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Quality Sleep || Helpful tips on managing sleep during uncertain times

With so much disruption and uncertainty happening with the current pandemic, it’s not surprising that our sleep is being affected – both the quantity and quality. According to one study, even in pre-pandemic times, about 30-35% of the population experienced short-term insomnia. Now that percentage has likely increased due to a combination of factors – anxiety, depression, health, economic impact, homeschooling stress – that all greatly affect sleep. Some recent studies point out that because many of us spend more hours at home (no work commutes), we may have more time for sleep, but the quality of sleep is worse for some. Sleep experts have long agreed that good quality sleep strengthens the immune system, increases brain function, enhances positive moods, and improves mental health. Whether in good times or bad, there are beneficial steps you can take to ensure you get the best sleep possible, including maintaining a routine, and having the right mattress, mattress protector, and pillow.

Sleeping well greatly contributes to staying well

Dealing With Stress || So much of what is currently happening can contribute to added stress, including social anxiety, family issues, kids’ schooling, job situations, and financial worries. With this mix of factors, it’s not surprising that many of us suffer from insomnia. To help deal with stress, many health experts recommend heading outdoors for fresh air, while adhering to social distancing, of course. Exercise releases endorphins and improves mood, and in turn can lead to a better night’s sleep. It may also help to call friends and loved ones to alleviate feelings of isolation, in addition to staying active with creative projects like baking, reading, or other activities that help you relax.

Quality Sleep | The importance of maintaining routines

Maintaining Routines || With many of life’s normal schedules interrupted and so many events cancelled, your daily routine has likely seen many adjustments. This has probably affected your sleep habits as well. In addition to maintaining a meal schedule and exercising, you should avoid major changes in sleep times. Try to stay consistent with wake-up times, naps, if you take them, and the time you spend winding down each night right before bedtime. You should also try to be wary of spending too much time in front of a computer screen or other devices. Due to the reduction in person-to-person socializing, it’s natural to find yourself with more screen time, but it’s better to reserve your bedroom for sleep if possible.

Visit BridgeIT™ at any Jordan's Furniture Sleep Lab to help find the perfect mattress for you

Mattress Considerations || Pandemic or no, if it’s been eight or more years since you replaced your mattress, now may be the optimal time to upgrade. Over time your mattress goes through normal wear and tear, and may harbor dust mites or other allergens. If you feel your current mattress could be contributing to lack of quality sleep, and you want to replace it, there is an innovative technology you should consider trying. It’s called BridgeIT™, and it’s exclusive to Jordan’s Furniture. BridgeIT scientifically matches you to the right mattress based on your needs. You will be wonderfully surprised at how much better you’ll sleep with a new mattress that provides perfect support for your body while alleviating any issues you may have, such as back pain, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and other conditions. Sleeping well greatly contributes to staying well.

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