As technology advances, more and more companies are promoting a healthy work/life balance by offering their employees the flexibility to work from home. This can be both a blessing and a distraction so it is important to create an ideal space that will delight and inspire you! Find your space. || Maybe you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your home office and that’s ok. A nook or even just an empty wall where you can position a desk is enough to keep you organized and focused. L-shaped desks are a great way to create a space within a space that looks clean and deliberate. Make it your own. || If you are able to dedicate an entire room, find a design aesthetic that speaks to you. Are you an Art Deco diva or are you the Rustic Chic queen? Whichever décor suits you best, be sure to include personal touches such as pictures of loved ones, nostalgic knick-knacks, or maybe even a few of your favorite books so it feels like your own private space. Your work will only be as good as your environment – make it beautiful. Keep it organized. || Whether it’s a nook or an entire room, no one enjoys looking at clutter and working around it proves to be counterproductive. Having storage space is key, so if you’re working with a nook it is important to choose a desk that can accommodate all of your supplies. As mentioned above, an L-shaped desk is great for creating space, but it is also great at keeping you organized because of the amount of drawer space. Throw in a few draw organizers and you are in business. If you’re designing an entire room you could take a more minimalist approach to your desk and add a credenza or a shelving unit to organize your supplies. Take a seat. || Office chairs tend to be a little unsightly and if you’re working with a nook then you want your chair to blend in with your furniture as much as possible. Thankfully, beautiful leather chairs that have the same functionality as office chairs do exist! Do you sway more towards fashion over function? Try pairing your desk with a fun accent chair! Just remember comfort is important if you will be sitting for any length of time. Now that you have a fabulous work space it’s time to get to work!
With a new year upon us, it's a good time to take stock of your home space. If you have a dedicated home office – whether you work from home full time or just pay bills there – it may be time to reorganize and make a fresh start. Specific items to upgrade can include your desk, chair, storage cabinets, shelving and lighting. Ultimately, you want your space to function smoothly, but also energize you to do your best work. A Place for Everything || And everything in its place. Even in the Digital Age, there never seems to be enough storage. Depending on how you want your home office to function, you need some version of drawers, shelves or cabinets to store things like receipts, paperwork and supplies. A desk with versatile drawers or cubbies can be useful, especially if you don't want your work to be immediately visible to anyone entering the room. Sometimes a minimalist desk with a small writing surface and room for a computer monitor or laptop is all you may require. Style & Comfort || You can create a hard-working home office without sacrificing style or comfort. The space should be productive and inspire you with brilliant ideas, so don't feel compelled to stick with office grey or all neutral colors. If kelly green, royal purple or citrus orange get your creative juices flowing, go for it! Make sure you have an office chair that offers adjustable support, and if space allows, include an upholstered chair or sofa for break time or to seat visitors. Finally, good lighting is essential. Include a task lamp for close work, as well as sufficient overhead lighting, especially if natural light is not abundant. Personal Touches || Personalize your home office with framed family photos, favorite books, a glass-door cabinet of curiosities, or a mood board pinned with travel images, souvenirs and stickie notes. Strategically placed plants or a vase of fresh flowers clears the air, and a bit of office humor goes a long way… posable superhero action figures are totally acceptable!
Whether you’re in need of additional storage or you fell in love with a piece of furniture you don’t think you have room for, the end of the bed is your sweet spot! This often forgotten space can serve for fun or function… Functional || If you are in need of more storage whether it’s for linens or clothes try out a storage ottoman or bench. Top it off with a tray decorated with a vase of flowers, a stack of oversized books, or some pillar candles and no one will ever know that space serves two purposes. Or if your book collection has outgrown the bookcase in your living room add another in your bedroom. Create privacy with a tall bookcase or keep it open & airy with one that works like a footboard. Do you lack space on either side of the bed for a nightstand? Put it at the foot of the bed instead!   Decorative || Create the perfect little reading nook by adding a comfy bench, cozy chaise lounge or a pair of armchairs to the end of your bed! Whether you go luxe with buttery soft leather or plush velvet or fun with a bold color or print this look is sure to infuse your bedroom with personality. Are you a botanical lover? Line the end of your bed with oversized potted plants and you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical vacation every night. You can achieve a similar look with smaller plants too – just add a table!   Unique || Love the idea of breakfast in bed, but not the mess it can make? Design a private breakfast nook by adding a small café table & chairs to the end of your bed. Make it cozy by draping textured throws over each chair. If you lack the space for a home office, utilize this space in your bedroom for a writing desk. Give it a plush look by opting for a tufted armchair rather than an office chair!
See Our In Home Design Styles Since 1996, our In Home Design Professionals have been helping customers achieve that designer look in their homes and offices. Get a little inspiration to start with Browse design styles so you can tell our In Home Design Professional what you’re looking for. You’ll be introduced to: Traditional Transitional Contemporary Country Casual Ready to talk? Make an appointment with our In Home Design Professional now.
The children have moved out; now what? You’re not quite ready to let go of the house you raised your children in, but now you have extra rooms that need a refresh. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but there are many things you can do to fill the space. It’s time to reflect on all the things you said you’d do “once the kids are gone” and make it happen! Here are a few ideas to get you started on this new adventure… The Man Cave || Equipped with a projection screen to view the big game, plush leather recliners that have built-in cup holders, pub tables complete with barstools, a mini fridge so you don’t have to go far to replenish, and a shuffleboard table to keep the fun going through half-time! The Home Office || Design an inspiring space that reflects your personality and style and that will keep you motivated! For him: A rich mahogany desk with an oversized leather chair and a file chest topped with decanters of the finest libations of choice. For her: A whitewash desk with a tufted chair and a bookcase reimagined with a few photographs, candles, and of course books! For the Yogi || Transform this room into an oasis of relaxation with a minimalist approach. Soft lighting created by decorative sconces and hurricanes filled with pillar candles will make you feel as though you are at the spa. Create a focal point with a large landscape painting that best suits your personality and will help bring you to that meditative state. Complete the look with a superbly soft shag rug and oversized pillows to create a hygge [Scandinavian word for a mood of coziness & comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness & contentment] vibe that soothes your soul. For the Fashionista || Create the ultimate closet complete with shelving that displays your shoes, a three-way mirror to make sure you’re looking great at every angle, a jewelry chest for all those costume jewels and a hidden safe for the real ones, and lastly a plush chaise lounge (because with a closet this amazing you’ll want to sit for a minute and revel in it).
