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Frame Collages || How to measure, install, and display framed art on your walls

Adding art to your walls is the most logical way to personalize your space. Whether you select a single large painting to fill up a wall, or create a collage of prints or objects, there's no limit to the style, configuration or mix of items you choose. Typically, frame collages appear above a piece of furniture, such as a sofa, desk or dining set, but they can also be used as a stand-alone gallery – maybe even a collection of photos you've taken from destinations around the globe. Anytime you have a collection to display, it's best to organize it into a cohesive grouping to make the most impact. It's entirely up to you whether the collage is symmetrical or free-form, and the framed items don't even have to be in the same theme or genre. Here is a general guide for how to hang a grouping of framed art.

Frame Collages - 2

Personalize your space.

Here is a general guide for how to hang a grouping of framed art.

Basic Tools:

- Measuring tape & pencil

- Frame hooks, nails & wire (available as a picture-hanging kit at your local hardware store)

- Hammer

- Carpenter's level (optional, use if you want the most precise alignments)





Frame Collages - 1


  1. Measure the wall you plan to fill so you know the exact amount of space, then lay your configuration of items on the floor, as if you were arranging puzzle pieces. Play with the arrangement of frames, leaving about 2" to 3" between and around each frame. Depending on the wall size, you can increase this up to 6" between each frame. In general, you want artwork to be at eye level, which is about 57" from the floor. If you have a very small frame with a small image, keep it near the center or toward the bottom of your arrangement so it will be viewable.
  2. Once the arrangement is how you want it, take a snapshot with your phone. If each item has all square edges, it's easier to align and keep everything symmetrical. If they vary in size or you're mixing other objects in with the frames, your collage will likely be less precise, and more organic.
  3. Next, measure the collage top to bottom and left to right, then figure out the center point. Use your pencil to indicate this center point on the wall, as well as marking top, bottom, left and right.
  4. For each frame, measure the distance from the top of the frame to the spot where the nail will go into the wall (it's usually about an inch or so). Starting with the top center of your collage, measure the horizontal length then place a pencil mark where the nail will go. Continue moving down, then left and right, measuring the nail point where each frame will go.
  5. Hang up your frames, making any adjustments as needed.
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