The best defense is a good offense, right? Nobody wants to even think about bed bugs, but it’s better to have all the facts than to be blindsided if you ever end up with an infestation. The myths, the facts, and tips for ridding your home of these mini-monsters… What is a bed bug? || Bed Bugs are visible to the naked eye; about the size and thickness of an apple seed and reddish brown in color. They live on human blood; however they can live for months without feeding. Their bite resembles other types of bug bites and since some people do not have a reaction to bed bug bites the only way to confirm you have an infestation is to identify the bugs in your home. They reside together in tight spots like cracks, seams of luggage or clothes, and may also take shelter behind wallpaper or inside mattresses, box springs, and furniture. Myth || Bed Bugs are only found in dirty, cluttered homes or hotels. Fact || Even the most immaculately clean homes and hotels can attract bed bugs, but ridding your home of unnecessary clutter will reduce the number of places they can live. Myth || They only bite in the dark. Fact || Though more active at night, they’re not nocturnal bugs which means they can bite any time. Myth || If you have bed bugs you have to get rid of infested clothing, furniture, and mattresses. Fact || Laundering clothing will get rid of the bed bugs and in most cases furniture & mattresses can be treated unless the infestation is so severe that there is no adequate treatment. Prevention || Bed bugs are professional hitchhikers. Be mindful when purchasing secondhand furniture, mattresses, and clothing; inspect each article before taking it into your home. The same rule of thumb should be followed when traveling inspect the luggage rack and beds for any kind of residue or bugs. Using a protective cover on you mattress & box spring will help to eliminate hiding spots and make them easier to spot if an infestation does occur. Vacuum your home frequently especially if there is a possibility you may have come into contact with bed bugs. If you are living in an apartment complex with shared laundry or if you use visit a laundry mat, transport your wash in plastic bags and promptly remove from dryer directly into the bag and fold at home. Treatment || The aforementioned preventative measures will also help in the treatment of bed bugs, but you can also obtain special non-toxic glue traps that will aid in early detection of an infestation. Simply place the traps at the corners of your mattress and under furniture cushions. Sometimes it is necessary to seek help from a professional exterminator, but be sure it is a reputable company as insecticides alone can rarely eliminate the problem. Non-chemical methods such as superheating infested rooms should be integrated into the bed bug removal program. For additional information regarding treatment & prevention please visit the US Environmental Protection Agency’s website:
Lullaby Earth No harmful chemicals. No allergens. Super Lightweight. SHOP NOW Introducing the world’s lightest, and most recyclable crib mattress made today.    Healthy Baby, Happy Mom – Intended to be easy for mom, and safe for baby, Lullaby Earth crib mattresses were designed by parents, grandparents, and of course, engineers.   The top priorities for Lullaby Earth crib mattresses are health, safety, and affordability.   Composed primarily of food-grade polyethylene, these crib mattresses are completely free of polyurethane (foam), vinyl, antibacterial treated fabrics, and known allergens.  Super Lightweight!  While some crib mattresses weigh upwards of 30 lbs, the Lullaby Earth crib mattresses pack healthy features into a Super Lightweight design (only 7 lbs) making changing the crib sheets a breeze.  The Lullaby Earth crib mattress is available in a 2-stage design, featuring a firm, flat surface for infants (recommended by pediatricians and the Consumer Product Safety Commission), and a softer sleeping surface on the other side for growing toddlers.  Lullaby Earth crib mattresses are completely waterproof, even on the edges due to the seamless design.   This waterproofed surface doubly functions as a dust mite and bed bug barrier.  The surface material is so pure, it even meets food contact standards.  SHOP NOW
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With winter fast approaching, you're likely spending more time indoors and finding ways to keep your home warm and cozy. Now is the time to drape a plush throw over your sofa, pile on some soft pillows, and curl up with a steaming hot cocoa and a good book by the fireplace. Don't have a built-in fireplace? Try an electric fireplace to create the illusion of a natural fire. It's really all about layering on comfort and setting a mood. Ambiance || There are many decorating strategies for building your unique comfort zone. Ultimately, you want it to be a peaceful, inviting sanctuary you can't wait to return to at the end of a long day. Try dark, saturated wall hues if you want the space to feel more enclosed – this works especially well in a small den or media room. Warm, natural wood tones and neutral-hued upholstery reinforce that calm, cozy ambiance. Add personal photos, artwork and antiques to make the space truly yours. Soft Fabrics || The simplest way to establish instant comfort is by layering on pillows and throws in sumptuous fabrics like velvet, chenille or faux fur. In a bedroom, try a tufted headboard for your bed, an upholstered chair or bench, and include curtains and bed skirts for added warmth. The more fabrics and textures you have in a room, the cozier it will feel. Layering higher pile rugs on your floor keeps things toasty underfoot. You can even layer throw rugs over sisal or carpeting to up the cozy factor. Lighting || One of the most important elements of any room is lighting. Think of how the inside of a rustic pine lodge or traditional Swiss chalet looks. If natural light is limited, candles, task lighting - or the previously mentioned electric fireplace - create a warm glow and raise spirits on a super cold winter day. Putting overhead lighting on dimmer switches also helps to create a cozy mood, especially in a dining room.
