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Give Mom Some Space

Styled Just For Moms || She deserves a personal space with soothing colors & beautiful details

If you could create a space for your one-of-a-kind Mom, what would it look like? What essentials would it include? Which colors, fabrics, and details would you use? Naturally, you want it to be as special as she is – and there are plenty of ways to ensure it’s comfortable, stylish, and reflective of her unique personality. As intuitive nurturers and everyday creative problem solvers, moms are often the glue that keeps families together, so they need a place to relax, unplug (or plug into their favorite TV show), and be off-duty. Regardless of her style, a cozy chair is a must, whether it’s in a bedroom, family room, living room or kitchen area. If she loves beauty products, a vanity table, vanity stool and mirror are helpful. If she enjoys art, crafting, writing, and other creative pursuits, a desk is a great versatile furniture option that also keeps any work-related essentials well organized.

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Furniture || The first essential for Mom’s space is a comfy chair – to unwind, read a book or magazine, enjoy coffee or a cup of tea, chat on the phone with a friend or watch a favorite show. For dedicated Mom time, a vanity table and stool with a generously sized mirror lets her try out the latest beauty products, and get ready to face the world and another busy day. If closet space is limited, a multifunctional chiffarobe or dresser organizes her wardrobe beautifully. And, for an efficient work-from-home set-up, a desk is a must-have – plus it can be used as a surface for creative projects.

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Details || Tailor Mom’s space to her own design style, whether it’s classic, bohemian, minimalist, sporty, artsy, dramatic, vintage eclectic, or a mix of different styles. Traditionally, we think of flowers for Mother’s Day, and why not honor Mother Nature’s beauty with floral toss pillows, draperies, or an area rug with a vine or floral motif. Soft luxurious fabrics like velvet, chenille, and linen help create instant comfort, along with soothing neutrals and pastels that can add a spa-like ambience. If Mom prefers deep saturated colors, jewel tones and metallics can create a bolder glam look.

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Extras || Accessories can really help define a space, including framed photos that preserve important Mom events and memories. Bound photo albums, art projects from the kids, and other keepsakes are great to have within reach on a shelf or bookcase. Natural elements like plants and flowers bring added freshness and color to her surroundings, and hint hint, they make welcome gifts for Mother’s Day.

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