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Make Your Pets Feel At Home || Minimize furniture wear & tear

Is one of your pet peeves having your dog or cat ruin your furniture with its claws and unwanted stains? In many homes, pets have a tendency to take over, but there are ways to minimize damage and wear to your furniture by choosing stain-resistant upholstery, and scratch-resistant furniture finishes. Because pets are part of your family, you want them to feel comfortable at home, just like the people who occupy your pet’s space. In addition to durable, easy-care performance fabrics like Sunbrella, microfiber and ultrasuede, leather is a more luxurious but equally sensible option for pet-friendly furniture. Try to avoid fabrics that have loop construction like chenille, velvet or tweed as these can be easily damaged by animal claws.

When choosing furniture, you should also consider non-wooden legs, such as metal or resin. They have less chance of being chewed up. If rugs are part of your décor, synthetics and flat weave styles are more durable, less resistant to pulls and tears, and they’re easier to clean than luxury fibers like wool or silk. And, if pets truly rule your roost, you should probably avoid carpeting because it won’t be able to withstand claws, shedding fur, stains, and odors. Basically, any rug or carpeting with high pile will be less pet friendly.

Pets have a tendency to take over, but there are ways to minimize damage and wear to your furniture.

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Easy Care || In general, performance-style fabrics are better to use when you have pets, and easiest to clean, including synthetics such as microfiber, ultrasuede, and acrylic. Tightly woven fabrics are good choices, too, including canvas and denim.

Also, consider choosing fabrics in darker colors – they hide stains much better than lighter hues. The same is true of patterns – they won’t usually show stains as much as solids.

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Sunbrella & Slipcovers || Though it’s often used for outdoor furniture, Sunbrella acrylic fabric is equally comfortable and attractive indoors. It’s soft, fade- and stain-resistant, as well as being easy to clean, so it’s an excellent choice if you have pets, or kids, for that matter.

Likewise, slipcovers are a wise option because they’re often removable, and they can be machine washed or even switched out if needed. Slipcovers can also be ideal for pet owners because they’re less likely to trap pet hairs than textured fabrics. Some types of slipcovers even have gripper backings that prevent slipping when pets (or kids) leap onto the sofa – definitely an added benefit.

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Shop this Leather Sectional

Leather || Since sofas and chairs are often their favorite places to lounge, leather is a good pet-friendly choice because it doesn’t attract pet hair, it’s highly durable, and easy to clean. In addition, a few surface scratches will just add to a leather piece’s rich character as time goes on. And, because it’s not loomed or woven, leather won’t trap odors the way other fabrics and surfaces will. To help prevent scratches, it’s a good idea to have a large throw and toss pillows on hand to help cover the leather surfaces.

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