Power Bases Why sleep flat when you can move? Improve your quality of life, by adding a Power Base under your mattress. By changing the position of your mattress, you can relieve stress and strain on your back. Power Bases have long been recommended for people with respiratory, circulation, fibromyalgia, or heart problems as well as those suffering from hiatal hernias or acid reflux symptoms. Address health issues, or simply enjoy the ultimate in luxury for reading, working or watching TV. Shop all Power Bases: Visit a Sleep Lab location near you, and ask one of our Sleep Lab technicians about our Power Base options, and how they can improve the quality of your rest.
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It’s time to put to bed those thoughts of adjustable foundations only being useful for the elderly (pun intended). Comfort and restful sleep are important at every age! So go ahead, indulge in breakfast in bed. Simple pleasures like that just got a whole lot easier… For Comfort || Having the power to control your sleeping position beyond the usual side, back, and stomach movement is a pretty amazing feature that will positively impact the quality of your sleep. Enjoy the luxury of reading a book or watching television in bed at the touch of a button. No more pillow forts to support your back & head! Hit the gym a little too hard? Adjust the bed to a position that relieves the strain on your lower back. For Health || Aside from improving the overall quality of sleep, adjustable bases also have been long-time recommended for those suffering from health issues such as respiratory and circulation conditions, fibromyalgia, and heart problems. Do you get frequent acid reflux? At the touch of a button you can elevate your back in an effort to aid the symptoms. The best part about power bases? You’re not limited to one type of mattress to pair with it. There are many different mattress options from foam to innerspring that will work well with an adjustable foundation.
Which Type of Mattress? Learn more about the many different types of sleep solutions we offer. Jordan’s Sleep Lab proudly provides you with the best selection of high-quality bedding utilizing the latest technology at our value-packed underprices. Whether you are looking for innerspring mattresses, natural design, 2-sided design, or custom sized merchandise, you will find it here. Here are some of the mattress types and unique offerings we carry: Inner Spring—We’ve researched the latest sleep studies, and we have hunted down cutting-edge technologies. The resulting collection is an offering of fine innerspring mattresses that will help you sleep right every night. Power Bases—By changing the position of a Power Base, you can relieve stress and strain on your back. Whether you need assistance with a condition or ailment, or simply want to turn that flat bed into one that puts the “power” in your hands, the Power Base is a solid investment. Power Bases are recommended for people with respiratory, circulation, or heart problems as well as those suffering from hiatal hernias or acid reflux symptoms. Natural Materials—Jordan’s Sleep Lab offers natural mattresses that contain zero polyurethane foams.  Thousands of springs in combination with natural fibers such as Angora Wool, Hemp, Flax, and Egyptian cotton. Hybrid—Combines the active support of pocket, or cloth encased coils, with the comfort and durability of premium foams. Jordan's Sleep labs are unique in that we offer both memory foam hybrid mattresses, and latex hybrid mattresses. Foam—Excellent for body weight distribution and comfort, the latex and memory foam mattresses available at Jordan’s Sleep Lab will have you resting deeply. Acid Reflux Foundations—This sleep surface innovation elevates your head and throat, enabling gravity to help keep the acidic contents of the stomach from affecting the esophagus. Custom Mattress Sizes—Antique or specially-made beds need mattress replacement, too. At Jordan’s Sleep Lab, those hard-to-find mattresses are readily available. Two-Sided Mattresses—Two-sided innerspring bedding feels different, that’s why Jordan’s Sleep Lab carries a number of quality options for customers who prefer them.
