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The Platform Bed

Platform bed

The popularity of platform beds is on the rise and for good reason -- these gems offer plenty of benefits from functionality to style. Whether you rise above or keep it low, here are 5 reasons you should think outside the box…spring.

Better Mattress || Since platform beds do not require a box spring you can invest in a better quality mattress or accommodating pillows. After all, your bed’s sole purpose is to rejuvenate you so comfort should be your main priority!

Space Saver || Some platform beds feature integrated nightstands which is a practical and stylish space-saver for small space dwellers!

Low Profile || Not all platform beds are high – in fact low-profile platform beds are increasingly more popular thanks to the rise of the hygge design trend. Not only will it give the illusion of taller ceilings, it is also a great option if your bed is placed in front of a window. Natural light will flood your space making you feel as though you were laying on an exotic cabana bed by the ocean.

Clean Lines || Lovers of clean lines rejoice! A platform bed means no more fussing with those pesky bed skirts. Show off that beautiful frame by tucking your bed linens neatly under your mattress from top to bottom!

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Storage Solution || Many platform beds offer spacious drawers either on the side or at the foot of the bed. Store linens, seasonal clothing, or anything else you would like to rid your closet of. Some even feature open shelving which is great for storing books or a beautiful throw.

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