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Small Space Series: Dining Area

Small  table and chairs

Just because you don’t have an entire room devoted to dining doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your meals in style. Get creative with your available space and you’ll also discover that entertaining isn’t impossible in small spaces!

Table Talk || An oval table with drop leafs is a great space saving solution since it can expand when needed and the oval shape allows for more seating than a rectangle or square. Drop one or both leafs and pop it against a wall to optimize space. Create the illusion of a larger space by choosing a table that will blend well with its surroundings so your space doesn’t feel cluttered. A glass table is a great way to achieve this! If space is really limited try a Murphy table – a wall-mounted table that can be collapsed at any time with ease.

Multipurpose Surfaces || Depending on the architecture of your space, you might be limited to the amount of furniture you can fit comfortably. Is an over-sized window taking up precious wall space? Consider placing a narrow console table in front of it and pairing it with a few bar stools or a bench -- you’ll instantly have a meal with a view! Are you working with a tiny kitchen and minimal cabinet space? Invest in a kitchen island that can double as a dining table with the addition of bar stools.

Stylish Seating || Benches and bar stools are the heroes of small space living. A bench is a great option because it can be tucked away against a wall and can even serve as a decorative piece when not in use. Bar stools come in many different designs from oversized to minimalist and their ease of movement enables you to use them in different areas of your space while entertaining.

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