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More Is More || Energize rooms with bold colors & patterns

As you spend more time at home during winter, it’s natural to think about re-evaluating your living space. If you feel like it’s time to break a few traditional design rules, maximalist style may be ideal for you. To make your rooms more inspiring and energetic, maximalist décor offers instant visual appeal using a combination of bold colors, patterns, textures, and finishes. You know you’re a maximalist when you can’t decide between two elements to include in a room and succeed in using both. And then throw in something extra!

Furniture, rugs, window treatments, toss pillows, artwork and decorative accessories are combined in fresh unexpected ways to create a beautiful stylistic showcase. Maximalism is a style that embraces fearless self-expression. Ultimately, it’s about surrounding yourself with things you love presented in a unique often dramatic way. A space that reflects your personality can’t help but feel comfortable, especially if you’re spending lots of time there.

Maximalist style doesn’t mean all bright colors, and it’s not about using every color of the rainbow and putting it all in the same room. It’s also not necessarily about having a lot of stuff. The way you mix and layer elements will determine whether you really enjoy your re-imagined, more-is-more space or need to make edits.

Maximalism layers colors, patterns, and textures in unique unexpected ways.

Mixing Patterns || Pattern mixing is one of the hallmarks of maximalism. It’s a sophisticated way of decorating, which requires skill as well as experimentation. For a larger space like a living room, it helps to break the space down into sections. Is there a reading corner? A bar for entertaining? A large primary space for TV watching?

Decide which furniture pieces you want to be focal points, and which should be accents. This way, you can choose between solid colors and patterns, as well as the scale and variety of patterns. One easy way to add pattern to a room is with a bold area rug. Too much pattern can be overwhelming, but used judiciously, it delights the eye, and helps create a richly layered room.

Scale and color are important in determining which patterns work well together. For example, try a large-scale leafy green print mixed with a smaller-scale floral motif with at least some green in it, and it can look fun and intriguing. Keeping patterns in the same color family simplifies pattern mixing. Small-scale animal prints often read as neutrals and tend to look chic when mixed with more colorful prints and patterns. You can even mix animal prints like leopard with cheetah, playing with different scales to achieve an eclectic mix.

Also, on upholstery, draperies, and toss pillows, using a pattern with a contrasting border creates a professionally designed look. For example, frame a toile patterned pillow with a Greek key border for a couture finishing touch. Add braided chevron tassels to the corners and you have a look that’s fit for royalty.

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Jewel Tone Colors || In general, maximalist décor involves plenty of deep saturated colors. Jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue and amethyst purple are examples often used to make bold design statements. Metallic accents on furniture or in fabrics add another element of luxury.

Keep in mind, a room with all jewel tones would probably be overwhelming, but it all depends on the mix. You can also have a maximalist monochrome room using different variations of one color. Or, using two hues like black and white can be maximalist as well since it relies on well-defined contrasts.

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Mixing With Other Styles || If you want to temper your maximalist tendencies, this style mixes beautifully with other décor styles such as boho, modern, mid-century modern, glam, and Art Deco. Another hallmark of maximalist style is putting mismatched furniture pieces together. For example, you might anchor your living room with a sleek modern upholstered sofa, and pair it with an antique trunk used as a coffee table. Free-spirited boho elements like macrame wall hangings and Moroccan poufs mix easily with upholstered furniture, wall art and textiles in colorful patterns.

A maximalist space often makes use of every corner of a room, including the ceiling, which might be painted in a striking contrast color or even have wallpaper. Objects and collections are artfully displayed in cabinets, on shelves or resting on tables. Maximalist rooms sometimes have a theme that might be whimsical, theatrical, tropical or a study in specific color schemes like green, white, and yellow. There are no limits to creating a maximalist room that expresses your individual style.

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