How to contact customer service, sales and corporate offices at Jordan's Furniture stores in MA, NH and RI
How to contact customer service, sales and corporate offices at Jordan's Furniture stores in MA, NH and RI
How to contact customer service, sales and corporate offices at Jordan's Furniture stores in MA, NH and RI
How to contact customer service, sales and corporate offices at Jordan's Furniture stores in MA, NH and RI
Do you ever wish you could move a table, chair or sofa yourself, without relying on your partner, neighbor or friend to help you move it? Sometimes you just want a change and feel like trying a different furniture configuration without a hassle, or you want an easy way to vacuum underneath an item. This is where casters can help. From discreet mini casters on a shiny bar cart to large, industrial cast-iron wheels on a distressed wood table, you can make rearranging furniture easy and stylish. Make it Multifunctional || Suppose you need a new cocktail table for your living room but frequently use the room's sleep sofa for visiting guests. A table with casters is the ideal solution. You just wheel it out of the way when you set up your sleep sofa. Or, if you like to entertain guests in the living room, but during the holidays, the dining room holds more people, a bar cart on casters will be the perfect multitasker. Work in a Rustic Element || If you like the vintage industrial look of rustic pieces but don't want to incorporate a total factory into your home, an accent piece on casters is a great solution. Place a multi-drawer console with casters in a home office, for example, and it will add character to your space, and work smarter by giving you more flexibility. An office chair on casters will be an asset, too, and a rich, leather upholstered one can add a warm rustic element to the room. Roll it This Way || First patented for use on furniture in the 1800s, casters were originally made of metal. Today, you'll find casters made of myriad materials, including metal, plastic, glass and rubber. In addition, there are different caster types. In general, rigid casters (like the back ones on a shopping cart) will allow you to move the item forward and backward, and swivel casters (like on many office chairs) let you move the item 360 degrees. Some items feature locking casters, which are especially important on heavier furniture for safety.
One could argue that there isn’t a direct correlation between color and emotional health, however think of a world without color… depressing, right? Color has been a predictor of many things before they even had names, from a person’s health/emotion to the changing of the weather. When designing your home it is good to research what feeling each color can evoke, but don’t base your entire design around it. It is important to choose the colors that speak to you and your personality. After all, your home is a silent expression of your individuality.   Nourishing Neutrals || Neutrals are a great base color for your walls, but they can be a little tricky! For a harmonious look be sure you stay within the warm or cool family. However, there are some neutrals that can fall under both categories depending on their surroundings. If you find that you picked a warm neutral for your walls but your furniture/decor is cool toned try adding a piece of artwork that incorporates both categories to achieve a cohesive look. White will make your room appear larger because it reflects light while light grey is known to promote clarity, making them great choices for any room in your home. Neutrals extend beyond your basic beige, white, and grey – those dusty pastels can be used as neutrals too! Pale blues and greens are nature’s neutrals and are often associated with serenity, novel for your bathroom or bedroom! Powerful Primaries || Bright colors create a visually dynamic space when used appropriately. You may love the color orange, but painting an entire room bright orange will make you feel as though you are actually living in one. Try integrating bright colors into your home with home décor or for a more dramatic effect, an accent wall. Create a sense of passion with pops of red in your bedroom or kitchen or evoke mystery and intrigue with a deep purple accent wall in your living room. Welcome guests into your home with a cheerful yellow foyer or spark creativity by adding an orange rug to your office. Just remember - less is more when styling with bold hues.
Jordan's Furniture - Reading, MA SHOPPING HAS NEVER been this much fun. In addition to a massive showroom of quality designer furniture, the Jordan’s Furniture store in Reading, MA is home to Beantown, a replica of Downtown Boston made up of nearly twenty-five million Jelly Belly jelly beans. Beantown in Reading includes such Boston-themed attractions as Fenway’s Green Monster, the old Sweet House, the Big Dig ice cream shop, the Lenny Zakim Bridge, and a Liquid Fireworks show. Read all about the Beantown attractions on our Beantown page. Along with all the Beantown mania, Jordan’s Furniture in Reading hosts a 500-seat, 8-story Sunbrella IMAX 3D theater. Should you get hungry, we have a Fuddruckers inside, too, home to the World’s Greatest Hamburger. Address 50 Walkers Brook Drive Reading, MA 01867 781.944.9090 Store Features Beantown BeanStalk Fuddruckers Restaurant Furniture Factory Outlet Gymsource IMAX 3D Theater Richardson's Ice Cream Sleep Lab Walpole Outdoor Store Hours Monday - Thursday: 10 am to 9 pm Friday and Saturday: 10 am to 10 pm Sunday: 11 am to 7 pm Store Services Customer Pick-Up Gift Cards Home Delivery In Home Design Customer Pick-Up Hours Monday - Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm Departments in Reading Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Kids’ Room Home Office Rugs/Carpets Careers We’re located at 50 Walkers Brook Drive. View Larger Map  
Jordan's Furniture - Reading, MA SHOPPING HAS NEVER been this much fun. In addition to a massive showroom of quality designer furniture, the Jordan’s Furniture store in Reading, MA is home to Beantown, a replica of Downtown Boston made up of nearly twenty-five million Jelly Belly jelly beans. Beantown in Reading includes such Boston-themed attractions as Fenway’s Green Monster, the old Sweet House, the Big Dig ice cream shop, the Lenny Zakim Bridge, and a Liquid Fireworks show. Read all about the Beantown attractions on our Beantown page. Along with all the Beantown mania, Jordan’s Furniture in Reading hosts a 500-seat, 8-story Sunbrella IMAX 3D theater. Should you get hungry, we have a Fuddruckers inside, too, home to the World’s Greatest Hamburger. Address 50 Walkers Brook Drive Reading, MA 01867 781.944.9090 Store Features Beantown BeanStalk Fuddruckers Restaurant Furniture Factory Outlet Gymsource IMAX 3D Theater Richardson's Ice Cream Jordan’s Sleep Lab Walpole Outdoor Store Hours Monday - Thursday: 10 am to 9 pm Friday and Saturday: 10 am to 10 pm Sunday: 11 am to 7 pm Store Services Customer Pick-Up Gift Cards Home Delivery In Home Design Customer Pick-Up Hours Monday - Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm Departments in Reading Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Kids’ Room Home Office Rugs/Carpets Careers We’re located at 50 Walkers Brook Drive.