Sleep Lab Policies Here are a few things to know about Jordan's Sleep Lab. Jordan’s Furniture Sleep Labs offer a SWEET DREAMS guarantee (certain exclusions apply) making it easy for you to get just the right mattress for your needs. It takes at least 30 days to adjust to a new sleep surface. If, after that time, you are not comfortable, please contact your Sleep Lab technician. Jordan’s Furniture will give you up to 30 additional days to make an exchange of your mattress. The total 60-day period begins the date you receive your merchandise. We allow re-selections only after the 30-day adjustment period. You may a mattress of equal or greater value. If you one of greater value, you simply pay the difference in price. If a reselection is of a lesser value, refunds do not apply. Our exchange policy is a one-time courtesy only. Limit one comfort exchange per customer. The mattress must be free of stains and in its original condition. Our exchange policy does not apply to foundations, Power Bases, or re-selections for mattress size or height issues. All re-selections are subject to an additional exchange fee. The Sweet Dreams Guarantee only applies to bedding above $597. All bedding accessory, foundation, Power Base, and floor model sales are final. Excludes special purchases, Furniture Factory Outlet bedding, and warranty exchanges. PLEASE NOTE: Our exchange is a one-time courtesy. Limit one comfort exchange per customer. Underprice What does it mean to buy an Underprice mattress? Jordan’s Sleep Lab sells its mattresses using the lowest possible margin. That means that we do not mark up to mark down. Read more on our  “Jordan’s Underprice Policy” page. Though we are your Underprice resource for bedding, there are other things to consider when shopping around for bedding, too. Visit our  “A Matter of Trust” page for some good ideas. Bedding Delivery Jordan’s Sleep Lab offers free delivery with net qualifying mattress purchases of over $597. When it comes time to schedule a delivery for your new merchandise, please bear in mind that we want to accommodate you. So, be sure to tell us your ideal delivery day, and we will try our best to make it happen. Pick up is available at all store locations.
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From climate control to positioning to eco-friendly, the advancements in mattress technology have made shopping for a mattress easier and more enjoyable. Climate Control || That same technology that warms or cools the seats in your car is now available in a mattress! Many of us suffer from discomfort at night due to room climate – constantly searching for that cool spot on the bed or bundling up under the covers to stay warm. Everyone has individual needs when they sleep which can be challenging if you’re not sleeping alone. Mattresses with climate control create personalized sleep environments at a click of a button with their built-in heating, cooling, and ventilation system. Best part? Comfort levels aren’t compromised because these advanced mattresses come in all sizes and in a range of comforts from firm to plush. Power Base || If you suffer from acid reflux, fibromyalgia, or have respiratory, circulation, or heart problems consider investing in a power base. Not only will it relieve strain on your back, it also allows for ultimate comfort when reading or watching TV. Eco-Friendly || Going green? Many mattress companies are taking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint whether it’s using earth-friendly products, recycled materials, or materials derived directly from nature itself. There are even mattresses that feature materials that are harvested from their own farms for a truly farm-to-bedroom experience.
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Our Sleep Knowledgebase Here are the sleep research professionals in the Greater Boston area. Visit their sites and read the latest sleep studies. SLEEP AFFECTS OUR HEALTH in many ways. Good sleep is something we attempt to achieve every single day of our lives. Unfortunately, few of us manage this on a regular basis. Our paths through life include events that affect our sleep. Newborns, new jobs, and even diets can greatly influence the quality and quantity of our sleep. In turn, poor sleeping habits can have a profound impact on our lives—safety, emotionality, performance, and even IQ. Our Sleep Lab technicians study sleeping disorders and health conditions so that they understand the challenges so many of us face with regard to our sleep. They are not doctors, but our technicians do thoroughly understand their role in helping you improve your sleeping environment and experience. To learn more about our technicians, visit Jordan's "Sleep Lab Technicians" page. Beyond sleep disorder centers, there are countless medical and science-based centers that focus on the important role sleep plays in our overall well being. Here are several resources on the subject: Better Sleep Council—Supported by the industry, this non profit organization is devoted to educating the public about the importance of sleep, and the role it plays in our overall health and quality of life. Boston Pain Care Center—This 20,000-square-foot medical center was designed by physicians looking to treat patients suffering from chronic pain conditions. It includes a secure setting for the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders. Harvard Sleep and Health Education Program—This resource stems from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. The program is the collaborative effort of Harvard Medical School and WGBH Education Foundation. National Sleep Foundation—An independent, non profit organization, this effort aims to improve public health and safety by promoting the understanding of sleep and sleep-related disorders and illnesses. It does this through public education, research, and advocacy. Sleep Products Safety Council—This non profit service organization was established in 1986 by the International Sleep Products Association. Its mission is to provide consumers with information, supporting research, and promotional actions that advance the safety of sleep products sold in the United States. Talk About Sleep—An "all-in-one-place" online destination, this site aggregates sleep information for patients, medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, academic researchers, and vendor members of the sleep community. Further Reading Recommendations In addition to the links above, Jordan's Sleep Lab also recommends the following references and books: Sleeping Well in the Digital Age - This infographic published by Georgetown University's School of Nursing provides insights into the link between light and the brain, its effects on sleep patterns, and how you can minimize these impacts. Remmy and the Brain Train by Dr. James Maas—This is a great children's book that may actually entice them into wanting to go to bed early. The Promise of Sleep by Dr. William C. Dement—This book is largely considered the premier text addressing the importance of a healthy sleep. The Power of Sleep by Dr. James Maas—This book focuses on the effects of sleep deprivation and sets proper strategies for paying back "sleep debt."
