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Take a Seat

Accent Chair

Whether its solid, printed, muted, or bold accent chairs are silent statement makers that elevate the style in any room they’re placed in. From the living room and beyond it’s time to get creative with this classic piece…

The Living Room || While this is the traditional home for an accent chair, you can create interest by placing it in a not-so-traditional area. Instead of pairing it with the sofa, place it in the corner of the room or near a window with a small side table and you’ll have a perfect little reading nook! If you have two accent chairs, face them towards each other to create a cozy conversation spot.

The Dining Room || Head your dining table with accent chairs rather than your average dining chairs! Dinner time will feel more like an indulgence and won’t be as hurried if you’re sitting in a comfy chair. Just be sure your chairs are high enough so it’s not a reach to eat your meal.

The Bedroom || Maybe you’re not ready for bed, but you need a little quiet time sans electronics – the bedroom is the ideal location for this! No distractions AND an inviting chair for you to curl up in. Bump that chair up against a window so you can gaze out on the moonlit sky or if space is limited, place it at the end of the bed. Add a small table or pouf to elevate the cozy.

The Bathroom || Sounds crazy but adding an accent chair to your master bathroom will take it from home to spa-like. It’s also the only room in your home where you truly have privacy so take advantage of it! Make your master bath a mini-escape from the world (and the rest of you house) with a luxurious bathrobe, candles, and a little chair to relax in while you paint your nails or indulge in a face mask!


The Entryway || The space that sets the tone for your entire home. Make it inviting by adding an accent chair! Whether you keep it a clean seat for guests to take their shoes off or add a small tray and a vase of flowers for a unique twist it will radiate welcoming warmth.

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