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From climate control to positioning to eco-friendly, the advancements in mattress technology have made shopping for a mattress easier and more enjoyable.

Climate Control || That same technology that warms or cools the seats in your car is now available in a mattress! Many of us suffer from discomfort at night due to room climate – constantly searching for that cool spot on the bed or bundling up under the covers to stay warm. Everyone has individual needs when they sleep which can be challenging if you’re not sleeping alone. Mattresses with climate control create personalized sleep environments at a click of a button with their built-in heating, cooling, and ventilation system. Best part? Comfort levels aren’t compromised because these advanced mattresses come in all sizes and in a range of comforts from firm to plush.

Power Base || If you suffer from acid reflux, fibromyalgia, or have respiratory, circulation, or heart problems consider investing in a power base. Not only will it relieve strain on your back, it also allows for ultimate comfort when reading or watching TV.

Eco-Friendly || Going green? Many mattress companies are taking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint whether it’s using earth-friendly products, recycled materials, or materials derived directly from nature itself. There are even mattresses that feature materials that are harvested from their own farms for a truly farm-to-bedroom experience.

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