Tempur-Pedic® This Sleep is Power SHOP NOW Jordan’s Furniture’s experience with Tempur-Pedic® is unequaled. We were the first furniture retailer in the U.S. to offer Tempur-Pedic®. We sell more Tempur-Pedic® mattresses than any other retailer in New England. Our selection of Tempur-pedic® mattresses is extensive. Collections include: Adapt® ProAdapt® LuxeAdapt® ProBreeze® LuxeBreeze® Tempur-Pedic® didn’t just meet the standards for restorative sleep, they set them. Their new collections are more innovative than ever. Tempur Material® continuously adapts to the individual to provide a sleep experience like no other. Premium support, maximum pressure relief, and lack of partner/motion disturbance combine to make it the number one recommended bed in America. The Breeze® models with the advanced combination of materials are Cool When You Lie Down. Cool When You Fall Asleep. Cool Throughout The Night ®. Breeze provides maximum airflow and breathability to help you sleep up to 8 degrees cooler ®. The collections are designed: So you can fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer. Relax more deeply. And wake up feeling rejuvenated. ® Tempur-pedic® is like no other mattress and BridgeIT™ provides a mattress fitting experience like no other. SHOP NOW
Mattress Delivery Free Delivery over $597*! HAVING A MATTRESS DELIVERED is painless through Jordan’s Sleep Lab. Not only will we deliver and set up new bedding, but we also offer a service to remove your old bedding, disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way. After you the right mattress for you, we may be able to deliver it the very next day. We will do everything in our power to assist you—just tell us what you need. You will not only get a delivery timeframe, but we also offer to call ahead—whether your home number or your cell—to give you advanced notice of our arrival (up to 30 minutes). PLUS! As our gift, Jordan’s Sleep Lab offers free delivery with net qualifying purchases of over $597. Free delivery does not apply to Furniture Factory Outlet, Colossal Clearance Center, or special purchases. *PLEASE NOTE: Deliveries outside a certain geographical range may incur a delivery charge. Earth-Friendly Mattress Disposal Jordan’s Furniture knows that mattresses and landfills do not mix well. Mattresses take up a lot of space—up to 23 cubic feet each. If you multiply that figure by the more than 300 mattresses that are tossed daily, you’ll quickly see how much waste is occurring at high volumes. For these reasons, properly disposing of a mattress is a top priority for us. This is why, when delivering a new mattress,  you have the option for us to take away the old one and dispose of it correctly for only $10 per piece. The facilities to which we send old mattresses see to it that as much as 90 percent of the materials are recycled. Delivery Questions You can schedule your delivery online from the My Orders page or you can call us at 1-866-8JORDANS (1-866-856-7326), option 1. Customer Service hours are Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
You've seen it in almost every interior design magazine or decorating book… the use of symmetry to achieve that precise, balanced look in a room. A pair of wall sconces flanking a mirror above a fireplace mantel. A pair of identical nightstands bookending a bed. A pair of urn planters standing sentinel at a front door. You've also seen symmetrical elements where the two objects are not identical. For example, one planter is a different height or color than the other. Then, you've admired free-form spaces where elements are casually, randomly placed, with little or no pairs of anything. Whether you gravitate to highly ordered spaces or let it all hang out, the key to finding your comfort zone is to incorporate a balance of both. Symmetry || The main benefit of symmetry, and the reason it's so widely used, is because it creates a sense of calm in the viewer. It promotes order and harmonious balance, where everything is in its right place. It can also denote an aura of power. Think of ancient kings and queens (two heads are better than one?). Symmetry can also be formal and predictable, so in terms of interiors, too much of it can look uptight, and if you're the restless type, you may get bored with that pair of lamps or end tables. The key is to mix it up or change the position of things periodically if it suits you. Free-Form || The benefits of free-form style or asymmetry are that it creates tension or excitement, expresses individuality and informality, and a free-spirited, unstudied approach. It can also be sophisticated, out-of-the-box creative and cutting edge. The danger is that too much asymmetry can look chaotic and cluttered. For the most part, you don't want a room that says, "Yikes, get me out of here!" Or, "What happened?" There simply are times when pairs are better. A single bookend isn't very useful, for example.   The Mix || A good strategy is to determine the primary use for each room in your home, the feeling you want to convey, and how much space you have to bring your design vision to life. If you have a more formal living room, you probably want a pair of chairs flanking a fireplace (a single chair might look lonely). Or, if you're a couple sharing a bathroom, his and her sinks are likely desirable. If you're an artist or creative professional, you may only need one chair in your room, and plenty of open space to move furniture and other items around at will. Your needs may be less predictable and subject to change, depending on which projects you're involved with at any given time.