Mattress Delivery Free Delivery over $597*! HAVING A MATTRESS DELIVERED is painless through Jordan’s Sleep Lab. Not only will we deliver and set up new bedding, but we also offer a service to remove your old bedding, disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way. After you the right mattress for you, we may be able to deliver it the very next day. We will do everything in our power to assist you—just tell us what you need. You will not only get a delivery timeframe, but we also offer to call ahead—whether your home number or your cell—to give you advanced notice of our arrival (up to 30 minutes). PLUS! As our gift, Jordan’s Sleep Lab offers free delivery with net qualifying purchases of over $597. Free delivery does not apply to Furniture Factory Outlet, Colossal Clearance Center, or special purchases. *PLEASE NOTE: Deliveries outside a certain geographical range may incur a delivery charge. Earth-Friendly Mattress Disposal Jordan’s Furniture knows that mattresses and landfills do not mix well. Mattresses take up a lot of space—up to 23 cubic feet each. If you multiply that figure by the more than 300 mattresses that are tossed daily, you’ll quickly see how much waste is occurring at high volumes. For these reasons, properly disposing of a mattress is a top priority for us. This is why, when delivering a new mattress,  you have the option for us to take away the old one and dispose of it correctly for only $10 per piece. The facilities to which we send old mattresses see to it that as much as 90 percent of the materials are recycled. Delivery Questions You can schedule your delivery online from the My Orders page or you can call us at 1-866-8JORDANS (1-866-856-7326), option 1. Customer Service hours are Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
From climate control to positioning to eco-friendly, the advancements in mattress technology have made shopping for a mattress easier and more enjoyable. Climate Control || That same technology that warms or cools the seats in your car is now available in a mattress! Many of us suffer from discomfort at night due to room climate – constantly searching for that cool spot on the bed or bundling up under the covers to stay warm. Everyone has individual needs when they sleep which can be challenging if you’re not sleeping alone. Mattresses with climate control create personalized sleep environments at a click of a button with their built-in heating, cooling, and ventilation system. Best part? Comfort levels aren’t compromised because these advanced mattresses come in all sizes and in a range of comforts from firm to plush. Power Base || If you suffer from acid reflux, fibromyalgia, or have respiratory, circulation, or heart problems consider investing in a power base. Not only will it relieve strain on your back, it also allows for ultimate comfort when reading or watching TV. Eco-Friendly || Going green? Many mattress companies are taking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint whether it’s using earth-friendly products, recycled materials, or materials derived directly from nature itself. There are even mattresses that feature materials that are harvested from their own farms for a truly farm-to-bedroom experience.
Delivery & Sleep Lab Policies Jordan's Sleep Lab makes it easy to buy and deliver a new mattress. JORDAN’S SLEEP LAB wants to make sleep an easy and relaxing part of life. In addition to providing a wide range of mattress types, services, and accessories, we believe it’s also important to provide information. Because we want you to have everything you’ll need to know at your fingertips, here are a few customer resources we think you’ll find handy: Mattress Delivery —We will work to accommodate your time table as best we can. Even if you need your mattress the very next day, we do everything in our power to assist you - just tell us what you need. Eco-Friendly Mattress Disposal —When you have a new mattress delivered, Jordan's Sleep Lab offers a service to remove your old bedding and dispose of it in an earth-conscious way. Sleep Lab Policies —The Sweet Dreams Guarantee makes it easy for you to get just the right mattress for your body. Mattress Care —Depending on the type of bedding you select, there are a number of things you can do to extend the life of your mattress. Here are several care tips for each type of sleep surface. Be sure to learn more about sleep on our Understanding Sleep and Allergies & Protection pages.
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Natural vs. Simply Green What's the Difference? Mattresses can be Eco-Friendly and natural too! Many of our mattresses have an Eco-Friendly or natural message to them. We label our online product with the icons below for easy recognition. Our Green Leaf System In order to help our customers differentiate Earth-friendly Sleep Lab products from other merchandise, we affix our own green leaf icons to them. There are two different Sleep Lab product icons you'll see on this website: LIGHT GREEN leaves are applied to Earth-friendly products. DARKER GREEN indicates natural materials are in use. Natural materials are grown and/or raised from plants, animals or the ground. These components exist in nature, not made or caused by humankind. Organic is a bit different than natural. Unlike certified organic products, natural products are permitted to employ pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and/or hormones during the growing and raising of raw materials. Simply Green Many of the products featured at Jordan’s Furniture are considered green. These products use components designed to minimize the impact on our environment. Jordan's Sleep Lab refers to these products as Simply Green. Simply Green may mean using less petro chemicals, or making use of recycled materials, or using natural components in the finished product. All good considerations for the environment. If you are looking to support products that fit ecology into their manufacturing, look for the Simply Green leaf symbol outlined above. Visit a Sleep Lab location near you, and ask one of our Sleep Lab technicians to explain more about our organic and simply green options.
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