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You’ve likely spent more time at home during the past year and a half, and realize you need more ways to reorganize and declutter every room. “You can never have too much storage” seems truer than ever. Rethinking how best to use your space is an ongoing process, and the ultimate goal is to simplify your life. Because your home needs to be flexible and multifunctional, your furniture needs to perform double duty as well.

Many of us try to stick to the less-is-more mantra, or, for every new item brought into the home, we get rid of one item. Sometimes this works, but other times we can reconfigure what we already own. Having adequate storage space makes it easier to declutter. Using furniture that makes your home comfortable and stylish, and includes added storage and function is ideal.

When you update a room, consider the features of every furniture piece. How many doors, drawers, or shelves? Does it offer both storage and display options? Does it have tech-ready enhancements like LED lighting, power strip, or a USB port? If it’s an office chair or desk, can you adjust the height? If it’s a sofa, can you use it as a sleep surface? Especially if your space is tight, having these convenient features is more than a luxury, it can really improve your life!

Sometimes you just need new inspiration, and an indoor change of scenery can work wonders.

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Living Room || With binge watching TV more popular than ever, your living room must function well for long periods of time. To maximize comfort, a sectional or sofa is essential. Even better, if it has power features for reclining, USB charging ports, and an adjustable tilt headrest. Some power reclining furniture includes a console with cup holders, and a storage compartment for remotes.

If your living room also functions as a guest room, it helps to have a sofa or loveseat that converts to a sleeper. Some styles even have a lift top with room for storing pillows and blankets. A storage ottoman is another furniture option that does double duty, and some come with toss pillows.

To add more versatility, place a lift-top cocktail table in the room. Just lift the top for impromptu snacks or meals. Some styles even have storage drawers, and glide on casters for easy mobility. Another multitasking furniture piece to consider is an entertainment console. You can place your TV on top and use shelves and drawers for media storage.

Dining Room || If you’re like most families, lately you’ve been using your dining room more than ever. Maybe your kids use the dining table for schoolwork. If you work from home, maybe your dining space does double duty as an office. This creates a need for a table with a roomy surface, plus a cabinet or console with plenty of storage drawers, and doors with shelves to keep everything organized.

Some consoles include wire cutouts at the back, so you can use the surface for a computer monitor if needed. In addition to a buffet or console with storage, a table with a self-storing extension leaf is wonderfully practical.

Bedroom || Getting a good night’s sleep and having a room to relax and unwind are essential to overall health. Optimize bedroom efficiency with a storage bed that features drawers at the side or footboard for keeping extra pillows, blankets, and more. Sometimes, convenient extras can make relaxation time even better. Consider a bed that’s equipped with a USB station on either side of the headboard, so you and your partner can both recharge an electronic device.

Some beds even come with a built-in adjustable light on the headboard for reading. If you have an adjustable power base with your mattress, the power base may even include built-in USB ports for convenient charging without leaving your comfort zone.

Add more bedroom storage with a dresser and chest for organizing your wardrobe. If your bedroom lacks closet space, a multifunctional chiffarobe will store folded clothes, hanging items, and accessories all in one unit. Some models even have a full-length mirror on one of the doors.

A nightstand with drawers is essential for keeping bedside essentials nearby, and convenient for placing a lamp our clock on the top. Some styles feature a power strip with a USB port at the back. Depending on space, you may also want to include a bookcase with shelves for display and storage. A desk and chair come in handy for doing paperwork, writing, or working on your laptop.

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Kids' Room || Generally, kids’ rooms are smaller than others in your home, so you need to find ways to maximize storage. A bunk bed is a great way to combine two sleep surfaces, storage drawers, and shelves, all in one piece of furniture. Some bunk beds include a trundle for accommodating an additional sleeper, or to use for storage. Others also include a side bookcase or simple desk.

Daybeds are another space-saving option with underbed storage or trundle. These are available in many different styles and configurations to fit your décor. Depending on your kids’ ages, a crib that converts to a bed will be perfect as they grow up.


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