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Nature is often equated to a feeling of peaceful serenity. Promoting a calming, nourishing vibe in your home can be simple with the addition of a few earthy home décor elements.

Wood || Create a focal wall of distressed wooden planks or decorate with wooden furniture. Furniture that is crafted to look as though the wood had just been freshly cut is great for blending styles as these pieces will work as the neutral in the room. Driftwood is ideal for creating a more coastal vibe and comes in various sizes from a simple tabletop accent to a dramatic floor piece.

Geodes || They are the most organic source of striking color and have quickly become the latest home décor trend. Anything from agate book ends to slices of amethyst used as coasters; these vivid gems will add enchanting color and brilliance to your space.

Plants || Improve air quality while adding lush texture and color to your space by decorating with plants. Succulents thrive on neglect as they only need to be watered once a month and come in a beautiful range of colors from vibrant green to dusty purple. Air plants are also an easy, low-maintenance option since they don’t require soil and can be placed anywhere there is bright, indirect light.

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