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The Ultimate Staycation || Create fun family memories from your own backyard & indoors

There is much truth to the saying, “The family that plays together, stays together.” Even though normal vacation travel plans may be on hold, there are ways you can creatively initiate a staycation. By combining a variety of outdoor and indoor events with all family members participating, you can include fun activities that everyone will enjoy – even virtual museum tours or online visits. With outdoor temperatures usually improving this time of year, you can pick a date or long weekend and establish an “itinerary.” Maybe you can include camping in the backyard, lawn games, an obstacle course, scavenger hunt, dining al fresco, and water features if it gets really hot. For indoor activities, a ping-pong, chess, checkers or pool tournament might be in order. You can even award trophies or ribbon prizes to the winners. Host a movie double feature one night. Your staycation might involve a specific destination like Hawaii, Mexico or Italy. If so, have your foods match the place by serving pineapples, tacos or pasta. As with any good time, take photos and videos to preserve all the highlights.

Your staycation will include outdoor & indoor activities - even a theme - that everyone will enjoy.

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The Great Outdoors || Your outdoor staycation setup should be conducive to relaxing conversations, casual dining, and open areas for lawn games like badminton, Frisbee, croquet or volleyball depending on how much space you have. It helps to begin with a cozy outdoor sofa or sectional, and chairs with plush cushions for lounging. Place side tables nearby for storing a drinks tray, and keeping books and magazines handy. For evening hours, a fire pit is a welcome addition, especially if it gets chilly – and for heating up s’mores.

Pool Table 

Indoor Pursuits || To add more variety to your staycation – and if weather doesn’t cooperate – include fun indoor activities. If you have a games room with a pool table, checkers and chess table or air hockey, organize a tournament with teams. Or, use your dining table for a puzzle tournament. Have two or three teams work on a different puzzle with the same number of pieces, and whichever team completes theirs first, wins. If you host a movie night, make sure your “guests” have comfy seating options. To make the accommodations more luxurious, include a power sofa with a tilt headrest, and cup holders.

Theme Ideas || How about giving a theme to your staycation? Accessorize your home to match a theme like tropical locations, museums of the world, European tour, African safari animals, U.S. state parks tour, or Cape Cod getaway. You can even have your staycation revolve around one activity such as board games or card games, with a different game set up in each room of your home.

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