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The gallery wall is a timeless interior design technique that can work in any home regardless of size; however, if not thoughtfully planned it can quickly turn from sophisticated to sloppy. Have you been thinking of creating a wall of wonder in your home? Keep the mantra “slow and steady wins the race” in mind while following these tips…

Size || The size of the wall you choose to fill matters because it will not only dictate how many pieces to hang, but also the size of each piece. Even on smaller walls, it is best practice to include at least one large piece to serve as the anchor. Be sure to hang it off-center so it doesn’t become the main focus and overpower the smaller ones. Whether you have enough pieces to fill the entire wall right away or just a few to start, begin by laying everything out on the floor. This foolproof method will be the blueprint for your layout. It will give you the ability to move pieces around with ease, take proper measurements to space each piece out, and get a bird’s eye view of the finished design.

Curation || Just like life, your gallery wall should always be evolving. Pieces you love now may not be what you love in 2 years and that’s okay! The beauty of a gallery wall is that it’s NOT a permanent fixture in your home. Live in the moment, but be thoughtful with your selections. It’s okay to have a few bookmark pieces to start out, but really take the time to find quality pieces along with pieces that have meaning to you. Those personal touches will make your wall unique to you and keep it from looking like an art gallery.

Content || Think outside the frame. A gallery wall doesn’t have to be comprised of art exclusively! Create intrigue by adding unexpected elements like 3D wall hangings, a vintage poster of your favorite movie or magazine cover, or a mirror. Working a picture ledge into the design is a great way to include small, personal photos without them looking out of place. The ledge gives you the ability to layer each picture ultimately making it look like one larger piece. Make it come alive with plants or illuminate it with a whimsical neon sign! There’s an opportunity to get really creative with your wall, but keep it balanced. The overall look should still be cohesive even with the fun, unexpected elements.

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Obstacles || Don’t fight with permanent fixtures – embrace them! Gallery walls are a fantastic way to conceal eyesores whether it be an electrical panel, ventilation grate, or even your television. Designing your wall around these obstacles will help them blend seamlessly and draw the eye to the surrounding wall décor.

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