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Are You CURIOus?

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The Art of Display || Curio cabinets show off your prized collections to best advantage

Are you an avid collector of objects? An intrepid traveler who returns home with souvenirs like glass vases, books, pottery, figurines, dolls, masks, seashells, antiques, or other types of treasures and objets d’art? Whether you consider them knick-knacks or important mementos of your life adventures, sometimes the real challenge is, “Where do I store all of these items?” Well, why not merely store them, but display them as unique keepsakes of your fun excursions? One of the easiest ways to present them in their best light is inside a curio cabinet. Whether you choose a traditional curio with glass shelves, an open-shelf bookcase, or a more elaborate console table, you can organize your collections more effectively, and flaunt them as great conversation pieces when they’re all in one place.

Conversation Pieces | The Art of Display | Jordan's Life&Style Blog

Bookcases | The Art of Display | Jordan's Life&Style Blog

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Bookcases & Shelving Units || Bookcases have long been prime spots for mixing in collections among your favorite books. The downside of this strategy (or non-strategy) is that your collection will likely get lost among the abundance of book spines. Depending on the size of your bookcase, you could alternate with all books on one or two shelves, then place your collected objects on the others, and thereby avoid visual clutter. It helps to have a piece with adjustable shelves so you can rearrange items as needed.

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Multifunctional Cabinets || Consider displaying your objects as part of a media cabinet or console table with a combination of doors and open shelving options. This way, you optimize function with storage for your media essentials, and have added room for displaying your collections all in one place. These versatile cabinets are available in different sizes, and can be placed in almost any room, including living rooms, entryways, kitchens, and family rooms.

Curio | The Art of Display | Jordan's Life&Style Blog

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Traditional Curios || If you want your collections to stay protected but still be visible, a glass-front curio cabinet is probably the ideal choice. Many models have adjustable glass shelves, 3-way touch lighting, and mirrored backs to maximize visibility. Some feature separate portions with solid doors to hide other items you don’t wish to display. They also come in different sizes, including cabinets that take up a dining room wall – so you can store and display fine china – and corner cabinets that are compact space savers.

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