Delivery & Sleep Lab Policies Jordan's Sleep Lab makes it easy to buy and deliver a new mattress. JORDAN’S SLEEP LAB wants to make sleep an easy and relaxing part of life. In addition to providing a wide range of mattress types, services, and accessories, we believe it’s also important to provide information. Because we want you to have everything you’ll need to know at your fingertips, here are a few customer resources we think you’ll find handy: Mattress Delivery —We will work to accommodate your time table as best we can. Even if you need your mattress the very next day, we do everything in our power to assist you - just tell us what you need. Eco-Friendly Mattress Disposal —When you have a new mattress delivered, Jordan's Sleep Lab offers a service to remove your old bedding and dispose of it in an earth-conscious way. Sleep Lab Policies —The Sweet Dreams Guarantee makes it easy for you to get just the right mattress for your body. Mattress Care —Depending on the type of bedding you select, there are a number of things you can do to extend the life of your mattress. Here are several care tips for each type of sleep surface. Be sure to learn more about sleep on our Understanding Sleep and Allergies & Protection pages.
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Jordan's Mattress Factory Factory-direct, New England-Made, Eco-Friendly. SHOP NOW Jordan’s Mattress Factory is our exclusive mattress brand, developed by our Sleep Lab experts to help you experience a better night’s sleep. Each mattress – whether it’s innerspring, memory foam, latex, Hybrid, or two-sided – is proudly manufactured in New England to support the local economy, and adheres to our exacting standards. In addition, you’ll rest easier knowing every Jordan’s Mattress Factory style is a great value. We’re also proud to say we’re always finding new ways to make our practices environmentally friendly. We materials that reduce off-gassing and greenhouse effects, making every mattress Better for you. Better for the environment®. Here are some of the unique features in Jordan’s Mattress Factory products: Chill Touch or Arctic Chill covers (models) Bio-based, CertiPur-US certified foams Premium innersprings (models) Pure Latex layers (models) North American made memory foam (many value competitors are imported from China) Two-sided mattress design (read more about this characteristic) Made to order and delivered to your door in a small box (models) Custom size options Comfort layers derived from recycled materials Medi Wedge for acid reflux sufferers Power Base compatible (most models) Learn more about sleep surfaces made of sustainable materials on our "Natural vs Simply Green" page. Visit a Sleep Lab location near you, and try our Mattress Factory products to see if they’re right for you. SHOP NOW
There has been an ongoing debate in the Design world about the prevalence of grey in interiors. Is it an enduring trend or past its expiration date? Truthfully, grey never went away. As with any color, it appears and resurfaces at different times. And, unless you intentionally use grey as a monochromatic color scheme, it will have more impact if you mix it with other colors like yellow, lavender or pink ¬– even saturated citron, emerald green or peacock blue. However you decide to incorporate this hue, it can create a sophisticated feel that will stand the test of time. Keep It Neutral || As an alternative to beige, tan or white, grey can either be a great focal point or soothing background to other colors. When you choose a super light value of grey, it can have an ethereal, cloud-like look and feel that even mixes well with other neutrals. For example, your rug can feature only values of grey or include soft blue, white and beige mixed with grey for a more interesting neutral palette. Add a textured throw and pillows along with furniture in shinier finishes to keep your neutral color scheme from looking flat. Power It Up || Amp up the elegance and grandeur of your space by using deeper greys like graphite, charcoal or wrought iron. Contrast them with pale pink, soft lavender or mustard hues, or make a bold statement by mixing grey with amethyst, hot pink or citron. For a more masculine approach, try using grey with brown or burgundy, perhaps on an upholstered chair or with accent pillows. Gold, silver and black in either matte or shiny finishes will also keep grey from feeling too sedate. Finishing Touches || Change up your greys anytime with colorful accents in other colors like red, black, blue or green. For example, incorporate a lamp with a jade base, or a patterned chair with rose, turquoise and terracotta hues to create a beautiful, rich complement to your grey foundation.
