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As you find yourself spending more time at home, it’s a good opportunity to take stock of your décor and get rid of clutter. As you work to keep your home clean, one design style that will complement your efforts is minimalism. “Less is more” is minimalism’s mantra, but it doesn’t have to mean cold and stark. Visually, the goal is to create a calm retreat that’s loaded with textures, makes you feel instantly comfortable, and only showcases your favorite objects while hiding away items you don’t use every day. 

In addition to using soft neutral hues and taking advantage of natural light, you also want your space to function seamlessly. Multipurpose furniture, and pieces with streamlined hardware are excellent choices. Setting up a minimalist, luxurious space at home is helpful in creating a calm home environment, and it’s something you can make yours to enjoy anytime.

Create a minimalist space that makes you feel comfortable & showcases your favorite objects.

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Streamlined Basics || Your living room sofa is one of your most used furniture pieces, so it needs to be comfortable. In addition to plush cushions, if you want to achieve a minimalist look, consider a contemporary sofa with clean lines, track arms, and block feet. If you have concerns about light-hued upholstery, go with a durable high-performance fabric that’s easy to clean. Depending on your space, pair your sofa with matching chairs, and a sleek, modern console with a few prized objects displayed on top. In place of typical end tables, consider contemporary accent tables that are easy to move around.

For a dining room or kitchen, a glass top table paired with modern chairs will give you a classic minimalist look. In general, pieces that incorporate glass will help achieve a lightweight, minimalist feel, including floating shelves, étagères, and other similar furniture pieces.

Storage Solutions || Success in creating an uncluttered space also depends on how you deal with storage. "A place for everything, and everything in its places" is a good way to start. Cabinets with doors and drawers make organizing essentials easy. Place items you use everyday in the most accessible drawers while seasonal or special occasion items can be in bottom drawers for later access, especially in dining rooms.

Objects on open shelves tend to create more clutter but displays that are well thought out and organized by function or color will help. To avoid bedroom clutter, go with a storage bed that has built-in drawers. In similar fashion, a minimalist kitchen will often feature small appliances kept inside cabinets instead of visible on countertops.

Living Room Sectional with coffee table

Living Room Sectional and Chair with throw pillows

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Calm Colors || Keep in mind that minimalist doesn't have to be all light neutral colors. Black and white artwork and objects, for example, can add a bit more life to a minimalistic interior. Use a small number of them to keep your space from looking cluttered. You can still mix color and pattern into your décor – area rugs and toss pillows are great ways – but keep them muted so your look doesn't get too busy. Pastels are a great option.

Luxurious Textures || To keep your minimalist space feeling cozy and looking chic, think of soft, touchable fabrics – perhaps a grey chenille throw on an accent chair, off-white shag toss pillows, or a cocktail ottoman upholstered in beige velvet. If you’re lucky to have a loft-type space, a streamlined leather sofa floating inside the area is a timeless minimalist look.

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