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Raising the Bar... Cart

Bar cart

No bar? No problem. Creating a cocktail corner has never been easier now that bar carts have become a home décor staple as opposed to a means of delivering room service in a swanky hotel. Compact enough to fit just about anywhere in your living space yet large enough to house all the essentials -- now that is something to drink to! Whether you prefer it shaken or stirred these essentials are sure to please you and your guests.

Toast to the Tray || Utilize a tray as a way of dividing space on your bar cart for a neat and organized look. Keep items like the cocktail shaker, barware, and glassware on the tray so when the drinks are made they are ready to be served with ease.

Lively Libations || A well-stocked bar should include a base of gin, bourbon, vodka, rum, tequila, and if space allows, a single-malt scotch and a bottle of champagne. Pick your favorites or try:

Gin – Hendrick’s; refreshing flavor perfect for mixing summer cocktails

Bourbon – Four Roses; great for mixing or sipping

Vodka – Tito’s; quality gluten-free option

Tequila – Casa Noble; 100% blue agave and organic makes it good for margaritas or sipping

Rum – Mezan XO; perfect balance of sweet and spicy

In addition to the basics it’s also good to have: an orange-flavored cordial as this is a popular ingredient for many different cocktails, sweet and dry vermouth, bitters, tonic, and club soda.

Infuse Personality || Personalize your cart with bar elements like bottle stoppers, a decanter, and a bottle opener that evoke your style and make a decorative, yet functional statement. Don’t forget the bar book – your trusty sidekick that will transform you from hostess to mixologist in one recipe!

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