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Many of us will invest in our mattress, but completely overlook the importance of a proper pillow. Choosing a pillow specific to your needs is just as important as your mattress – they go hand-in-hand! Ideally you should purchase your mattress and pillow together, as the way your body fits into the mattress is a factor in determining what type of pillow you should have. However, if you just need to update your pillow there are some questions you should ask yourself. Do you sleep hot? Then a pillow with cooling treatments may be best for you. Are you suffering from allergies? Consider covering your pillow (and mattress!) with anti-allergy protection covers. These covers will protect against allergens including dust mites. There are even pillows that are 100% organic. Which is your sleep style?

Back Sleeper || A lower-profile pillow is best for back sleepers as it will support the natural curvature of your spine adequately and comfortably. If you suffer from back pain, try placing another pillow underneath your knees.

Side Sleeper || Contrary to the back sleeper, a thicker pillow is best for a side sleeping position. The head and neck must be fully supported so your spine remains in a straight line.

Stomach Sleeper || Sleeping on your stomach puts the most stress on your back and neck, however if you know this is how you end up throughout the night, it is best to sleep on a relatively flat pillow so your spine maintains a natural alignment.

Combination Sleeper || If you don’t fit solely into one of the above categories, have no fear – there is a pillow out there for you! A pillow with memory foam fill will contour as needed and some styles feature a curved shape with two zones; firm support for your neck along the edges of the pillow for when you are on your side and a softer center that will cradle your head when you are on your back.

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