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You are Getting Warmer

Wicker Furniture | Escape To The Coast | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Escape To The Coast || Chase off winter's chill with rooms that escape to warm destinations

As winter takes hold – and if it happens to not be your favorite season – it’s perfectly natural to dream of escaping to a tropical destination. If you’re unable to book a ticket to a warm, sun-drenched coast, why not create the feel and ambiance inside your own home? And, you don’t have to settle for merely looking at your tropical beaches calendar or poinsettia plants left over from the holidays. There are small – and not so small – ways you can bring a relaxing coastal vibe indoors by adding everything from a wicker sofa or dining set to tropical-print pillows, and more green house plants. Sometimes you have to think warm thoughts to get warmer, and having the right visual inspiration can help. 

Coastal Furniture | Escape To The Coast | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Dining Sets | Escape To The Coast | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Anchor Furniture Pieces || Primary furniture pieces like sofas, chairs, storage cabinets, dining sets, and beds with details like woven wicker or rattan can help transport you to the tropics. In addition to their breezy coastal look, they also add fresh modern appeal to a room when you mix them with traditional wood pieces. In addition to woven materials, furniture in crisp white or distressed finishes look equally relaxed.

Rugs | Escape To The Coast | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Area Rugs || Indoor-outdoor rugs are called this for a reason. Natural woven materials like sisal or durable synthetics can be used in your living room, family room or bedroom just as you would for an outdoor patio or deck. They offer rich texture underfoot, and give any space a welcome coastal ambiance. Or, use a traditional wool or synthetic rug but with a lush pattern that’s inspired by island flowers like the hibiscus or orchid, or palm trees, ferns, and other leafy plants. Other motifs like garden trellises, honeycombs, waves, polka-dots, and nautical stripes, also evoke carefree summer vibes.

Mirrors | Escape To The Coast | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Pillows & Accessories || Sometimes just looking at something that has a sunburst, palm tree or flamingo motif can evoke the spirit of the tropics. Accessorize upholstered furniture with tropical-print pillows to add color and whimsy to your decor. Place a casual mirror with a woven seagrass or seashell border in your entryway or above your bedroom dresser. Place that leftover holiday poinsettia plant on your coffee table, and make it a focal point. Subtle touches like a cluster of small white ceramic vases displayed on a console or contrast white piping on a pillow or seat cushion can lighten a room’s aesthetic considerably.

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