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Garden Varieties

Garden Varieties - Jordan's Furniture Life and Style blog

Fantastic Florals & Foliage || Cheerful, lush patterns enliven rugs, upholstery, pillows & more

From an early age, most of us have experiences of walking through nature – from humble backyards to sprawling city parks – where the color and scent of flowers make a lasting impression. Living flowers and trees promote health, and make us feel pleasantly alive. And, whether you prefer sweet floral bouquets or lush tropical foliage, it’s natural to be drawn to these expressive profusions of pattern that translate easily to the inside of your home. Depending on how you use and mix them, flower and foliage patterns can make your rooms charming and traditional or bold and dramatic. There’s really no limit to how you can incorporate florals and foliage into your space. Wallpaper, draperies, botanical art prints, even palm-tree-shaped lamps can give your space instant outdoor splendor, no matter where you live.

It’s natural to be drawn to florals that translate easily to the inside of your home.

Garden Varieties - Jordan's Furniture Life and Style blog

Upholstered Furniture || Floral upholstery has traditionally been used in living rooms for centuries, moving in and out of fashion during various periods – floral chintz is a classic example. The English cottage maximalist approach often includes upholstery, wallpaper, and draperies in a matching floral print for a cozy, yet exuberant look. If, say, you’re not willing to commit to a floral sofa, an accent chair is a good option to keep pattern to a minimum, but still add visual intrigue to your space.

Garden Varieties - Jordan's Furniture Life and Style blog

Pillows & Accents || If you aren’t overly fond of florals or don’t want them to overpower a room, using them on toss pillows is an excellent option. These patterns can be muted, tone-on-tone, small scale or abstract if you prefer. Floral or foliage pillows look especially chic paired with striped pillows in similar colorways – say, green, white and yellow or orange, turquoise and navy. To be extra bold and eclectic, mix in an animal-print pillow, too. In addition to pillows, a floral patterned throw looks great against a solid textured sofa, or sheets and comforters in a bedroom are a simple way to include florals in your décor.

Garden Varieties - Jordan's Furniture Life and Style blog  

Area Rugs || If you can’t grow an indoor garden, having a floral or foliage-patterned rug is the next best thing. Many interior design color schemes begin with a rug, and a floral pattern often introduces a number of colors that can be pulled out of the design to help you put a room together. You can choose a rug with dramatic color contrasts so it’s the focal point, or use a muted tone-on-tone rug that’s vintage faded so it blends in with the rest of the room. You can also find many rugs where a floral is just one of numerous patterns, combined with geometrics, stripes, and other motifs.

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