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Mindful Minimalism

Glass dining table

Some may argue that this interior design style is nothing more than a passing trend, but as fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent said “fashions fade, but style is eternal;” outfit yourself and your home with the look you love. Built on the Scandinavian design philosophy that less is more, minimalism is characterized by clean simplicity and functionality without compromising comfort.

The Look || A common misconception with minimalism is that it’s so stark that it feels cold and sterile, but when styled right it will actually feel refreshingly cozy. The color palette doesn’t always have to be all-white everything either. The basis of this style is keeping it clean & neutral which means black, beige, navy, white, even blush are all fair game!


The Elements || Minimalism juxtaposes clean lines with rich texture to create a crisp meets cozy vibe. For example: a glass or marble table with a metal base paired with leather dining chairs. Or a leggy, tight back sofa paired with a fluffy sheepskin rug. Keep the wall décor simple. Opt for large-scale art or an oversized mirror that leans against the wall – no gallery walls! In the bedroom, consider getting a metal canopy bed. This will create a bit of drama while staying true to the design aesthetic of clean lines. Add that layer of cozy by draping a chiffon swag on the sides or even just the back!

Mindful Habits || This look goes beyond your décor; it’s a lifestyle that needs to be maintained on a more basic level like ensuring visible surfaces are never cluttered and dishes are not left in the sink. Clutter has a tendency to build quickly, sometimes without us even realizing it so it’s important to be mindful of what you choose to bring into your home. A good approach is bringing one thing in and donating another – not only will it feel good to give back, it will help you maintain your minimalist look.

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