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The Classics Endure

Timeless Design || Classic forms, endless funcitonality & neutral hues create lasting comfort

How do you define timeless design? Timeless design is easy to live with, and never jarring, with an emphasis on aesthetic beauty combined with functionality. In a world of constant flux and rapid 180-degree changes, it’s comforting to be surrounded by familiar “timeless” items that just make you feel good. When it comes to your home, it can sometimes dominate with classic older pieces, though new furniture can still look antique, function in a timeless way, or be tweaked to function for today (example, a nightstand with a built-in power strip and USB port). When we think of furniture classics, we picture deep cushioned sofas with rolled arms, tables with turned legs or pedestal bases, wingback chairs, and cabinets with glass doors and crown moldings. Classic details might include dovetail drawers, nailhead trim, tufting, brass hardware, and bracket feet. Timeless décor usually features some symmetry, such as a pair of end tables with a center sofa, a pair of light sconces flanking a fireplace, or a pair of nightstands bookending a bed. This balance of elements helps bring classic harmony to a space, along with natural materials like wood, and neutral hues such as white, beige, cream, and black.


Achieving Balance || Achieving a harmonious balance of elements will be the key to creating timeless style, and ensuring comfort. To keep your space looking fresh, it helps to have a mix of old and new, antiques and new pieces, and familiar colors and patterns combined with unusual, eclectic ones. Timeless is unfussy, worldly and sophisticated, avoids the latest trends, and feels lived-in and always comfortable. It also helps to establish a room’s focal point, and work around that, whether it’s a window, fireplace, entertainment hutch or a plush sofa. A classic room will look well thought out, and put together with detailed care

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Natural Materials || Whether used indoors or outside your home, quality timeless materials might include wood, stone, marble, certain metals, and glass. The most abundant natural material found inside your home is probably wood, with all sorts of color, finish, and style variations. Another timeless natural material is leather, which just gets better with age – always a great option if you want a timeless sofa, loveseat or chair for your living space.

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Enduring Colors and Patterns || When going for classic design, your color palette should be simple, and balanced with the rest of your room. Neutrals tend to work best, especially if you’re using other colors and patterns to enhance your space. To complete your timeless décor, include tried-and-true patterns like stripes, plaids, gingham checks, florals, botanicals, chinoiserie, and even Greek key motifs. In addition to cotton, wool, and linen, you can use more luxurious fabrics like chenille, silk and velvet to take your room to the next level.

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