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Just For Kids || Study Spaces for Kids

Just For Kids || From bedrooms to play rooms & study spaces, keep them busy with breaks for fun

There is always give-and-take between kids and parents, and with increased hours spent together at home, it’s important to establish a combination of structure and flexibility. It’s also good to remember that kids, especially at very young ages, learn by example. We can learn from them, too, from their hopes and dreams, favorite activities, sports, friends, TV shows; and which subjects they like most in school. As with adults, a kids’ room serves as their sanctuary. To keep them secure, focused, and actively engaged, a kids’ room should have at least three essentials: a safe, comfortable place to sleep; a designated spot for studies; and storage to keep stuff as organized as possible. If two kids share a room, designing their space can be more challenging, but if you maximize it with built-ins and let them personalize their decor, it can function well, even for longer time periods.

A kid's room should have at least 3 essentials: a comfortable bed, study spot, and storage.

Kids storage bed

Sleep Central || A good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining good health, for everyone, including kids. In addition to comfort and support, your kids’ bed will be even better if it grows with them. A convertible crib that converts to a toddler bed or full-sized bed is a good option. If space is limited, a bunk bed – Twin over Twin, Twin over Full, Full over Full – is an ideal choice. You can add function with a bunk bed that includes a bottom trundle or side storage drawers. There are even loft beds that include two beds, a built-in dresser, bookcase, and desk, all in one unit.

Kids desk and chair for their own study space

Study Space || Ideally, your kids’ room should have a desk and chair for studying, writing, drawing or doing crafts projects. A combination desk and bookcase or desk and hutch with storage cubbies, drawers, and a pullout keyboard shelf will maximize function. Some styles also include a USB port for charging electronic devices. Pair the desk with a sturdy chair that can be moved to other parts of the room easily. Leave room for fun break-time activities like picture puzzles, board games, and coloring books that can be stored inside a closet, bookcase or dresser.

Bookcase to complement kids study space

Shop this Bookcase

Winning Organization || Teaching kids to keep their room clean is always a worthy goal. To help prevent random piles in the closet or items stashed underneath a bed, furnish their room with a chest or dresser for clothing, plus a bookcase, baskets, or open shelves for books, toys, games, art supplies, and crafts. If space is tight, built-in storage at the side of a bed or a bunk bed with storage drawers is ideal. For younger kids, a toy chest helps keep random items all in one place, and not scattered on the floor.

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