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Sleeptracker® Make Your Bed a Smart Bed™ Now you can monitor your sleep, better understand your sleep, and even fix your sleep with the help of Sleeptracker®.  Sleeptracker® is a non-invasive (non-wearable) powerful processor with highly accurate sensors, and an intuitive app that integrates with your bed.  Sleeptracker® Benefits Include: Sleek design fits neatly under your mattress.  Nothing to wear, and easy to install. Monitoring of respiration and heart rate for sleep analysis – non invasively Ability to monitor 2 sleepers with the one tracker device Classifies time spent in each stage of sleep, including REM Easy to quantify sleep score range of 1-100 WiFi Enabled communication with Sleeptracker® APP Personalized coaching tips along with daily, weekly, monthly sleep trend scores. Smart Alarm wakes you at the optimal time (avoids waking during deep sleep) Sleeptracker® technology is available to add to any mattress in our showroom, making any bed you choose a smart bed.   SHOP NOW
Healthy Bedroom Tips Here are 5 ways to improve your sleep environment ... and your overall health. YOUR BEDROOM SHOULD encourage a restful sleep. That means you need to think about these five elements: Light—One of the most powerful time cues in nature is light. Bright light tends to increase alertness. Conversely, a dark room is more conducive to sleep. Use curtains or shades to prevent light from interrupting sleep. Noise—Irregular or sudden loud noises from inside or outside the home can disrupt sleep or cause alertness. Steady, low sounds, like those from a fan, can be soothing and often help block out distracting noises. Temperature—The ideal bedroom temperature is 60° F to 65° F. A room that is too warm or too cold can disrupt sleep. Proper Sleep Surface—It is crucial that your mattress set provides you with both proper support and adequate pressure relief. If you sleep with a partner, your mattress should allow each of you enough space to move comfortably without disturbing one another. From an alignment perspective, pillows are as important as your mattress. If your pillows do not align you properly, they could contribute to pain in the neck or back. Allergen & Bed Bug Protection—Reduce your exposure to the irritants that cause you suffering. These things include dust mites, mold, mildew, etc. Improve Your Environment Even if your allergy symptoms are minimal, Jordan's Sleep Lab encourages you to create the healthiest sleep environment possible. Here’s how: Encase Your Bedding—Enveloping your sleep surface and pillows in protective encasements prevents dust mites or bed bugs from finding a home in your bedding. Visit Sleep Lab’s "Accessories" pages for options. Wash Sheets and Pillowcases Regularly—Wash your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week in hot water (140° F or hotter). Avoid Steam Cleaning—Steam cleaning your bedding only increases humidity and moisture levels, making a more conducive environment for allergens.
