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Lounge Like You Mean It.

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The rich look...the sumptuous feel...the unmistakable smell (especially when it’s new!)...the lived-in patina it acquires over time. These are the characteristics of leather that give it such timeless appeal, along with its dependable durability. Leather pieces – from recliners and ottomans to sofas and sectionals – offer the most comfort for the rooms you often spend the most time in, like the living room, family room or media room. In addition, leather never goes out of style, and you can customize it with virtually any color imaginable. With regular conditioning and maintenance, leather furniture will last virtually forever, so why not invest in the best?

Comfortable Leather Furniture | Luxurious Leather | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Leather Sofa | Luxurious Leather | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Grades & Types || In general, three different classifications of leathers are used in furniture upholstery, and they refer to the amount of treatment and processing the leather receives during manufacturing. Full grain leather is the most durable because it’s the thickest, and it’s not sanded or buffed so it shows the natural grain of the hide as well as natural color variations. Top grain is thinner than full grain because it takes out the second layer of split leather on the underside of the hide, making it more pliable. It’s usually worn down to create a uniformly smooth surface for a cleaner look. Corrected grain or bonded leather is made of scraps of leather blended together with adhesives. It’s more affordable but not as durable as full grain or top grain, and it’s easier to add embossed patterns or unique textures to this type of leather. Genuine leather is sometimes used as a classification, but it’s really an overall industry term for any type of leather.

Another leather feature to be aware of is how it’s dyed. Aniline dyes are transparent, and used for full-grain leather because they penetrate the hide fully, and enable the natural grain to remain visible. Semi-aniline dyes are semi-transparent, and provide a thin protective coating that protects the leather from scratches and stains – also removing blemishes. Pigmented dyes are only applied to the surface of the leather, so the natural grain doesn’t show through, and a polymer coating is added for durability.

Leather Sectional | Luxurious Leather | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Power Up || Indulge in ultimate comfort with furniture that includes power features. Power leather furniture lets you adjust from sitting upright to fully reclining at the touch of a button. Some models have an adjustable power tilt headrest so you won’t be staring at the ceiling or feel like you’re in the dentist’s chair when you’re fully reclined. You can also choose a loveseat, sofa or sectional with a console equipped with storage for your remote, a USB port, and cup holders for your favorite beverages.

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Leather Care
|| Regular cleaning and conditioning will help extend the life of your leather furniture. Generally, you should condition it four times a year – more often in dry or sunny rooms, or homes with pets. You should also avoid sitting on leather if you’ve been swimming, as substances like chlorine and salts can cause stains and damage. Ammonia, bleach, hair products, and animal flea and tick treatments should also avoid contact with leather. If your pets are allowed on your leather furniture, you should wipe the cushions with a damp (not wet!) cloth to helps remove oils or spills. One of the advantages of leather is that it doesn’t attract pet hair the way other fabrics do, though scratches from claws will show.

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