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Mastering The Mix || Traditional + modern styles create beautiful harmony in your home

While “There’s no place like home” is something we can all relate to, it’s even truer to say, “There’s no place like your home,” especially when it features a unique mix of classic and modern decor. Most of us lean toward one style, but over time your tastes may change, and you’re likely to end up with a blend of complementary design elements that express your personal style. To create a pleasing mix, it helps to decide your room’s focal point – e.g., furniture, rug, artwork, fireplace, window – and then work around that element. By incorporating opposites like contrasting colors; vintage and new pieces; rough and smooth textures; straight lines and curves; and matte and shiny finishes, you can end up with a beautiful medley that can really bring that “Wow” factor to your home.

Go for that WOW factor because there is no place like YOUR home.

Accent Chair

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Furniture Focal Points || Typically your main furniture pieces set the tone for a space. In your living room, the sofa or sectional probably gets top billing. Will you go for classic rolled arms and a skirted hem or do you prefer a more minimalist look with sleek track arms and block feet? Also think about layout. A sofa, matching loveseat and chair with center cocktail table is a classic setup, while a loveseat, two different chairs, and nesting accent tables is a bit more unconventional. Try juxtaposing a vintage wing chair with a funky modern accent chair. Use mostly wood furniture, and add a clear acrylic cocktail table with curves to lighten the look. To make your space eclectic, add vintage pieces for one-of-a-kind character. Even better if they’re handed down through your family – then they will really express your design story. Another great decorating tip is to use a piece of modern art – painting, photo, sculpture or collage – as your focal point. When you display this piece against your traditional furniture pieces, it will stand out.

Reclining Sectional

Colors & Patterns || The way you use colors and patterns in a room helps establish its style and tone. Classic neutrals are great as a base for bolder, more unusual colors you add to the mix, including on furniture upholstery. If you decide to paint or wallpaper an accent wall it can help modernize the look. You can still blend solid colors and patterns and keep the style traditional, such as fabrics in white with blue stripes. More modernized looks might mix grey hues with mustard yellow or turquoise blue with brown. Depending on the room, you may wish your color combos to blend softly or make a dramatic design statement. In terms of furniture colors, if you want to deviate from typical browns, two-tone pieces can give you the best of both worlds. Stylistically, they can go from rustic farmhouse to nautical outdoorsy to contemporary glam.

Cocktail Table

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Materials & Finishes || A more subtle way to blend traditional and modern styles is through materials and finishes. When you put your rooms together, think of mixing smooth and rough textures, matte and shiny finishes, and casual and more formal pieces. You can even use furniture pieces that combine both, such as a distressed farmhouse chest with shiny hardware. A blend of distressed vintage-style pieces with contemporary gleaming metallics makes an intriguing juxtaposition. In the same way, traditional details like tufting and nailhead trim can skew more modern if, for example, the button tufts are square instead of round, or the nailheads are shiny gunmetal grey instead of antique brass.

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