Jordan's Furniture - Avon, MA OUR 105,000-SQUARE FOOT store in Avon, MA opened in 1987. Since that time, we’ve hosted thousands of satisfied Jordan’s Furniture customers. In addition to your showroom and Sleep Lab, our Avon location is home to the Colossal Clearance Center, the Polar Express 4D MOM Ride, and the Enchanted Village. Address 100 Stockwell Drive Avon, MA 02322 508.580.4900 Store Features Colossal Clearance Center Enchanted Village Polar Express 4D MOM Ride Furniture Factory Outlet Jordan’s Sleep Lab Store Hours Monday - Thursday: 10 am to 9 pm Friday and Saturday: 10 am to 10 pm Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm Store Services Customer Pick-Up Gift Cards Home Delivery In-Home Design Customer Pick-Up Hours Monday - Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm Departments in Avon Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Kids’ Room Home Office Rugs/Carpets Careers We’re located right off Route 24, at Exit 19B. View Larger Map  
Jordan's Furniture - Warwick, RI Rhode Island - finally a better way to buy better furniture and mattresses has arrived at the Warwick Mall. As an anchor at The Warwick Mall, the Jordan's Furniture store boasts over 100,000 square feet of the best brand names in furniture and mattresses. The store design allows consumers to leisurely browse through 100’s of room settings all designed to provide a true in-home experience. With Jordan’s famous Underprice Guarantee, consumers are assured of the best price everyday! Address Warwick Mall 400 Bald Hill Road Warwick, RI 02886 401.223.3500 Store Features Furniture Factory Outlet Jordan’s Sleep Lab Store Hours Monday - Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm Store Services Customer Pick-Up Gift Cards Home Delivery In Home Design Customer Pick-Up Hours Monday: Closed Tuesday - Friday: 12 pm to 8 pm Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm Sunday: Closed Departments in Warwick Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Kids' Room Home Office Rugs/Carpets Careers We’re located at 400 Bald Hill Road, inside the Warwick Mall. View Larger Map  
Jordan's Furniture - Natick, MA Shop our 110,000-square-foot Natick store and browse New England’s largest ion of quality name brand furniture and mattresses all under one roof. And while you are there – enjoy a movie at our Sunbrella IMAX theater. Address 1 Underprice Way (Route 9) Natick, MA 01760 508.424.0088 Store Features Furniture Factory Outlet Sunbrella IMAX 3D Theater Jordan’s Sleep Lab Store Hours Monday - Thursday: 10 am to 9 pm Friday and Saturday: 10 am to 10 pm Sunday: 11 am to 7 pm Store Services Customer Pick-Up Gift Cards Home Delivery In-Home Design Customer Pick-Up Hours Monday - Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm Departments in Natick Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Kids’ Room Home Office Rugs/Carpets Careers We’re located at 1 Underprice Way (Route 9). View Larger Map  
Home Office Refresh || Work smarter with a well-designed multifunctional space
The sideboard is a style savvy space saver that can work in virtually any room in your home. What once was a necessity for storing your finest silverware and serving utensils for ease of entertaining has now become a mid-century modern statement piece that infuses multi-purpose functionality with style. In the Dining Room || The most traditional spot for the sideboard can be revamped by how you choose to utilize it. Style the surface with decorative vases, books, or use it as a resting place for a piece of large scale art for an ultra-modern look. Add a couple decanters and a decorative tray to define a space for your barware and turn it into a full bar! In the Entryway || Slim in depth, the sideboard is a perfect addition to your entryway since it won’t take up too much space. Store items such as cold weather accessories, tech accessories, or anything else you might forget when you’re running out the door. In the Bedroom || Not a fan of matching bedroom furniture? Go modern and use a sideboard to store folded clothing and accessories! The sideboard can also double as a chic media unit for your bedroom as many have hidden cutouts for wire management. In the Living Room || Like the bedroom, you can use a sideboard in your living room as a small-scale media unit. This is a great storage solution for small space dwellers! It’s also a great way to divide the space in an open floor plan. Define where the kitchen ends and the living room begins by styling the two pieces back-to-back against one another. In The Kid’s Room || A sideboard is one piece of furniture your child will never outgrow! Use it to organize their toys, books, or even clothing!   In the Office || Why have a boring filing cabinet when you can use a stylish sideboard to store your office supplies? Tuck away those larger objects like reams of paper or even your entire printer to create a seemingly clutter-free space to get your work done.
Clear a Path If you're ready for us, this will be the easiest furniture delivery ever. IN ORDER TO FACILITATE a safe and easy merchandise delivery, we ask that you read the following: Safety First— Please remove snow, ice, or other potentially hazardous obstacles from all walkways and driveways. Clear the Way— Please have a pathway cleared through your home, to the room in which the furniture or mattress will be placed. An Adult Must Be Home— Ensure that someone 18 years of age or older is present to accept the delivery. Arrange Entrance­— If your delivery requires the removal of a door or window, please have this done prior to the delivery. If needed, the driver can place a phone call prior to arrival for better coordination. Pets – Please secure pets during the delivery process. Delivery to Buildings and Complexes Most apartment buildings, condo complexes, retirement facilities, and office suites prohibit deliveries during certain hours. If your building or complex has such restrictions, please let us know when scheduling a delivery. If an elevator’s use is required for delivery, please do your best to reserve it for the appropriate time. This will help ensure a timely delivery. Other Important Delivery Facts Below are some policy-related pieces of information. For more details, visit the “Delivery and Pickup Policies” page. Inclement Weather Policy—To ensure the safety of our delivery associates, we reserve the right to delay deliveries due to hazardous road and/or weather conditions. Hoisting Fees—If special accommodations are made for furniture that needs to be suspended/dropped into an area, additional fees may be assessed. Late Cancellation Fee— All deliveries cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled delivery will incur a restocking fee. Shoe Removal Policy— Due to corporate safety policies and OSHA guidelines, our delivery associates are prohibited from removing their boots at any time.
