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Scandinavian Simplicity

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Scandinavian Simplicity || Create a serene winter-cozy space

Scandinavian interior design, often referred to as “Scandi” style, is ideal for creating beautiful and relaxed rooms. Its simple elegance combines a minimalist color palette with clean-lined furniture and warm plush rugs and textiles. The Scandinavian region includes Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, where long winters dictate the need for indoor comfort with warm textiles like wool, sheepskin, and mohair. Scandinavian design is ideal for creating a cozy inviting space to combat the cold temperatures outside.

Scandinavian style takes a less is more approach by using carefully chosen accessories that emphasize function. Ornamentation is minimal but there’s always room to express your personal style with artwork, especially modern sculpture and framed wall prints. Ultimately, if done well, your Scandinavian space will promote what the Danish call hygge, which translates to cozy contentment.

Classic Scandinavian elements include clean white walls, sleek mid-century modern style furniture, light wood finishes, minimal window treatments (or none at all), and plenty of lighting options. Soft colors and subtle patterns mix beautifully with neutral upholstered furniture, and black and white artwork. Indoor plants and fresh flowers, if you can get them, add natural finishing touches.

In addition to beautiful functionality, Scandi style mixes effortlessly with other home décor styles like boho, industrial, rustic, modern, and mid-century. For example, if you want to create a look that’s edgier and industrial, anchor your space with a neutral-hued sofa, and high-contrast black and white art. Choose accent chairs and tables with dark metal details to add color depth. All the better if your space features wood ceiling beams or an exposed brick wall. These elements add welcome textures that are also visually appealing.

Scandinavian interiors invite you to relax in uncluttered, cozy surroundings

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Calm Color Palettes || Scandi interiors use white walls as a foundation with black and white artwork, shades of grey, and accessories in soft pastels. Blue is a favorite for classic Scandinavian style in keeping with its cool, calm look and feel. Neutrals such as tan and grey also play an important part in Scandi’s monochromatic look, and pair well with colors like blush pink, and sage green. These are often contrasted with black and charcoal to keep your space from looking washed out.

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Warm Textured Layers || The simplest way to make a room cozy is to layer lots of fabrics and textiles, starting with a plush wool area rug. Include generously sized throws and sheepskin toss pillows for curling up on your favorite lounge chair, chaise, sofa or sectional. Faux fur is a great way to give your rooms a luxurious look as well as warmth. In general, Scandinavian interiors don’t feature a lot of patterns, though bedrooms are most likely to include a patterned comforter and sheets in subdued tones. Living room toss pillows may also feature a bit of pattern, but they enhance the look instead of being a focal point

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Finishing Touches || Lush green plants and soft, plush accessories like toss pillows and throws work to keep your Scandinavian space warm and cozy. To brighten up your rooms, include plenty of overhead and task lighting. Keep window treatments minimal so as much natural light as possible will enter the room. Metal light fixtures in brass, copper or gold will add warmth and shine, inviting you to relax for extended periods of time.

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