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Go For Twice The Style.

Two-Tone Triumphs || Dramatic or subtle, these furniture pieces strike the perfect balance

Some things are just better together: classic black and white, wood with metal, sand and sea, pie with ice cream or tea and scones. There are also times when unexpected combinations create the most memorable outcomes, and this is especially true inside your home, including with furniture pieces. When you think of two-tone furniture, you often visualize a country antique chest or table with the top in one color, and the base, legs or drawers in a contrasting color. But two-tone pieces go beyond farmhouse styles, and come in unique modern interpretations that mix distressed wood with industrial metal details or other materials. Some two-tone pieces combine marble tops with metal legs in intriguing shapes and a variety of finishes. These two-tone looks work especially well as accent pieces, but can also be a focal point, such as an entire dining room set. Two-tone style also livens up an outdoor space, including timeless nautical blue and white on furniture, cushions, toss pillows, rugs or umbrellas.

Unexpected combinations can create the most memorable two-tone furniture pieces.

Dining Table 

Fantastic Farmhouse || Part of the ongoing appeal of farmhouse style involves the vintage quirkiness of two-tone paint and details. For example, you might have a traditional dining set with Windsor-style spindle chairs and a table with turned legs, but the table top and chair seats are black with the rest of each piece in weathered white. To add even more vintage character, a two-tone server might have a brown wood top, distressed white base, and black metal hardware to create a more rustic look. The combination of two-tone colors along with different materials and finishes creates a striking visual appearance.

Accent table

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Marvelous Modern || If your taste leans more toward modern, dramatic wow pieces like a console table with a grey or black top, and legs in gleaming gold will be a chic attention getter. Likewise, accent tables with marble tops supported by metal bases create a stylish two-tone look. Unique shapes like demilunes, hexagons, and octagons can increase the modern factor as well.

Drawer Chest 

Contrast Finishes & Textures || A more subtle way to use two-tone styles is through finishes and textures. One attractive pairing is to have a piece with a smooth top in one color with a distressed base that has a raised texture or raw edges. It’s also fun to mix matte and shiny finishes on one piece like a polished marble top with matte metallic legs. You can also try pieces that feature a weathered appearance but are accented with shiny hardware. When you put your rooms together, it’s these contrasts that play off each other, and give your home a curated, eclectic, more personal feel.

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