Jordan's Experience Welcome to Jordan's Furniture - not just a store, an experience! Our furniture stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island have New England's largest ion of quality, name brand furniture and mattresses under one roof - and a whole lot more! We make it easy. Here at, you'll find an amazing ion of sofas and sectionals in thousands of fabrics and leathers. With the largest ion of dining room and bedroom sets, kid's furniture, office furniture, recliners and mattresses, Jordan's Furniture is your one stop for home furniture.  We make it relaxing. Looking for a great night's sleep? Visit our SleepLabs. Our trained Sleep Technicians will help you the right mattress and foundation to help you get a better night's sleep. Our SleepLabs carry the best names in mattresses in inner spring, organic, and memory foam. Choose from Simmons, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic or from our own Jordan's Mattress Factory collection. We make it affordable. Visit our Furniture Factory Outlet in each location for incredible savings on first quality, name-brand furniture and mattresses. Every item is factory direct to you at wholesale prices…no floor models, no scratches or dents, just name-brand merchandise at factory savings. We make it fun. Bring the entire family to any one of our locations and experience the excitement of shopping at Jordan's Furniture. In Reading, Massachusetts enjoy a tasty hamburger with all the fixin's at Fuddruckers, a super-creamy ice cream at Richardson's, and even catch the latest flick at our 500 seat IMAX Theater! Then test your agility and balance at BeanStalk, our Adventure Ropes Course! In our Natick, Massachusetts store, get wowed by our wide-screen IMAX Theater. At Jordan's Furniture in Avon, Massachusetts, you'll be moved (literally) by MOM, our Motion Odyssey Movie ride, and charmed by the Enchanted Village during the holidays! In our Jordan's Furniture Nashua, New Hampshire store enjoy a fresh deep fried doughnut made to order! Visit our newest store in New Haven, Connecticut, home of It, the World’s Largest Indoor Adventure Ropes Course. Hungry? Visit Blaze Pizza where you can customize your own pizza with any toppings, in just 180 seconds all at one price or indulge in some ice cream at ScoopIt. Whether you're in our stores or online at, you're sure to get the biggest ion and best value in New England, all with our Underprice Guarantee and a big smile on your face!
Home Office Refresh || Work smarter with a well-designed multifunctional space
All donations are to be mailed to an organization's office address (and not a residential home), per process. Please provide a complete address, including contact person. Due to the high volume of requests, only fully completed applications will be reviewed. If approved, a response will be sent within three weeks. Thank you for your patience. * All fields are required. Organization Information Organization Information Organization Name Street Address City States - AKALARAZCACOCTDCDEFLGAHIIAIDILINKSKYLAMAMDMEMIMNMOMSMTNENHNJNVNMNYNCNDOHOKORPAPRRISCSDTNTXUTVAVIVTWAWIWVWY Zip Code Web Address Tax ID Number Year Established Organization Mission Statement Contact Information Contact Information First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Email Address Email Address (confirmed) Donation Request Information Donation Request Information Donation Needed By: (MM/DD/YYYY) Donation Needed for: Fiscal Support of Organization Amount Requested Specific Program Support Amount Requested Event/Fundraiser Sponsorship Amount Requested Gift Card Dollar Amount Requested Ticket to IMAX Number of Tickets Required Other (Please explain) Additional Comment '> Due to the high volume of requests, only fully completed applications will be reviewed. If approved, a response will be sent within three weeks. Thank you for your patience.
Dear lawn mower – it’s time to move out. Of course it’s practical to store your outdoor accessories in your shed, but where’s the fun in that? The she/he shed trend has been taking off for a reason – it’s fun, nostalgic, and just slightly irresponsible (in the best kind of way). So whether you are building one from the ground up or converting the one that currently stands in your backyard, here are a few possibilities of what this micro retreat COULD be… The Literary Respite || Calling all bibliophiles, this one is for you! Create your own personal reading room to escape to when you need some alone time. Line the walls from floor to ceiling with built-in shelves to hold all your favorite books. Cozy it up by adding an area rug and an ultra-comfy oversized chair to curl up in when indulging in the latest bestseller. Finish off the look with proper lighting. If you have electricity available to you, consider a floor lamp. If not, line the floor and ceiling with battery-operated string lights and some candles so you can still read out there at night! The Pub Shed || Go out for a drink without ever needing a designated driver – transform your shed into an outdoor bar! Home bars come in many different lengths, provide ample storage, and can double as your drink prep space as some have built-in dry sinks too. Pair the bar with a few bar stools and you’re ready to serve your friends and family the most creative cocktails in the neighborhood. Don’t forget to install shelving to display your best ion! The Zen Sanctuary || Even if you aren’t a die-hard yogi, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tranquil spot to simply collect your thoughts or meditate? Find your serenity by painting your shed in soothing azure tones and laying down a plush rug scattered with floor pillows. Depending on the size of your space you could even add a daybed! The Hotel Room || Equipped with a super comfy bed dominated by plush pillows, a mini fridge filled with snacks, and a fluffy robe this tiny refuge could be better than a 5-star hotel. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll have to start taking reservations in advance – all your friends will want to stay! The Hobby Haven || Turn this space into your activity room. For the art lovers, this is your blank canvas. Keep your curated collection here like a gallery or create it on the walls of the shed like a mural. Are you a writer? Make this your chic office of inspiration. Just like hobbies, the ways you could transform this tiny space are truly endless.
