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Embrace High Tech. Sleep Better.

Adjustable Bed Base with Mattress

Mattress Innovations || Learn how technology can help you get a better night’s sleep

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, you want to relax and settle down, but you should never settle for a mattress that isn’t right for you. Because sleep is so important to your overall health, you should consider making a change if you have issues with your mattress or sleep environment. With today’s ever-evolving innovations in sleep technology, it makes sense to explore your options, and enjoy the benefits of the latest mattress enhancements. From cooling features to coils that reduce motion between partners, you can find mattresses that help address the health or comfort issues you may have, and ultimately improve your sleep quality significantly. In addition, the mattress manufacturing process has undergone many technological improvements that are better for you, and the environment. Today’s technology can help improve how well you sleep, how mattresses are made – even how you shop for a mattress.

Reap the benefits of the latest high-tech advancements and enjoy a better night's sleep

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Cooling & Other Advancements || If you’re a sleeper who tends to get overheated, technology can help you cool off. To start, many of the latest mattress covers are cool to the touch, and work to move heat away from your body as you sleep through the night. In addition, some foam mattresses use natural elements like carbon, diamonds, graphite or copper to assist with cooling. Another innovation is coil technology, which has come a long way over the last 10 years. Most mattresses made today use coils that reduce motion between partners, and some use micro coils to increase comfort, and help to reduce the amount of foam, which can make a mattress hotter. Also, most foam mattresses now go through a certification process to ensure they are safe for use with respect to indoor emissions. Many mattresses incorporate technologies that allow for clean recycled materials to end up in mattress manufacturing, which helps reduce carbon footprints.

Power Benefits || Want to experience luxurious cloud-like sleep every night? An adjustable power base works with your mattress to customize your sleep position. Whether you or a partner have issues with snoring, back pain, circulation or acid reflux, a power base can help. It works with an easy-to-use remote, and some models come with features like memory settings; lumbar support; zero gravity, which puts you in the ultimate weightless position; anti-snore; USB charging ports; timed massage; and under-bed lighting. A power base is also great for comfortably reading or watching TV in bed.

Time-Saving Technology || If it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for a mattress, the process has changed in recent years, whether you search online or visit stores. It can be confusing and time consuming, and many of us don’t want to spend hours walking around a showroom. One innovative technology that scientifically matches you to the right mattress is BridgeIT™, exclusive to Jordan’s Furniture. BridgeIT measures every mattress, then takes into account how you sleep, your health issues (if any), and measures your body’s span (a 3-D image) from shoulders to hips. This body span profile is then matched to mattresses – regardless of brand or price – that conform to this profile. In this way, you’ll eliminate guesswork, and up to 90% of your time spent inside a showroom.

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