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Timeless Tufting || Add tailored detailing to any room with tufted sofas, chairs, beds & more

“It’s all in the details” applies to so many aspects of life, including the interior design of our homes. In addition to visual appeal and optimal function, details can impart luxury and comfort as well. One such detail that has been used for many decades on upholstered furniture – mattresses, too – is tufting. We usually picture a long Chesterfield sofa with diamond button tufting on its back and seat cushions, but today’s interiors employ tufting on everything from dining chairs and bar stools to cocktail ottomans and headboards. Though diamond tufting is the most popular and widely used, biscuit and “unbuttoned” tufting are more modern variations that still give your furniture a sophisticated, tailored look. Biscuit tufting is when the stitches form a square pattern, and unbuttoned tufting is without buttons for a more streamlined look.

Ottomans | Timeless Tufting | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Chairs | Timeless Tufting | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

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Sofas & Chairs || Tufted sofas and chairs in a living room give it a traditional, old-world look that’s especially luxurious when used on velvet or leather upholstery. One of the most timeless looks is a tufted leather sofa in a library. It always appears cozy, and inviting. Tufting also adds comfort because of the extra cushioning pushed into the raised “pockets” or tufts. In addition, the cushioning inside is less likely to move over time because it is stitched into place. You can use as much or as little tufting as you prefer. Some chairs only have tufting on the backrest, while some sofas and chairs might have tufting on the back side of the piece, too.

Ottomans | Timeless Tufting | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

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Accents || If you don’t want tufting on major furniture pieces, you can add a cocktail ottoman with all-over button tufting to still achieve a beautiful, dramatic look. If you want something more subtle, try adding a few button-tufted toss pillows on your sofa, loveseat or accent chairs. Even some dressers, chests, bars, and consoles have tufted fronts for a plush, chic look.

Beds | Timeless Tufting | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

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Beds || For added luxury and comfort, consider a bed with an elegantly tufted headboard. Some beds also feature tufting on the footboard for a cohesive look. If part of your bedroom includes a desk or computer table, you can even add a tufted memo board on the wall to pin creative ideas or organize personal photos. You can really incorporate tufting into any room of your home, including your bedroom.

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