Sleep Medicine Visit one of these Greater Boston clinics to address sleep-related illness. THE GREATER BOSTON AREA is home to a number of sleep centers and sleep research facilities, all equipped to diagnose and treat various sleep conditions and disorders. The list below contains website links to some of those facilities. Boston Pain Care Center—This sleep facility is a 20,000-square-foot medical center designed by physicians to treat patients with chronic conditions. Center for Sleep Medicine at Tufts Medical Center—This collaborative resource was designed to provide comprehensive care to individuals having difficulty sleeping at night, staying awake during the day, or experiencing unusual movements or behaviors during sleep. MetroWest Medical Center—Here, all-night polysomnograms, multiple sleep latency tests, and day polysomnograms are performed. These tests help diagnose excessive sleepiness, loud snoring, apnea, and unusual activity at night. NeuroCare Inc. Center for Sleep Diagnostic—This sleep center location has providing care to the South Shore area since 1995. The experts at the center have at their disposal a full range of diagnostic capabilities for testing all types of sleep disorders. Sleep Health Centers—Affiliated with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, this network of sleep centers is staffed by board-certified sleep specialists. Tri-County Medical—The physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners at this location provide specialty medicine via 20 office locations in Bellingham, Franklin, Hopkinton, Medway, Medford, and Whitinsville among others. UMass Memorial Sleep Disorders Center—For more than a decade, the clinicians here have provided comprehensive diagnosis and management of about 120 sleep disorders in a state-of-the-art sleep lab. Winchester Hospital—This full-service sleep disorder center diagnoses and treats patients suffering from sleep-related symptoms. Yale-New Haven Hospital - Clinicians at Yale-New Haven Hospital's Sleep Medicine Centers evaluate, diagnose and treat sleep disorders and sleep-related conditions. Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the sleep medicine program offers a coordinated approach to the management of a variety of sleep disorders and related conditions.
Living Rooms,Mattresses,Outdoor Patio,Dining Room,Bedrooms,Accents,Home Office,Entertainment,Area Rugs,Game Rooms
Living Rooms,Mattresses,Bedrooms,Dining Room,Outdoor Patio,Home Office,Accents,Entertainment,Area Rugs,Game Rooms
Living Rooms,Mattresses,Bedrooms,Dining Room,Outdoor Patio,Home Office,Accents,Entertainment,Area Rugs,Game Rooms
Living Rooms,Bedrooms,Mattresses,Dining Room,Home Office,Accents,Outdoor Patio,Entertainment,Area Rugs,Game Rooms
Charity Requests Jordan’s Furniture is proud to participate in many philanthropic programs and partnerships. They are largely focused on children in-need and the adoption/foster care communities. We make donations and create events that assist children in under-served communities and to help find permanent homes for children/youth in foster care. The donations are distributed through area non-profits and charities who support these causes. Due to the volume of requests that are received by Jordan’s Furniture every week, not all requests can be fulfilled. Jordan’s also does not grant donations or funding dedicated to travel, art, film, personal projects or to groups other than recognized nonprofits. All requests for donations must be submitted online or mailed in writing on nonprofit stationery and include documentation/tax ID # proving the 501C3 charity status. Online requests can be submitted by clicking the button below. Letters can be mailed to the address below and should include specific, detailed information. Each request will be reviewed and evaluated. Due to the large number of inquiries, a response will be sent only if the request can be fulfilled. Please allow 2 weeks for a response. Regarding furniture requests from individuals enduring hardship or in-need organizations, please contact the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless at 781-595-7570 or the Furniture Bank of Rhode Island at 401-461-5511 or CT’s New Reach, Inc at 203-980-5080. Jordan’s Furniture makes monthly donations to both organizations so that individuals and organizations in-need can be referred directly to them. Thank you very much for understanding our process. Jordan’s Furniture is proud to support and assist many charities, families, and children in our communities! Please mail your letter of request on non-profit stationary to: Jordan’s Furniture Corporate Office/Public Relations Office 450 Revolutionary Drive East Taunton, MA  02718 Fill out a Request now
Our Philanthropic Work Supporting the community by putting children first. Philanthropy is an important part of the business philosophy here at Jordan’s Furniture. From the beginning, when brothers Barry and Eliot were working for the family business, and continuing today, with Eliot still at the helm, community outreach is part of our plan. Our philanthropic efforts focus on children in need, primarily within the adoption and foster care communities. In addition, we participate in and donate to many non-profit organizations and charity projects from community project sponsorships to local fundraising programs. The charity programs and projects are rewarding investments. An example of the success born from Jordan’s corporate giving is the fact that approximately 300 children in foster care have found permanent adoptive families. In addition, over 800 new foster homes have been recruited through our projects. Requests and Proposals Jordan’s Furniture receives dozens of charity requests each week. Due to the volume, we cannot fulfill all requests. It is important for us to remain dedicated and focused on a sustained effort toward specific causes and programs that assist children-in-need. If you would like to submit a request and/or proposal regarding your organization, program, or event, just complete our online application, or mail on charity letterhead to the Taunton Corporate Office. We will review your application and respond only if it is approved. Please allow 3 weeks response time.
