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Like most people over the past year, you’ve probably been spending more time at home than you ever expected. And, depending on your work situation, you’ve had to carve out space in your home for an office. Or, you’ve had to make a less-than-ideal space work for you. Sometimes working at your dining table or from your sofa might suffice, but depending on the type of work, a dedicated office space will likely be less distracting and more efficient.

If you already have a home office, it may be time to re-evaluate your needs and update some furniture and details. Sometimes you just need new inspiration, and an indoor change of scenery can work wonders. Specific items to upgrade can include your desk, chair, storage cabinets, shelving, and lighting. Ultimately, you want your space to function smoothly, but also energize you to do your best work.

Sometimes you just need new inspiration, and an indoor change of scenery can work wonders.

A Place for Everything || And everything in its place. Even in the Digital Age, there never seems to be enough storage. Depending on how you want your home office to function, you need some version of drawers, shelves, or cabinets to store things like receipts, paperwork, and supplies. If you’ve been working from home for quite a few months, you probably realize you need separate storage for work-related items and home-related necessities. Organization is more important than ever!

A desk with versatile drawers or cubbies can be useful, especially if you don’t want your work to be immediately visible to anyone entering the room. Sometimes a minimalist desk with a small writing surface and room for a computer monitor or laptop is all you may require. If you find you’re accumulating lots of paperwork, a lateral file or bookcase unit with drawers will be helpful.

You should also consider whether your work setup is ergonomic to optimize your comfort and overall health. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods in an unsupportive chair can cause back issues. For some people, a sit/stand desk may be the best option because you can easily adjust the height to meet your working needs. An office chair with good back support is equally important, and one with an adjustable height feature offers more comfort options.

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Style & Comfort || You can create a hard-working home office without sacrificing style or comfort. The space should be productive and inspire you with brilliant ideas, so don’t feel compelled to stick with office grey or all neutral colors. If kelly green, royal purple or citrus orange get your creative juices flowing, go for it!

Make sure you have an office chair that offers adjustable support, and if space allows, include an upholstered chair or sofa for break time or to seat occasional visitors. If surprise visits from pets are a possibility, consider extra-durable upholstery for sofas and chairs. Depending on the type of chair you choose, consider adding a colorful area rug for a warm and stylish finishing touch.

Finally, good lighting is essential. Include a task lamp for close work, as well as sufficient overhead lighting, especially if natural light is not abundant. Before you update any lighting, be aware of how it will function throughout the day. Is your home office brighter in the morning or afternoon? Do you have enough task lighting to handle close work, and for dark winter afternoons? These are details to think about as you update your home office space.

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Personal Touches || Since your office is part of the rest of your home, it’s easy to make it more personal. If you’re energized by wallpaper or bright colors, you can choose whatever inspires your creativity, and whatever you enjoy looking at every day. You could include framed family photos, sports memorabilia, a glass-door cabinet of curiosities, or a mood board pinned with travel photos, souvenirs, and stickie notes.

Don’t forget to take stock of your vertical wall space, where open shelves may be just the thing for more storage or display options. If you have the floor space, storage baskets and other loose containers are versatile and easy to move around. Strategically placed plants or a vase of fresh flowers clears the air, and a bit of office humor goes a long way…posable superhero action figures are totally acceptable!

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