Simmons Beautyrest® With famous Pocketed Coils that reduce partner disturbance. SHOP NOW Jordan’s Furniture is the #1 Beautyrest retailer in New England. Offering the best in the way of value, innovation, and consumer satisfaction is our shared goal! Beautyrest has established a legacy of innovation and trust, helping millions of people sleep better all over the world. Our selection of Beautyrest mattresses is extensive. Collections include: Beautyrest Silver Beautyrest Platinum powered by SleepTracker Beautyrest Black powered by SleepTracker With World Premier support systems designed for ideal sleep temperature, Beautyrest doesn’t just make mattresses so you can get better sleep, they make them so you can Be More Awake™. Each collection features the legendary Beautyrest Pocketed Coil, best known for its support and assistance with partner disturbance. The coil system, the combination of breathable, supportive foams, and innovative temperature management designs in all collections, are just a few reasons to consider Beautyrest. Our Beautyrest Platinum, and Beautyrest Black collections are powered by Sleeptracker.  Instead of wearing a device to bed, the mattress becomes a Smart Bed™.  Monitor your sleep, better understand your sleep, and ultimately improve your sleep.  One benefit of being #1 in New England, Jordan’s delivers and installs the Sleeptracker rather than rely on mail-in redemption, as is the case with other Beautyrest partners.  You download the app, and you are tracking sleep, night 1!   Beautyrest is the original maker of pocketed coils, in fact, they still make their own World Premier Support System. Their 90+ years of experience with the technology plays a large role in their excellent customer satisfaction track record. Visit a Sleep Lab location near you, and try our Beautyrest mattresses to see if they’re right for you. SHOP NOW
When they are kids their bedroom is a castle of imagination, but as they enter their transformative teen years, their bedroom morphs into a private sanctuary to take refuge when the trials of growing up are challenging them. A bedroom makeover will not only be a new bonding experience for both of you, but it will also be a fantastic learning experience for your teen! The Inspiration || Sit down with your teen and talk inspiration. How far are you willing to let them go to transform this space? Maybe it’s just a matter of switching up the furniture and décor or maybe painting will be involved too. Create a mood board to organize style ideas; Pinterest is a spectacular tool for this project as you both can pin to the same board and share your thoughts! The Budget || Once your teen has settled on a design that you both agree on, set a budget for them to stay within. Like a real-life game of monopoly, this will teach them what they can do with the resources available and the best way to allocate them. Maybe they’ll just end up with a new bedroom set because they fell in love with one that consumes their entire budget! Either way they will learn the valuable lesson of what to splurge on and what to save on in order to achieve the completed design. The Execution || Alas, it is time to put the design in motion! Many lessons are learned in this phase from painting techniques to flow of design, but one of the most important is the art of taking proper measurements. When in doubt, measure twice. This is why inspiration boards are so important too – if that dream bed doesn’t fit then your teen will already have a backup plan in place! Before buying any furniture, create a mock layout to get an idea of how the room will flow. The same rule applies when it’s time decorate the walls – arrange the pieces on the floor before hanging them on the wall so you have a visual guide.
Sleep Surface Maintenance Caring for your mattress. Depending on the type of sleep surface you select, there are a number of things you can do to care for, and protect your mattress. Below are several care tips for each type of sleep surface. Traditional Innerspring Ensure proper center support is used for queen, king and California king mattress sizes (this is also required for warranty protection). Use a high-quality, washable mattress protector to keep your mattress healthy and clean. Mattress protectors and mattress pads are not the same thing. Protectors utilize a breathable backing to keep moisture out of the mattress. This feature ensures a healthy sleep environment. A typical mattress “pad” will not have this feature. For two-sided traditional innerspring mattresses only, rotating and flipping in accordance to the manufacturer’s warranty will minimize body impressions and prolong the mattress’ comfort life. For single-sided traditional innerspring mattresses, rotate your mattress periodically, but DO NOT flip. Rotation will equalize wear and extend the mattress' comfort life. Jordan's Sleep Lab suggests rotating every two weeks for the first two months and four times a year thereafter. Do not remove the legal label from your mattress. This is needed to identify your appropriate warranty coverage. Memory Foam & Tempur-Pedic Ensure proper center support is used for queen, king and California king mattress sizes (this is also required for warranty protection). This foam is sensitive to temperature and humidity. It becomes firmer in lower temperatures and humidity levels. If your mattress has been delivered folded at temperatures below 40 degrees, you must allow time for it to adjust to the surrounding room temperature—forcing it open can cause damage. Never wash memory