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Go With The Grain

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Natural Grains || Wood grain details bring out the one-of-a-kind beauty in furniture

Few materials play a more major role in furnishing your home than wood, and the natural beauty of wood grains means that no two pieces of wood used are exactly alike. Whether stained, painted or left all natural, your wood furniture pieces create a focal point for your rooms. And, when you show off the wood grains on consoles, dining tables, bed headboards, desk tops (the non-computer kind), and other pieces, it turns them into visual works of art. Wood knots, waves, swirls, spirals, and other natural characteristics can impart rustic country appeal or chic pattern panache to any piece, depending on your preferred style. It’s where craft meets function to create a look for your home that’s uniquely yours.

Furniture | Natural Grains | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Outdoor Furniture | Natural Grains | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Wood Types || In general, wood types fall into two classifications, hardwood or softwood, and each has properties and attributes that help us identify it. Hardwoods (from leafy or flowering trees) include maple, oak, mahogany, cherry, birch, and walnut, which consist of dense wood fibers, making them stronger and heavier than softwoods. In terms of furniture making, these woods are often more expensive, and high-end quality. Teak is another hardwood, native to Asia, that’s great for outdoor furniture because it’s resistant to rot, and many adverse weather conditions. Softwoods (from evergreen trees) like pine, spruce, fir, poplar, cedar, and redwood consist of looser wood fibers, so they’re lightweight, and extremely popular for furniture making. Softwoods are easier to cut and work with, and they absorb
adhesives quickly.

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Wood Patterns & Colors || When we visualize wood grain patterns, we usually think of the waves, swirls, and knots you often see on wall paneling. In its natural state, pine wood’s knots and swirls are prized for creating a natural farmhouse look. And because of its lighter color, pine is easy to stain or paint. In contrast, many hardwoods are known for their specific colors or patterns. Oak often has broad grain lines or flame patterns. Cherry has flecks of grain or pockets of black, and its reddish hue is very distinctive. Walnut boasts a curvy grain, and its rich dark hue is treasured, especially black walnut.

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Wood Works of Art || Modern furniture-making processes can yield any type of surface design by piecing different wood grain patterns together, similar to a fabric quilt. Patterns can be simple or elaborate. For example, the doors of a console cabinet might have a geometric or starburst pattern made up of numerous pieces with different wood grains. One of the most appealing aspects of wood grains is that they give a stationary piece of furniture a visible, artistic sense of life and movement.

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