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Make an Entrance

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Just as an invitation sets the vibe for an event, your entryway sets the vibe for your home. Make it a fun and functional space whether it’s a small nook carved out of a larger room or an entire room on its own…

Form || Decide what you want/need from the space. Surely you can blend fun with functionality, but if space is limited then you may want to focus on functionality and sprinkle in decorative accents to personalize it. Entryways have a tendency to turn into a catchall. Having the right furniture or fixtures in place will prevent it from looking cluttered.

Function || Are you that person that kicks off their shoes and tosses their coat on the nearest surface? Invest in a credenza and some decorative hooks so you can hide those shoes and hang those coats in style! Not enough room for a credenza? Utilize your wall space from the ground up by making a small storage ladder. While your shoes will be visible, this looks more purposeful than just leaving them on the floor. Plus you can add a decorative accent like a small vase of flowers! For a warmer look opt for a bench -- you can tuck your shoes below while still maintaining an inviting look.

Fun || Personalize it! Hang a mirror so you can check yourself before walking out the door. Add a fresh pop of color with plants or pillows. Play around with the lighting by swapping out your fixtures or adding a floor lamp. Given the generally small scale of entryways, you can easily switch up the décor every season so you always feel like you’re walking into a freshly designed space!

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