Make Your Own Style Rules

Make Your Own Style Rules | Jordan's Furniture Life and Style Blog

Marvelous Mixing || Blend style categories & one-off pieces to create your own unique decor

When it comes to putting a room together, few people set out to decorate their home all in one style. Even if you gravitate to certain looks, forms and colors, most rooms evolve over time, and combine décor genres. To keep your rooms from becoming a mish-mash, think about categories that have an affinity for one another or make a fun contrast. For example, modern and rustic, coastal with boho touches, and contemporary with sleek art deco shapes. Regardless of which styles you choose, the most important thing is how you mix elements, and bending or breaking decorating rules is encouraged. It can result in an overall scheme that’s unexpected and wonderful.

Make Your Own Style Rules | Jordan's Furniture Life and Style Blog

Furniture || Your furniture selection, along with a great rug, often constitutes the foundation of your space. Function should come first, especially if it’s a small area, along with enduring comfort. An intriguing style mix might be a curved art deco bar cabinet paired with a modern, glass-topped metal coffee table in a living room; a seagrass bed with macramé wall hangings in a bedroom; or contemporary chairs around a distressed farmhouse table in a dining room. If you have a treasured antique or one-of-a-kind piece, depending on the room and other furniture elements, you may want to make it a focal point instead of hiding it in a corner.

Make Your Own Style Rules | Jordan's Furniture Life and Style Blog

Lighting & Accents || Quirky lamps, patterned pillows, one-off furniture pieces, one-of-a-kind artwork, and fun travel souvenirs all provide the finishing touches that showcase your personality. They truly make your house a comfortable, well-curated home. There are myriad ways to mix these items in with your room’s primary pieces. If you have, say, a rustic exposed brick wall, place a modern floor lamp with a metal tripod base in front of it for an intriguing contrast. Hang an ornate French Rococo-style mirror on the wall for an additional style twist. Add a macramé wall hanging and place a white Moroccan-style rug on the floor, and you’ve just introduced boho touches to your décor. There are infinite ways to make seemingly disparate items work together to express your unique and ever-evolving personal tastes.

Make Your Own Style Rules | Jordan's Furniture Life and Style Blog

Make Your Own Style Rules | Jordan's Furniture Life and Style Blog
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Color Palettes || The colors you choose, including finishes, determine the mood and feeling of your space. In general, it makes sense to limit your color palette so it doesn’t look disjointed or chaotic. In addition to wall and trim colors, think about rug, upholstery and drapery colors and patterns, and how much saturation and contrast you want. Also consider furniture wood tones. Typically, you will want them to be similar to avoid a haphazard look. For example, if your room has blond or lighter wood pieces, adding a dark cherry-finish buffet might look out of place.


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