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New Angles On Style || Create an eclectic room with octagons, demilunes & more unique shapes

When it comes to furnishing and decorating your home, there are endless ways to make it stand out from the crowd, and have it express your personal style. In addition to the most noticeable elements like color, pattern, texture, size, and scale, make sure you include shape, especially with regard to furniture. Rectangles, squares, and circles definitely have their place, but try elevating your furniture mix with hexagons, octagons, triangles, ovals or oblong shapes. Give your rooms sculptural presence with a variety of shapes, and watch them come alive. Whether it’s a coffee table, end tables, accent chair or sofa, experiment with a blend of sharp geometric angles, and gentle curves. You can even introduce intriguing shapes into your décor with patterned area rugs, curtains, throw pillows, and artwork.

Furniture | New Angles On Style | Jordan's Furniture Life & Style Blog

Furniture | New Angles On Style | Jordan's Furniture Life & Style Blog

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Geometric Angles || If you’re looking to take your space in a new direction, use furniture and décor items in different shapes to make it more eclectic. Accent or end tables with hexagonal, octagonal or triangular tops are an easy way to update your furniture mix. You can also choose a table with a rectangular or square top that has a hexagonal or octagonal base. In addition to their visual appeal, these types of tables can be space savers, too. The same is true of corner curio cabinets for a living room or dining room that’s compact or unusually configured. Corner pieces function beautifully in these spaces without being in the way. You can also bring unique angles to your space in more subtle ways. For example, use an accent chair with flared arms, a curved back, or splayed legs. For your sofa or loveseat, consider mixing triangle-shaped toss pillows with your square ones for a fun twist.

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Furniture | New Angles On Style | Jordan's Furniture Life & Style Blog

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Gentle Curves|| If you want to soften the look of a room that contains mostly square and rectangular shapes, introduce curves. A cocktail table in an oval, kidney or organically curved shape will definitely do the trick. Accent chairs with an arched or rounded back and sloped arms will look chic, and envelop you in comfort. For an entranceway, a classic demilune table is the perfect space saver, and lets you store small essentials on the top. If it has a lower shelf, you’ll have room for more storage or decorative objects. Though traditionally rectangular, a dining table with an oblong top can create a modern look, and seat the same number of people. You can even pair it with curvy chairs or mix curvy chairs with square ones.

Finishing Touches || One of the easiest ways to bring different shapes to your décor is through accessories like toss pillows, throws, window treatments, and artwork. You can keep to traditional square pillows if you like, but maybe with a diamond or dot pattern. The same is true of your area rug. It can be a classic rectangle but with a pattern of abstract angles or curves that give it a sense of movement. You can even enhance a group of framed artwork by mixing in a few small curvy mirrors, or placing an arched swag of greenery above them to tone down the angles of the frames.


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