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Loving Your Leather

Authentic Leather Sofa Set

Proper care and maintenance of your leather furniture is the key to loving it for years to come.

Cleaning and conditioning your leather pieces at least 4 time a year will keep the leather clean and supple.

• If your pets are allowed on the furniture it is best to clean and condition monthly. For added protection, wipe the leather down with a damp cloth after the pets sit on it. The oils from their fur can break down the top coat making the leather more susceptible to stains and color transfer.

• Also use the cleaner and conditioner monthly if your leather is exposed to dry heat as this will keep the leather from drying out and cracking.

• Lastly, never sit on your leather furniture while wearing a damp swimsuit. The chemicals from the pool will discolor the leather almost instantly.

Leather furniture can be an everyday luxury when cared for properly. Being mindful of these tips as well as knowing which leather is right for you will increase the life of your leather furniture.

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