers in the pillow top while the plush mattresses will have softer layers. Whether firm or plush is right for you, inner spring mattresses are known for that sleep-on-top feeling that hugs you lightly like a cloud. Foam || Constructed of polyurethane, latex, gel, or memory foam this type of mattress contours to your body providing the kind of comfort that envelops you. They excel in proper weight distribution, support, and pressure management and are great for couples since no movement can be felt as the person rotates. Latex mattresses offer a different feel and support when compared to the memory foam; however both will still provide that sink-in comfort. Foam mattresses can also be folded making it easy to navigate to the bedroom regardless of the size of your home. Hybrid || Hybrid mattresses marry inner spring and foam technology in holy mattressmony. The active support of inner springs work in unison with the cradling comfort of memory or latex foams to deliver unique relaxation that is the best of both worlds.