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Light Your Way

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With fall season underway, we’re gradually losing natural light, so it’s the perfect time to refresh and enhance the lighting inside your home. This important component of interior design is often relegated to an afterthought, but it can greatly improve your well-being, as well as beautify a room. Whether you’re looking to install major overhead lighting or add a small lamp to a dark corner, the choice of fixtures, styles, and materials is greater than ever. With so many options, it helps to define the primary function of lighting you want for each room. To maximize function, it’s usually best to layer different types of lighting – ambient, task, and accent – all in one room. And, always consider mood by using dimmer switches or candlelight when you want to achieve that soft, romantic glow.

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Lighting Function || Ambient, task, and accent are the three main types of interior lighting, and they all work together to make your space function at its best. Ambient is general overhead lighting, usually from a ceiling fixture, and often recessed. In some rooms, wall sconces provide ambient light, and can double as task lights. Task lights focus light where you need it most, while reading, working at a desk, or chopping vegetables in your kitchen. Accent lights are often decorative or pinpoint light onto a specific item like a work of art – for example, a picture light. Electric fireplaces also function as accents, easily creating a cozy mood with life-like burning logs. Sometimes light function overlaps, where you have ambient light that also works as task lighting over a table. Or, a task lamp next to a living room chair might be perfect for reading, and also works as a gorgeous accent with a colorful fringed shade.

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Ceiling & Wall Fixtures || The most used type of lighting is the ceiling fixture, and you can find many variations. Flush mount fixtures are especially good for rooms with lower ceiling heights, or when you prefer something less obtrusive or dominant. A ceiling fan with lights is a sensible option for rooms that get hot like a kitchen or upstairs bedroom. If you want something dramatic, chandeliers and pendant lights come in all shapes and sizes, and can truly be the focal point of a space, especially in an entranceway, living room or kitchen. Wall sconces work especially well in pairs, flanking a sofa or fireplace. Hanging lanterns, such as Moravian stars or colonial-style wrought iron pendants can help create a unique look, and depending on the space, they can be used in multiples of two or three.

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Table Lamps || Portability and flexibility are the key advantages to decorating with table lamps. If you crave symmetry, a pair of matching lamps on living room end tables or bedroom nightstands are always classic. For a more eclectic look, mix a different table lamp on each side of a sofa, or a table lamp on one side with a floor lamp on the other. To keep your décor fresh, switch out lamps seasonally. For example, use a ceramic-base lamp with a linen shade for cooler months, and a wicker-base lamp with a floral print shade for warmer months. During the holidays, it’s fun to switch out an off-white shade with one in red or with a seasonal print. You can do this with chandelier and buffet shades, too.

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