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counter vs bar height | Jordan's Life&Style blog | Top-shelf Bar Stools

Top-shelf Bar Stools || Relax, chat & mingle…create the ultimate bar with swivel, upholstered, backless & more

Summer entertaining is in full swing, so now is the best time to make your seating arrangement more comfortable by upgrading to the right bar stools for both inside and out. By their very nature, bars –kitchens and game rooms, too! – are places to relax and socialize in a casual atmosphere, so your bar furniture should follow suit. Whether you plan to hang out for an hour or much longer, you have myriad choices to consider, including style, shape, height, back or backless, arms or armless, upholstered or without, stationary or swivel, adjustable, and more. Whichever you choose, the goal should be to make your space as functional and inviting as possible. Cheers!

Jordan's Furniture Life&Style blog Top Shelf Bar Stools

counter vs bar height | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style blog | Top-shelf Bar Stools

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Counter vs. Bar Height || In general, bar stool height is based on table or island surface height. The two most-used stool heights are 24”-27” counter height, based on a table surface height of 35”-39”, and 28”-33” bar height, based on a table surface height of 41”-43”. If you need more flexibility, you can opt for a stool with an adjustable height, which usually works by way of a built-in hydraulic pump. Some stools may also adjust by simply rotating the seat one way or the other. Adjustable stools are ideal if you plan to use them in more than one space or for families with people of varying heights.

back vs backless | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style blog | Top-shelf Bar Stools

Back vs. Backless || In addition to height, you will naturally want to consider the style and features of your bar stools. If your space is really tight, backless stools may be the best option because you can easily tuck them under a counter, though they might be less comfortable if you sit for longer periods of time. Low-back stools offer a bit more support, and work especially well in contemporary settings. Full-back upholstered stools offer the most support and comfort, and are ideal if used for daily meals. They will also feel more like traditional dining chairs, especially if they have armrests. In terms of style, bar stools are versatile – available in everything from square wicker to X-back wood, round metal swivel to traditional spindle back. Regardless of style, most bar stools have footrests for added comfort and support. You can even mix styles in one space, depending on your needs and preferences.

swivel vs stationary | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style blog | Top-shelf Bar Stools

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Swivel vs. Stationary || The advantage to using swivel stools is that you can turn yourself to talk to someone at your left or right, or even behind you, without moving the stool at all. And, they usually make maneuvering in and out much easier. If space is tight, stationary stools may be a better option because they require less space between each other than swivel stools. Generally, you’ll need to leave about 6” between stationary stools, and about 9” between swivel stools, depending on stool width.

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