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Payment & Refund Facts These payment, price protection, cancellation, and refund policies are proudly honored. FOR YOUR PROTECTION, Jordan’s Furniture has instituted policies pertaining to price, payment, refund, and cancellations. We developed these policies with you—our customer—in mind. Please take a minute to read them over. Methods of Payment Jordan’s Furniture accepts the following forms of payment: Credit Cards—Jordan’s accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express. Personal Checks—Standard personal checks are accepted with photo ID. Sorry, but we cannot accept starter or temporary checks. Finance Options—Jordan’s offers various financing. See store office for details. The Colossal Clearance Center also offers a finance plan. See the Colossal Clearance Center office for details. See financing page for details. Cancellation Policy Orders can be cancelled prior to delivery or pickup by contacting your sales consultant or sleep technician or by calling 1-866-8-JORDANS (1-866-856-7326). We will connect you to the appropriate Jordan’s Furniture location for additional help. Please Note: Should you decide to cancel your special order, the 30% deposit placed for Special Order merchandise will not be refunded or transferred. Refund Policies Check Refunds—If payment was made by cash or personal check, Jordan’s corporate office will issue a refund by check. Due to the time required for banks to process checks, Jordan’s can issue a refund check no sooner than 14 days from receipt of a personal check. Sorry, but we cannot issue cash refunds. Credit Card Refunds—If payment was made by debit or credit card, that same card will be issued a credit upon authorized refund. Price Protection Policy—With the Jordan’s Furniture Price Protection Plan (PPP), your purchase price is guaranteed. The PPP is free, and it is available for all orders. Terms and conditions apply: A 30 percent deposit is required. A convenient monthly payment plan will be made available. IMPORTANT: You must contact us within the timeframe outline on your sales receipt to activate your order. At that time, we will order the merchandise from the manufacturer. If you do not call us within that specified time, your merchandise may not be available for the delivery time indicated. Other Transaction Policies Other terms and conditions are outlined here: You must accept delivery or pickup of your merchandise within 10 days of being notified of its availability. Please call Jordan’s Furniture to make other arrangements if you are not able to comply. If we do not hear from you, the merchandise may be released and other arrangements would have to be made. Any change of address, phone number, or other personal information should be communicated to us as soon as possible. Availability of Special Order merchandise is not guaranteed. Once Special Order merchandise is ordered, the deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable. If for any reason the special order merchandise is no longer available, Jordan’s Furniture assumes no liability, but will refund the deposit in full. Additional furniture purchases made at a later date are subject to availability from the manufacturer. In addition, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that the dye lot on upholstered merchandise or the stain colors on wood furniture will match your original merchandise purchase.
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Jordan's Furniture - East Taunton, MA OUR ENORMOUS 750,000-square foot warehouse facility and office complex in East Taunton, MA processes thousands of customer orders each week. It opened in October of 2004, and it’s been bustling ever since. *This Is Not A Retail Location Address 450 Revolutionary Drive E. Taunton, MA 02718 508.828.4000 Location Features Delivery Customer Pick-Up Customer Pick-Up Hours Monday: Closed Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm Sunday: Closed Offices in E. Taunton Accounting Administration Human Resources Marketing Merchandising Careers We’re located at 450 Revolutionary Drive.  
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Heart Gallery Photo Exhibit Displaying the portraits of children in need of adoption. We partner with the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) to display the MARE's Heart Gallery, photo exhibit in our stores. The exhibit features beautiful, color portraits of youth, primarily age 6 to 18, who are currently under the state’s care and wish to be adopted.  Professional photographers from across the state volunteer their expertise in creating inspiring portraits that capture the essence of these children.  The children include sibling groups, children of color, and youths with intellectual, physical, and/or emotional difficulties. We sponsor The Heart Gallery by funding some of the program’s expenses, and by providing a permanent venue for displaying The Heart Gallery exhibit at our stores. Here’s where to find them: Reading store in the hallway near the escalators Avon on the elevator bank in the Atrium Natick across from the House of Blues on Bourbon Street Nashua in the store office The photos in The Heart Gallery continually change. They are d as the living situation of specific children change. The Heart Gallery outreach program educates interested parents and families about adoption through foster care as well as the need for adoptive families for older children.  Informational brochures are available for interested customers. How You Can Help Visit any Jordan's Furniture location, pick up a brochure, and consider adopting a child. For more information about adoption, please contact MARE directly. Call 617-964-MARE (6273), or visit their website at
The industry’s top home furnishing designers gathered in High Point, NC to showcase their latest collection to prospecting retail buyers and interior designers for the biannual High Point Market. High Point Market is the equivalent to Fashion Week in the fashion world – it is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, providing insight to new products and the latest trends in home décor… Mixed Media || Unique materials like concrete, metal, and stone are paired with more traditional elements like glass and wood to create an unexpected twist on classic silhouettes. Highlights include pieces like a writing desk or sofa table that feature metal bases topped with stone. Va Va Velvet || What once was a textile we only saw in the fall and winter months is now making an appearance in spring and summer! Slightly lighter in texture for the season, this fabric is being shown in both airy pastels and bold brights from pillows to ottomans to add a fun punch of color to your home. Flora & Fauna || While it’s not out of the ordinary to see an abundance of floral patterns for the warmer months, this design staple was spiced up with a dash of fauna this season! Birds and blooms mingle with leafy vines on poufs, bedding, and accent chairs. Nature's Neutrals || Bring the outdoors inside with textural raffia, rattan, or wicker. Furniture constructed of these natural elements provide a lighter look for the season while maintaining a refined look. Go coastal with the addition of shiplap or rope elements. Perfectly Imperfect || The Japanese design aesthetic known as wabi sabi – the art of living with imperfection, was prominent at this market. The trend highlights the inherent beauty of asymmetry and furniture pieces that are designed to purposefully look unfinished.
Upholstery Cleaning What you can do to help maintain and clean your upholstered furniture. WHEN IT COMES TO UPHOLSTERY, Jordan’s Furniture always recommends having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. After you read through the information below, you should note that Jordan's Furniture also offers the Peace of Mind Protection Program that will keep your furniture looking like new, longer. If you have already purchased a product with the Protection Plan and have a question, please click here. Stain Removal Information Accidents happen. Whatever your stain or soil scenario, the most important first step is identifying the type of fabric used on that piece of furniture. Many furniture manufacturers place cleaning codes on upholstery, based on the type of fabric (cotton, wool, silk, etc.)—usually by hangtag or on the manufacturer's label itself. Jordan's Furniture recommends always using a professional cleaning service, as certain products, even water, could alter the product. If you choose to attempt to clean on your own, we strongly suggest testing it first in an inconspicuous area. Here are the most common furniture upholstery cleaning codes: Code "S"—A Solvent - based cleaner Code "W"—Water – based product could be moderately applied. Code "WS"—Either Water – based or a Solvent – based product may be used to clean its respective fabric type. Code "X","D", or "DC"—Dry cleaning by a professional cleaner is usually recommended, as neither water – based, nor solvent – based products should be used on fabrics coded with this letter. Also, if you purchased the Peace of Mind Protection Program, click here for additional information. Care and Cleaning Products Jordan's Furniture always recommends having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. However, we do offer several tried and tested care products that will help keep your furniture clean. Please Note: If you are going to use a cleaning product on your furniture, we recommend you follow the directions on the cleaning product closely. We also suggest you spot-test first, applying the cleanser to an inconspicuous part of the furniture and observing its effects before using it on a clearly visible surface. We offer the following upholstery-cleaning package: Combination Care & Cleaning Kit—This kit is a collection of furniture care products. It is ideal for a household or office space that hosts a variety of furniture types. The kit contains an 8-ounce fabric and microfiber cleaner, an 8-ounce leather softener, a 4-ounce leather cream, a 4-ounce wood polish, three cloths, and two application sponges.
