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First Impression Matters

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Make An Entrance || Set up an inviting entryway with furniture & accessory pieces

Aside from your outside front door, few parts of your home set the tone, and define who you are more than an entryway. Whether you have a tiny vestibule or grand foyer, you want the space to be functional, intriguingly stylish, and, above all, welcoming. Sometimes, as in an apartment, there may not be a delineated entryway at all, where the inside front door opens directly into a living room or kitchen. In this instance, consider what you’ll see when you first enter, and furnish the space accordingly. In general, a front entrance tends to be more formal than a back entrance, garage or porch entrance. To optimize function, at the very least, you should have a chair to sit on and take off shoes, and a small table to put down a bag, keys, and other necessities. If space permits, consider including a rectangular bench, wall mirror, wall hooks or coat tree, and a small chest or console that includes storage space. To increase the level of sophistication – if this is your style – go all out with a chandelier, wallpaper, demilune table, area rug, wall art, and prized objets d’art.

Entryway Furniture | Make An Entrance | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

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Hang Up Your Coat || Especially for those of us living in northern climates, having a place to hang your coat and hat after a long day is essential. If you don’t have a nearby closet, depending on your space, a few simple sturdy wall hooks may do the trick. With more room, you can choose a combination coat and umbrella stand, or a hall tree that includes hooks for coats, a bench to sit on and remove shoes, and a storage drawer(s). If your entry layout allows, include a doormat, rubber matting or durable rug for corralling wet boots and shoes.

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Take In The View || In addition to being functional, a mirror helps open up a small entryway, giving it shine and sparkle, and guests may want to make quick adjustments to hair, makeup, and clothing. A classic entrance configuration often features a demilune console with a vase or decorative items on top, and a mirror above it. The advantage with many entryway pieces is that they often have distinctive details, shapes, colors or finishes that give your home character. They make great conversation starters – in the winter months, we’ll say, ice breakers!

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Have A Seat || When you consider entryway seating, a bench is a tried-and-true winner. Especially designed for hallways, entryways, and for the end of the bed, a narrow bench offers a quick place to sit, with either open space underneath or drawers for storing bags, shoes, and more. You can choose a basic wood bench with a rustic country casual look, or go for a more upscale feeling with an upholstered tufted bench that offers plush comfort. If you don’t have space for a bench, a compact side chair can be just as useful.

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