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Work-At-Home Wonders || Stay organized and focused with the right furniture, ambience & extras

Creating a comfortable, efficient, work-ready space at home is more important than ever. As you rely more on your home to sustain you, it’s also essential that it be multifunctional, especially if you don’t have a dedicated home office space. In addition to basics like a comfortable chair, desk (sometimes this will be a kitchen or dining room table), and storage, you may want to consider upgrading to furniture pieces that have built-in features like power strips and USB ports to keep your devices charged. And, even in the digital age, you need to keep paperwork organized, so a combination of shelves and furniture pieces with doors or filing cabinets will be helpful. Finishing touches that make your house a home are equally essential, including personal photos, plants that you can water and nurture, fun objects, artwork, sports memorabilia, or souvenirs that recall a really awesome vacation you enjoyed not too long ago.


Creating a comfortable efficient work from home space is more imprtant than ever.

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Basics || In order to stay focused on work, you need a chair that’s comfortable but not too comfortable so it won’t tempt you to take a nap. Ideally, a desk and chair setup will help you work more efficiently. Depending on space, you can choose a desk with a slim profile, and filing cabinet or a single drawer at the front. If using a desktop computer, a pull-out keyboard is helpful. It’s also handy to have a desk or table that features a power strip or USB port to keep your electronic devices charged. Pair your desk with a chair that offers optimal back support. Is your style traditional? An upholstered office chair – perhaps in rich tufted leather – on casters will work well. If your style is more modern, try a lightweight chair with an ergonomic back and seat with adjustable height. Or, sometimes a stationary chair just feels better, and it may fit your space better.


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Storage || You can almost never have too much storage. A bookcase will maximize it, and keep office necessities within reach. If items need to be out of sight, some bookcases have shelves with doors at the bottom. Or, a credenza, sideboard, combo desk and hutch, or filing cabinet will keep most items neatly stashed away. If your space is tight, baskets, bins, and wall shelves can provide instant storage for incidentals and extra stuff. If you have a bar cart or utility cart, it can be used for more than just mixing drinks. It can become a spot to corral office supplies, personal items or even a coffee maker perched on the top tier – it’s even more useful if it’s on casters so you can move it to any room.

area rug

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Extras || Streamline Your BasicsIf you plan on spending more hours inside your home office, you need it to feel inspiring, and express your personal style. To start, the right ambience can be achieved with good overhead and task lighting. Add plants, personal items, and magazines and reference books for inspiration. Unique artwork and favorite collections that tell your story also make ideal finishing touches. To add color to your space, don’t forget about area rugs. A plush rug can help muffle sounds as well as offer feel-good comfort, and pattern intrigue.

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