Hardware, Parts, Etc. Need a new part for a beloved piece of furniture? We can help. QUALITY FURNITURE LASTS for many years. Sometimes, though, in the midst of that long life, replacement parts are needed. Whether you're looking for a new, shiny handle for your desk, new hardware for your favorite dresser, or something else, we will help you find what you need for any furniture you purchased at Jordan's Furniture. To secure the right replacement parts, call Customer Service for availability and pricing (if any applicable warranties have expired) at 1-866-8-JORDANS (or 1-866-856-7326), Option #1, or send us an e-mail. Customer Service hours are Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please Note: E-mailed messages will be returned within 24 to 48 hours (holiday messages may take up to 72 hours). Shipping or Installing Replacement Parts The replacement parts you order may be delivered to your home or installed at your convenience. Your Customer Service representative will help you schedule installation if you choose it. Parts may take four to six weeks to arrive at your home (parts may arrive faster if we have them in stock).
At Your Service! Contact a representative to address any issue, from furniture care and service, to pick up and delivery. IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU at Jordan's Furniture. Our team is on hand in order to help answer any question or concern you might have. Whether you're looking for furniture care information, warranty facts, delivery or pickup scheduling, ordering status, or something else, the links below will take you to pages that contain what you need or want to know. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact Customer Service for individual service.Also, don't forget to share your opinion of Jordan's Furniture. Click on the Give Us Feedback link to make comments or suggestions. Delivery/Pickup Options and Scheduling —Whether you decide to pick up your product or have Jordan's Furniture deliver it, we're committed to exceeding your expectations. Retail and Delivery Policies —In the essence of fairness, Jordan's Furniture has instituted policies pertaining to merchandise purchase, delivery, pickup, return, and more. Jordan's Furniture pledges to act ethically, in accordance with these policies. Furniture Care —Furniture from Jordan's is meant to last for many years. That lifetime can be extended with proper maintenance and care. Furniture Warranty —Jordan's Furniture not only honors manufacturer warranties, but we also help you understand exactly what's covered. Moreover, for additional cost, we offer the Peace of Mind Protection Program. Replacement Parts —Whether you're looking for a new, shiny handle for your desk, new hardware for your favorite dresser, or something else, Jordan's Furniture will help you find what you need for any furniture purchased at Jordan's Furniture. Financing Options —Fine furniture is within reach with Jordan's special financing options. Jordan's Credit Card plans, made possible in conjunction with TD Bank, N.A., help make furnishing a home that much easier.
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Use this site map for quick access to the furniture for sale at Jordan's Furniture locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.
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Protecting Our Visitors Jordan's Furniture manages users' information very carefully. At JORDAN'S FURNITURE we believe in the importance of your privacy and strive to manage your personal information in accordingly. This policy describes: How and why we collect your personal information. How your information is used and protected. When and with whom we share your information. The choices you can make about how we collect, use, and share your information. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third partiesM. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us as described in the section entitled "Contact Us" below. Notice and Scope of Our Privacy Practices Jordan's Furniture provides customers with clear, prominent, and easily accessible information about its privacy practices. This policy applies to Jordan's Furniture operations, both in stores and online. Our Pledge of Accountability Jordan's Furniture instructs its associates and business partners to manage your personal information properly and maintain your trust. We are accountable for complying with this policy and take reasonable and timely steps to ensure compliance. Information We Collect We collect personal information about you in order to deliver the products and services you request and to help improve your shopping experience. We do this using lawful and fair methods. We strive to limit the amount of personal information collected to support the intended purpose of the collection. Information You Give Us We collect personal information from you in a variety of ways when you interact with Jordan's Furniture, both in stores and online. Some examples are when you: Create an account on our website. Make an online or in-store purchase from us. Use our wishlist. Apply for credit or pay Jordan's Furniture by check. Request customer service or contact us. Submit a Jordan's Furniture related story or testimonial. Participate in a contest, sweepstake, promotion, or survey. Otherwise submit personal information to us. Personal information is information that identifies you specifically. The personal information we collect may include contact and payment information like your name, email and physical addresses, phone numbers, and credit or debit card numbers. When you ask us to deliver an order, we may collect information you provide us such as the name, address, and phone number of recipients. We may collect your social security number where required for certain transactions, such as to assist in providing credit. Information from Other Sources We may receive personal information about you from other sources as well. Examples of these sources are entities that can help us correct our records, improve the quality or personalization of our service to you, and help prevent or detect fraud. In addition, we may collect information from consumer reporting agencies, affiliates, or other service providers if you apply for credit or purchase certain financial products. Automated Information Collection We receive and store certain types of information when you interact with our website, email, and online advertising. Our purpose is to enable the website to work correctly, to evaluate use of the website, and to support website analytics and marketing campaigns. For example: We may collect technical information such as your Internet protocol address, your computer's operating system and browser type, the address of a referring website, if any, and the path you take through our web pages. We use "cookies" to recognize you as you use or return to our sites. This is done so that we can provide a continuous and more personalized shopping experience for you. A cookie is a small text file that a website or email may save to your browser and store on your hard drive. We may also use web beacons. Beacons allow us to know if a certain page was visited, an email was opened, or if ad banners on our website and other sites were effective. We operate cameras in stores for security and operational purposes, such as to measure traffic patterns. When used for operational purposes, we do not use these cameras to identify you personally. Location Based Services We use Location Based Services (LBS) to understand traffic patterns in venues. The location data we capture helps us to understand venues, such as how long customers stand in line and how they generally move around an area, enhancing operational efficiency and improving user experience. If you would like to find out more about the data we collect through Mobile Location Analytics MLA, take a look at our solution providers location analytics policy and cookie policy. How We Use Your Information Jordan's Furniture uses your information to provide requested products and services and to support core business functions. These include fulfillment, internal business processes, marketing, authentication, fraud