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Reading never goes out of style, but the way you style your bookcase does. Even the most avid bibliophiles will admit they’ve been cheating on those bounded pages with electronic readers leaving their bookcase looking a little neglected. Whether you have a library of books or just a curated collection make your bookcase a style statement!

Dress it Up || Paint your bookcase to match the wall it is up against to create the illusion that it’s built into the wall. Wallpaper is having a moment right now; get your feet wet with this re-emerging trend by wallpapering the inside of the shelf to make it pop! Have old books that are falling apart but you can’t seem to part with them? Line the shelves with pages of the books by adhering them with an all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish like Mod Podge.

Storage Solutions || Utilize your bookcase for more than just books! Has your shoe collection outgrown your closet? Display them like art! Add decorative baskets or boxes to store items you want hidden. If you are a small space dweller consider using a backless bookcase to divide a space and offer more shelving. This is a great way to create a dining nook in the kitchen area and will free up those kitchen cabinets – just store your decorative dinnerware and glassware on the shelves!

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Style the Shelves || Who says books can only be stored vertically? Flip those bounded beauties on their side and top them with a decorative object or a picture frame to create a more purposeful look. Breathe life into your bookcase by adding an air plant or a short vase with a single bloom. Add lighting and make those shelves glow! Create a library vibe with a mounted picture light that illuminates the entire unit or go modern with self-adhesive battery-operated mini lights that can be popped into each shelf.

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