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You hear it all the time – drink at least 3 liters of water per day for ultimate hydration. Many of us are guilty of consuming far less water despite all of the health benefits and it’s partially due to the fact that water is just so… bland. Shake things up by infusing your water with your favorite fruits and herbs! Some of our favorite combinations are…

Cucumber + Lemon || Detoxifying and energizing this concoction will help decrease bloating and provide a dose of vitamin C.

Watermelon + Basil || Subtly sweet with an expected twist, sipping on this infusion will make you think you’re at the spa!

Ginger + Peach || Spicy ginger is mellowed out with the sweet nectar of peaches; this blend is great for digestion and is packed with anti-inflammatory properties.

Strawberry + Mint || Sweet with a refreshing kick; for optimal flavor tear the mint leaves in half and give your bottle a little shake!

Pineapple + Jalapeño || Suffering from allergies? This spicy sweet fusion will help clear your sinuses while boosting your immune system thanks to the vitamin C packed pineapple.

Cherry + Lime || This candy-like combo is chock full of antioxidants. Be sure to halve each cherry and remove the pits before enjoying!

Grapefruit + Kiwi || Kick start your metabolism with this zesty pairing! Grapefruit is a known metabolism booster and is loaded with vitamin A & C and the slight bitterness is cut by the sweet kiwi.

Hosting a party on your patio? Choose a few of these infusions and design a hydration station nearby your dining set or outdoor sectional so sips are only a step away!

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