prevention, and public safety and legal functions. Some examples include: To fulfill your requests for products and services and communicate with you about those requests. To register and service your account. To administer surveys, sweepstakes, contests, and promotions. To provide customer service and alert you to product information, including recalls. To help us improve and customize our service offerings, website, and advertising. To send you information about our products, services, and promotions. To protect the security or integrity of our website and our business. With regard to credit qualification and applications. To accomplish these purposes, we may combine personal and non-personal information we collect online with offline information, including information from third parties. Products and Services Communications In order to keep customers informed of requests for Products or Services, Jordan’s will send recurring transactional messages for Product availability, Delivery and Service Scheduling. The forms of communication are as follows: Phone Calls Emails Text Messages (Message and data rates may apply) Reply STOP to 63041 to cancel Reply HELP to 63041 for help Reply START to 63041 to receive Jordan’s Furniture Alerts If you have any questions please call 866-856-7326. Jordan's Furniture is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. How We Share Your Information Outside Jordan's Furniture Jordan's Furniture does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. We may share your personal information, whether you are a current or former customer, only under the following limited circumstances: Service Providers We may share information about you with service providers or suppliers that help with our business operations. Examples are shipping vendors, furniture protection vendors, credit card processors, and companies that help us improve our product and service offerings and our website. We require these service providers and suppliers to keep the information secure. We also prohibit them from using your information for any purposes other than those requested by us. Credit Applications If you apply for a Jordan's Powercharge credit card or our supplemental program, we share your information with the financial institution(s) that we partner with to offer the credit card. Our partner(s) may only use the information you give to us to provide credit. Legal Requirements and Protection of Our Company and Others We may share your information in other special circumstances. These include situations when we believe in good faith that the law requires it or that the sharing is necessary to protect the safety, property, or other rights of Jordan's Furniture, our customers, our associates, or any other person. Examples include protecting the health or safety of customers or addressing crimes committed on Jordan's Furniture property. Data from in-store security cameras may also be provided to law enforcement upon written request. Marketing Purposes Based only on your express consent, we may share information with carefully ed vendors who may offer you products and services of interest. You may opt-in to this sharing under the "Your Choices" section below. Aggregate Information We may share aggregate and statistical data that does not identify you personally. We may do this for research and marketing purposes, for instance to describe our services to prospective partners or advertisers, and for other lawful purposes. Business Transfers In the unlikely event that Jordan's Furniture or substantially all of its assets are acquired by an unrelated third party, your personal information may be one of the transferred assets. Your Choice: Marketing Preferences We want to communicate with you in ways you find useful. Examples are special offers and new product announcements. We use the following standards for marketing communications: By providing Jordan's Furniture with your email address, you are giving us permission to send you electronic communications. We will not rent, sell or give away your email address at any time. You may opt out of receiving our emails by following the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of any correspondence we send. You can or change your marketing preferences by logging into your account or opt out directly here. Please note that it may take up to 10 days to process your email request and 30 days for your postal mail request. Please be aware that, even if you have opted out of receiving marketing communications from us, we may still contact you for transactional purposes. Some examples are contacts for customer service, product information, service or reminder notices, or recalls. We may also need to contact you with questions or information regarding your order, such as regarding order status, shipment, or refunds. Credit offerings The above marketing preferences do not apply to our credit card offerings since these are provided through our financial institution partner(s). However, you can choose to stop receiving prescreened offers of credit from all companies, including our prescreened offers, by calling 1-866-750-0873. Online Operations and Advertising You may exercise choices related to our online operations and advertising. For instance, you can choose to browse our website without accepting cookies. Please know that cookies enable us to recognize you from page to page, and they support your transactions with us. Without cookies enabled, you will still be able to browse our website, but will not be able to complete a purchase or take advantage of certain website features. About Cookies Cookies are pieces of information that are stored by your hard drive, logging specific aspects of your visits to a particular website. We use cookies to help us improve your shopping experience by tracking which areas of our site are most and least popular. We never use cookies to store confidential information such as passwords or credit card information. How We Secure Your Information Securing your information is a company priority. Whether you are shopping online or in our stores, we use reasonable security measures to protect the confidentiality of personal information. When we do have to collect your most private, personal information, such as social security numbers, we will protect its confidentiality, prohibit its unlawful disclosure, and limit access to authorized personnel only. Hard Copy and Electronic Storage Protections Personal information that is maintained in our offices or stores is subject to physical, administrative, and technical controls as well. Hard copies of private information are maintained in locked locations or cabinets with similar restrictions for electronic storage of private information. When disposed of, the information is shredded, destroyed, erased, or otherwise made unreadable. Privacy Protections for Specific Types of Information For all other services, we serve as an agent for suppliers to offer you financial products and services. Even though we are an agent for these services, we work with our partners to ensure they provide appropriate privacy policies and protections. Our Jordan's Furniture Credit Card is offered through TD Bank, N.A. Click here for a link to their privacy policy. We also protect the credit or debit card information we collect during transactions by adhering to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI Standards). These standards require safeguards for handling and securing customer information. These include using secure networks, encryption or other protection of cardholder data, physical and technical access controls, monitors and tests of security systems, and information security policies. Changes to the Jordan's Furniture Privacy Policy Please check our privacy policy periodically for changes. We will also notify you of significant s and will post the date it was last d at the bottom of the privacy policy. Contact Us Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about this policy or about the ways your information is handled. You can contact us online or via the address below: Jordan's Furniture ATTENTION: Web Manager 450 Revolutionary Drive East Taunton, MA  02718