foam or Tempur material. Do not remove the legal label from your mattress. This is needed to identify your appropriate warranty coverage. Use a high-quality, washable mattress protector to keep your mattress healthy and clean. Mattress protectors and mattress pads are not the same thing. Protectors utilize a breathable backing to keep moisture out of the mattress. This feature ensures a healthy sleep environment. A typical mattress "pad" will not have this feature. Latex Foam Ensure proper center support is used for queen, king and California king mattress sizes (this is also required for warranty protection). Use a high-quality, washable mattress protector to keep your mattress clean and stain-free. Mattress protectors and mattress pads are not the same thing. Protectors utilize a breathable backing to keep moisture out of the mattress. This feature ensures a healthy sleep environment. A typical mattress "pad" will not have this feature. Do not remove the legal label from your mattress. This is needed to identify your appropriate warranty coverage. Rotate the mattress periodically. Do not flip. Jordan's suggests every 2 weeks for the first 3 months, and every 3 months thereafter. If you have a model in which there is a separate latex topper, rotate the topper periodically as well. Waterbed Ensure proper support for your waterbed. The additional weight of water requires extra-strong bed frame support. Consult a sleep technician for proper support recommendations. Use a high-quality, washable mattress protector to keep your mattress clean and stain-free. Mattress protectors and mattress pads are not the same thing. Protectors utilize a breathable backing to keep moisture out of the mattress. This feature ensures a healthy sleep environment. A typical mattress "pad" will not have this feature. Add the supplied bottle of conditioner when first filling your new water mattress. Mattresses with individual tubes/cylinders come pre-conditioned. The initial supply of water mattress conditioner lasts three to six months. After this time, more must be added. Follow the instructions on the bottle for timeline of use. Always be very sure to replace the pull cap and seal from the valve after adding conditioner. Small, visible puncture holes may be repaired with a patch kit. Seam leaks cannot be repaired, but they are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for a limited time (refer to your warranty card for terms and conditions). Airbed Ensure proper center support is used for queen, king and California king mattress sizes (this is also required for warranty protection). Use a high-quality, washable mattress protector to keep your mattress healthy and clean. Mattress protectors and mattress pads are not the same thing. Protectors utilize a breathable backing to keep moisture out of the mattress. This feature ensures a healthy sleep environment. A typical mattress "pad" will not have this feature. If your airbed is delivered by Jordan’s Sleep Lab, our drivers will complete the set-up. If you decided to pick up your airbed, assembly is quite simple. Do remember, however, to remove the plugs from the hoses and the hoses into the pump. Air mattresses do not get rotated. The hoses remain at the head of the sleep surface.
Get five healthy bedroom tips for a better night's sleep in this article from the Sleep Lab specialists at Jordan's Furniture.
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One could argue that there isn’t a direct correlation between color and emotional health, however think of a world without color… depressing, right? Color has been a predictor of many things before they even had names, from a person’s health/emotion to the changing of the weather. When designing your home it is good to research what feeling each color can evoke, but don’t base your entire design around it. It is important to choose the colors that speak to you and your personality. After all, your home is a silent expression of your individuality.   Nourishing Neutrals || Neutrals are a great base color for your walls, but they can be a little tricky! For a harmonious look be sure you stay within the warm or cool family. However, there are some neutrals that can fall under both categories depending on their surroundings. If you find that you picked a warm neutral for your walls but your furniture/decor is cool toned try adding a piece of artwork that incorporates both categories to achieve a cohesive look. White will make your room appear larger because it reflects light while light grey is known to promote clarity, making them great choices for any room in your home. Neutrals extend beyond your basic beige, white, and grey – those dusty pastels can be used as neutrals too! Pale blues and greens are nature’s neutrals and are often associated with serenity, novel for your bathroom or bedroom! Powerful Primaries || Bright colors create a visually dynamic space when used appropriately. You may love the color orange, but painting an entire room bright orange will make you feel as though you are actually living in one. Try integrating bright colors into your home with home décor or for a more dramatic effect, an accent wall. Create a sense of passion with pops of red in your bedroom or kitchen or evoke mystery and intrigue with a deep purple accent wall in your living room. Welcome guests into your home with a cheerful yellow foyer or spark creativity by adding an orange rug to your office. Just remember less is more when styling with bold hues.
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