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Celebrate Earth Day Everyday.

Celebrate Earth Day || The World of Earth Tones

The World of Earth Tones || Add warmth to any room with colors borrowed from Mother Nature

When you think of earth tones, you usually picture colors like olive, avocado, terra cotta, burnt orange, burnished gold, eggplant, or brick red, along with neutral browns, greys and beiges. Most often, they fall on the warm side of the color spectrum, evoking autumn foliage, and a feeling of coziness like sitting in a library next to a crackling fireplace. Earth tones can create a wonderfully layered look in any room, but they certainly don’t need to be dark and drab. Whether it’s paint, furniture finishes or fabrics, you can always use lighter color saturations. One simple way to bring earth tones into a space is through patterns on upholstery, toss pillows, and area rugs. Even better if the patterns are taken directly from nature, such as vines, flowers, leaves, and branches. Earth tones are equally comfortable in traditional, modern, and eclectic interiors, and work especially well in rustic spaces with details like exposed brick walls or other natural textures.

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Furniture || Without necessarily thinking about it, you already have earth tones at home, primarily in the form of wood furniture. From white birch to black walnut, wood tones come in endless color variations, and can be mixed in countless ways. Painted wood pieces can add a homey vintage farmhouse look, especially in a kitchen. For example, try using earth tone painted pieces in a kitchen or dining room offset by crisp white walls for an exciting contrast. In addition to the actual color of your furniture, you can also use earth tones by way of other features, like a marble-top desk or geode-top table that shows the material’s natural veining.

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Fabrics || One of the most luxurious ways to add earth tones to your décor is with a leather sofa, sectional or recliner. Rich hues like chestnut, terra cotta, sienna, walnut, or other brown color variations will easily coordinate with whatever else is in the room. Add a few patterned toss pillows with anything from red, gold and green to orange, blue and grey. For more contrast, mix in white or off-white pillows or throws to keep the look lively.

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Area Rugs || In past centuries, naturally dyed yarns were used to create rug colors. With today’s synthetic dyes, earth tones and faded effects are easily found on area rugs in every color and style. And, don’t forget grey, the ultimate earth tone that creates a wonderful sense of calm – something many of us need now more than ever.

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